Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Guess who's this?

guess who got arrested (10thousand years ago when hippies were still in fashion) for a traffic offense!

this is here just because i find this so rib-ticklingly adorable :)

he looks so happy to have his picture taken by cops!!

guess, and i'll answer you next week !

Monday, March 22, 2010

Walt Disney, not so innocent.

first they teach kids that nudity is fine- where is mickey's shirt? and donald's pants? WHY IS DAISY HALF NAKED!? am i the only one concerned about this?

then, they become sexist. WALT DISNEY IS EFFING SEXIST OKAY!

if you cant read, this is a letter from HR rejecting a women;s application to work as a cartoon artist because she is well, a women. AND this is written by a women.
Walt Disney brainwash us with stereotypical images and characters of female, and male.
so disney is telling me that a woman's only worth is her beauty, and her happiness relies on Prince Charming? So this maybe a little too extreme, there are a little bit more to the disney princesses that is being said here but still, it is very true that Disney Cartoon stereotypes female. All they Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty do is clean the house and serve people, as if its the best jobs in the world! try scrubbing the floors while happily singing a tune, that'llmake your day. And have you ever heard these princesses said anything intelligent except: "Oh, when will my prince charming come?" or "Oh! what a mess!". Even the tough and smart ones - Ariel (little mermaid), Wendy (from Peter Pan, Mulan) are still insanely thin and beautiful and at the end have a happily ever after because of a boy.

Boys are not let of the hook to, unfortunately. honestly, no one really cares about the boys, coz, they have hardly any character in the movie, we dont even know his name.
can u guess the answer? haha

Okay so this is more applicable to the more traditional Walt Disney Movies. The new ones like Shrek and Enchanted do use this gender stereotype that they themselves have created as a joke and satire. But still, how many more films out there still stereotype their men and women? ALOT. and i'll happily name you some and elaborate more on this matter when i have the time.

oh Disney, and u made such great cartoons.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

my dad is missing an apendix.

i was a waitress, a masked model, an egyptian, and a mermaid today.

and now, i is tired.

fuck shit my laptop is taking forever to come. stupid dell.

i shall procrastinate and do my work tomorrow.

damn i miss that fruit shop in PD.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

my bro just came back from Singapore.
its nice to have him back.

i stress.

no seriously.