Saturday, December 27, 2008

i baked!

they look like digi yellow man ala fall from kl-tower-and-smash-flat-on-the-floor dead- corpse-man.
they dont taste that bad, its actually ok..

i made some icing too but i didnt bother to paint them on my little gingerific babies!

hmm.... ginger-cinammonny~

Sunday, December 14, 2008

joke of the century.

the joke of the century is me and 7 other people, drove 5 hours to Pasir Gudang, Johor for a performance only to be told that the event is on JANUARY 3rd, not 13th December.

damn tension. are you kidding me!? how can the management give the wrong date and time!? we woke up at 4.30 am and drove 5 hours, FIVE BLINKING HOURS TO JOHOR FOR NOTHING? in the end we makan noodles, and drove 5 more hours back to KL. what a waste of time. and the whole time i was coughing my lungs out.

ohh, and guess what? suprise suprise, im SICK again. fever, again. coughing, again. tension, again.
3rd time since my birthday. i dont know why my resistance suddenly so weak.... i used to NEVER EVER fall sick! now im falling sick every few months!!!

just my luck laaaaa....and now kong kong (grandpa) say i need to get a jab before i leave so i dont get sick...


no one told me TWILIGHT series was a freaking romance love story!

i bought New Moon and *i forgot the name* at a MPH warehouse sale hoping to read about blood bashes, blood sucking vampires and Armageddon but all i got was confused heart broken teenage girl's diary.

sappy love story. ugh. boring.

i want my HARRY POTTER!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pwetty in Pwom

a beautiful night!

i got dressed up,

i got flowers,

i emceed and interrogated prom kings and queens,

i performed i danced,

and, i took lots of pictures!! :D

my "boyfriend" and i... wedding picture much? lol

my angles and me!

"boyfriend" and me- wedding picture? HAHAHHA

i like this pic la.. all my best buds!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


i hate forms. filling out forms is tiring, no its FRUSTRATING! especially if its online fillling and if you make a mistake you have to redo the whole blinking thing again! blinkingly frustrating i tell you!

my printer is a like a granny snail. its takes FOREVER to print. even my tortoises sardine and tuna has faster speed.

waitressing gave me a rash. like all over. my leg is spotty, my back itchy.

tomorrow is graduation and i HAVE a RASH! you shall see me scratching my back like an uncivilised baboon tommorrow!!

im not all that excited about graduation, what im more afraid of is seeing my results! ghhhaaarrrsss!!

i wish i didnt have to work, and can rest after 5 months of assignments and tests and studying. i wish i have nothing to do for a bit. well, at least the food's good during lunch break.

i shall upload prom pictures now.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

after prom night!

im at dharma's house,
with lots and lots of frosties!!
but dont tell anyone else. :D
i put frosties in everyone's drink!
they love me for it!!! hahahahahah

smita, mini, dharma, daniel and sharwind and matthew says hi!

we're on the 22nd floor, and the view here is sooo nice!
there is lots of lights at the bottom,
like many many christmas baubles that shines like the stars!!!
nice :D

daddy and mummy is fighting, i hope their done and making up,
dharma sharma is out,
waiting for him to come back,
ge bullies me alot.
daniel and sharwind darwin is acting stupid,
well, they always do!
and smita, smita is being smita! LOL :D

ipoh this weekend man woohoo!! :D

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

one month anniversary!

happy one month anniversary!
yes! it has been one month since i blogged!
gosh i do miss blogging!! but sorry la memang tak da semangat and blog these days...

so many things happened!!!

i shall update one months' worth of happenings here!

halloween done!
student council done!
went to see Rafflesia flower with family!!! damn nice wei!
finals done!
started working right after finals!
prom tomorrow!
graduation this friday!

doesnt seem much, but alot, ALOT has happened.

till my next post,
or when i don feel lazy anymore,