Tuesday, December 29, 2009

squares are for squares

hiya! im typing on my new old laptop! courtesy of my fabulous Aunt Lily (who always happen have a spare handphones and/or laptop when i needed one)!

it works fine!
its square.
it doesnt have WiFi.
hence, its old.
its a Twinhead.
its heavy.

have u ever seen a square laptop!? i have not! its always rectangular! even the annoyingly tiny ones are rectangular! call me ulu-jakun-kampung-whatchamacallme but i am typing on a square laptop! im just flabbergasted! its square!

show me a triangular laptop and i'll be your kangaroo.

caught in between dreams

is going to rewatch big bang theory again. a show about nerds that never gets old! now i want that theme song in my phone anyone has it?

how can something so wrong feels so right. will guilt or guilt triumph?

i cant stand the sight of my disgustingly disgusting blogskin already tried changing for the past 4 hours but its not working any volunteers?

I could have done better.

it was never girls night out, its always guys night out, and Mei. aren't u all used to it already.
good thing about that is less bitching and more chilling.

the closest thing i have to a girlfriend is Du just cause he has shinier nails then me and Ju just cause he bitches more than anyone else that i know.

2009 has been such a great year i cant believe its ending already.

the kindergarden is boring and empty when the kids are not around.

hopefully, a new second hand laptop by tomorrow. wishes that this one actually works properly.

mum went to singapore and came back with a whole bunch of hand me down clothes by my bro's girlfriend. a couple of cool dresses too. when will i ever wear them.

i have an affinity with second hand products. even my bed is third hand.

the joys of being the youngest child.

mum and dad keeps forgetting to get food for breakfast. we have nothing to eat.

hmm, bread. om nom nom.


thinking about vail. misses vail. needs to do another Vail.

people still think im studying in US. everyone assumes that i will be studying somewhere exotic and expensive, somewhere not malaysia.

Obama did not deserve that Nobel Prize, at least not yet. if they're gonna give Nobel Prizes to peple based on what they've said they might as well give one to Anwar.

why are you suddenly such a stranger. oh yeah, thats why. now stop it, coz you're hurting me.


ambiguity is the name of the game.



this has been another random thought session, with Mei.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

chilled christmas

mum and dad is away at Singapore for the holidays..
they've been gone for 2 whole days! returning soon though, in a couple of hours..
im in mum's room, cuddled in the bed, the tv on, laptop in my hands, enjoying the silence (and nag-free freedom) while it lasts..

this could possibly be the best xmas gift they've given me ever! nyahaha

had the most soothingly comforting chilling Christmas with my favouritest people yesterday!

breakfast with Julian with yum yum yummy bak kut teh,
a walk in the park with yum yum yummy Zac,
and a chillout night with and sudden trip to the lake with yum yum yummy beers, courtesy of Abdu and the company of cinderella Chee Yong.

we could have enjoyed the beers while watching planes fly but noooooooooo, cinderella had to be home on time. i guess LCCT will have to wait till the next time then.

is it pointless to have so many inside jokes in my posts that no one but me will ever understand? given the fact that the people that will acutually understand the jokes dont read blogs. at least not mine!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry christmas,

i hate my blog.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

the skies the limit

underestimate yourself and inconfidence defeats you.

overestimate yourself and you stay in the same stagnant loop over and over again. (plus it makes you an arrogant bitch)

so what do you do?

keep in balance? to always keep yourself in a neutral standpoint? then how do you assess yourself, how do you strive to get better?

Judimar Hernandez, whom i had the honor to learn contemporary dance from says to always live on the edge. well maybe those were not her exact words but she did say the word 'edge'! She says you should never feel comfortable when you're dancing. never stay in the comfort zone. just when you feel like you've got the hang of it, stretch those legs a little longer bend a little lower lift yourself a little higher! and thats how you'll improve. you should always feel like you're on the edge, cause when you push yourself over what you taught was your limit, you exceed your own expectations, and thats when you improve. stay in the comfort zone and you can only be that good while everyone else overtakes you.

wise words from a dancer, and I think it relates to everything else in life.

Confidence is the booster ; Humilty is the driver.
When you're confident, you feel good, you do good. and it shows. But humilty keeps you in check, it drives you to be better, forces you to learn from others and yourself. and you're surprise when you discover that you can do much much more. It'll be one of those amazingly-puzzling "WOW I can do that???!!!" eureka moments! like when superman discovered he had laser vision.

We are all better then we think we are.
Potential is the hidden gem waiting to be unearthed.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


3 hours of cycling and 5 hours of dance i'm tired off my feet!

bukit cahaya was fun i miss the place so much! much needed exercise for us. seeing that after form 5 all our stamina went down the drain..... except for basnojj coz he's kiat like that.
it was good to meet the juniors too, although it was for only a short while, i miss them even more...

met the most unexpected person at the dance workshop today i couldn't believe my eyes! who would have taught he, of all people, is majoring in dance! i. am. so. jealous. i wish i could just screw the priorities and responsibilities for once and drop all and just, dance.

i learnt how to toy with gravity.

im so grateful i can speak mandarin.

another hectic rushy morning tomorrow.. gotta go in the Kindergarden before 8, decorated my classroom with the miserable measly stuff that i've painstakingly made with my own 2 hands, open day starts at 9, gotta leave and get to Bukit Tinggi by 10, leave for KL and start dancing at 11!

i needs to sleep.

what a meaninglessly sucky post.

Friday, December 11, 2009

They love coloring

I already had 2 days of playing the character of Teacher Mei, the sweet, nurturing, patient yet strict at times teacher to 10 or so kindergartners. *gags*

There is Kaushal, a 5 year old boy that's smart and unabashed, and gives the correct roar to a lions voice, rather polite and obedient too.

There's Arif, the sweetest and cutest looking little angel that melts my heart everytime i see his smile. Quite and shy, bound to grow into a dashing young man.

There is Sophia, loves running, and a rather brave little girl!

there's Batricia who still gets confused with her colours, but likes holding on to our hands time to time, pulling us to wherever she goes. She's slow and meticulous when she colours, but she does a very god job!

There's Jia Chun, little 2 year old who wouldnt let go of mummy the whole time. When he got used to playing around, mummy secretly left, and he sulked and cried and looked out the front gate the whole time. I spent my first day coaxing him, but failed terribly.

and then there's Gavin. a headache. listens to you when he wants to, when he doesnt want to, he'll be doing his own thing ignoring all you have to say. Likes include eating (alot) and money. He pretends to smoke in class, sit and walks abit like gangster, very cute and amusing, but secretly dangerful. Thank God there's only one Gavin in class! otherwise all the teacher will just muntah darah.

I love the fact that its a very multiracial class, with very multiracial teachers, in fact, I'm the only chinese teacher. I really hope these kids will be able to see beyond colours and judge people on whats inside, not out. :)

Official classes starts January, thats when the real actions starts. They're around the kindergarden this month for a month long camp thingy, 2 hours every alternate day or so. For now, im just having fun with the kids, getting to know them, teaching them colour by numbers, showing them animals on a flashcards and stuff like that!

I love kids, although some are quite a handful. Many come telling me that its very hard to be a kindergarden teacher, you'll be so mad you'll start vomiting blood. