Tuesday, June 30, 2009

mondays shall be meatless

bitchslap me if you see me eating meat on a Monday

Sunday, June 28, 2009

i'll be your grandkids' friend's hot grandma

this is how i want to look like when im old.
really, REALLY old.

aged with wrinkle-free hotness, and with man candy of a hubby in my arms.
(minus the hunch)
ok i know i don't really look hot here, but a girl can dream.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

tim minchin

i love tim minchin, his work i mean.
and everytime i go back on youtube to listen to his masterpieces,
i fall in love with his work even more.


this is "STORM" a nine-minute beat poem that interestingly and wittily debates science vs faith. all by the genius Tim Minchin.
very heavy stuff here, be prepared.
be blown away.


for real

find me a job or take me out for the day,
because there is only so much staying at home that i can take.
school starts july 30th, what am i gonna do till then?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Panoramic Wonder of the World

Grand Canyon,
one of the seven wonder of the world,
and a wonder it was,
there is no wondering why it's a wonder after inhaling this wonderous sight.

first words my bro and i blurted : " wah, Grand Canyon so big... so stupid la how to take picture!!!?? Grand Canyon stupid! "

true story.

ducky says : click to enlarge. full album on mah facebook.

Friday, June 19, 2009

karma, i bow to thee

karma totally made me his bitch today.
on the bright side, i met the nicest guys (and security guys) that helped.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


after ten years of clueless existence,
i survived nine years of prebubescent moodiness,
teen angst,
and pms-ing.
nineteen i am. officially.
and more to come! :)
t'was a wish-filled birthday,
and a very chilled out one at that.
thank y'all who called, texted, facebooked, msned, and remembered.
no sparkly ribboned boxes nor cartoon laced wrapping papper, but having my boys driving all the way from Nilai, and skipping tomorrow's class just to chill with me was the best ever!
i feel loved.
but im greedy, i dont mine more. :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

spot me

mass comm - to answer the endless question of "what are u studying", "where are u studying" and "why there?"

wasnt going to talk about this but since my aunt found these articles and bersuper-semangat went to scan and email it to me... oklah.

and if you are one of those person who is going to say with your judgy tiny chinese eyes "taylors arh? rich kid. ada duit mah," people, its a SCHOLARSHIP i am studying for FREE.

if you are enviously going "wuah so smart, can get 100% waiver" it didnt come free ok, i worked like a farm mule until my sweat pores cant sweat no more all these exam years for this- free tuition. but i have to pay like miscellanious and stuff la.

to be honest i was hesitant about Taylor's, but at least it solved the "where are we going to find Rm 80 thousand for Mei Mei's uni?" problem - believe me, mum and dad is very relieved and super proud.

thank u Taylors. they were accomodating and patient enough to scedule an online interview because i was like 13 hours away. :)

well, all u Taylor students- watch out HERE COMES ME!

ermm........... yeah.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

where car lights add to the glimmer

Vegas StripLas Vegas,
land of booze, bongs and bitches,
hang overs, hand overs ($$) and hookers,
where Mexicanas give away naked
stripper cards by the road,
and Margarita cups are as high as your waist,
i dub thee- Land of Light Pollution.

Vegas Strip

if you're 21 and ready to party, Las Vegas is perfect for you to go wild and have another round of shots in the morning to counteract that throbbing hangover!

if you're a guy and looking for some action, Las Vegas is perfect for you to score some wasted girls and overpriced hookers!

if you have a problem with having too much money in your wallet, Las Vegas is perfect for you to hit the casino's and have your money scammed by some dealers!

ahh, the essence of Las Vegas, it really is just like how Hollywood plays it...

Caesar's Palace Hotel and Casino
but if you're underage you basically can't do anything. After 10pm, you have to be supervised by a sober adult if you're out on the streets. but fret not! Las Vegas is still a fun place to visit, what with its thousands of LED lights, beautiful hotels, roadside shows and not to mention that wonderful M&M World!

Vegas strip
I must say Las Vegas' architecture beautifully shines in the morning, but at night, when the sun dims down and the lights sparkle, its a neon spectacle like no other! so dont be worried of oversleeping and losing daylight!

Caeser's Palace
i love love love these 2 pictures!

Paris Las Vegas Hotel and CasinoThe Vegas Strip boasts hotels after hotels after hotels, and to me, that is the main sight-seeing wonder. There is a hotel that looks like its straight out from a fairy tale, one imported from Rome, even one that came from Paris complete with the Eiffel Tower! Outside, the architecture is spectacular- very authentic looking! Inside, each hotel is filled with too many casinos, its very own in-house plays, and shopping- lots of shopping. With all these and the standard hotel rooms, restaurants, ballrooms, imagine how obscenely HUGE these hotels are!

The Excalibur Hotel and Casino - where i stayedParis Las Vegas Hotel and CasinoNew York New York Hotel and Casino

Another edge that adds to the Vegas fun is all the shows! im certainly not talking about the topless shows, and not the Cirque du Soleil/Celine Dion/Blue Man Group shows that costs more than your hotel room. I am in fact referring to the shows that are of course free for your amusement, prepared by non-other than the hotels. We start off with the first attraction- the Bellagio's SingingDancingLightChanging Water Fountain, and then work our way down the block to the Mirage's hourly erupting Volcano, Caesars Palace's rather dissapointing talking robots, etc etc and of course the street performers! street performers are fun!

a taste of the Bellagio Singing Fountain - the water can shoot up to a height that surpasses the buidling!

You know what is so blinkingly costly but is worth every penny? the one and only spectacularly flexible amazingly imaginative Cirque du Soleil. the reviews are not kidding when they boast about a Cirque du Soleil Production. it was sooooo breathtaking not in a "wow that's a wonderful view" kind of way but rather a "OHMYFREAKINGGOD HOW THE HELL DID THEY DO THAT I DID NOT EXPECT THAT!!!" kind of wow. you gasps when you watch Cirque du Soleil. not once, many many times. at least i did. the show "KA" was definately a show of proportions. For one, the theater was so big it puts Istana Budaya to a pitiful shame. The performers are of course amazing- well rehearsed and very bendy. The story line was a very jackin chan-esque flying kungfu-killed parents-kidnapped and seperated prince and princess-rescue mission. complete with its very own made up language, tarzan, and falling in love that came out of nowhere. everything china and circus performers have taught us is in there- contortionists, flying acrobats, gymnastics, kungfu, capoera, shadow play... the most mindeffingly awesome part of the whole show was the stage- its was a flat stage, and then it became a rocking boat on sail, and then a sand covered beach and then a mountain and then a 90degree wall. and they performed on the wall alright, they performed the hell out of that wall/floor stage thing. mindblastingly amazing.

one of Caeser's Palace plentiful roman sculptures

Ducky Day Out at The Mirage Hotel and Casino
lets not forget about food. Vegas have sooooo many fine dining restaurants with sooooo many big chef names that i cant pronounce its ridiculous. sadly, we lived on fast food for the whole four days there. Pure torture for my brother- an aspiring chef looking in the face of learning good food but have no choice but to resort to American fast food. and he actually recognized those big time chefs.

The Venetian's Venetian sculpture
M&M World- SO MUCH FREAKING FUN! and its not just the chocolates. its all those M&M goodies! M&Ms with faces and arms and an attitude on almost everything- clothes, pillows, guitar, cufflinks, ties, bags... FOUR FREAKING FLOORS OF M&M CHOCOLATELY FUN! and a free 3D movie! featuring M&M's! so. freaking. cute. we were tickled pink by all the M&M wonder! its was sooo amusing, we returned the next day, buying even more stuff than the day before. M&M!!!!!! have u seen my M&M bag? its soo cool its ridiculous. :D

On our last night, when we have seen enough of the strip, we hoped on a bus and headed to downtown Las Vegas for some Freemont Street Experience! It seemed like a very shaddy, sketchy looking neighbourhood the whole way there, and there it was- Freemont Street. the only street that did not look unsafe in the whole area. anything before and after that street screams "Danger!". Freemont street experience, what an experience it was. Think Petaling Street with the canopy and all, and add a jugful of awesome, thousand of LED lights, and a blasting sound system. its was the best part of the whole trip, something different after days on the strip.

and now, some pictures to nostalgicly end the reminiscing...

the boy decided a flattened lion's nut is amusing

Tis was a good trip :)
i had fun

tata people!

next up- Grand Canyon!

Monday, June 1, 2009

im here

click to enlarge

coming soon to a blog near you.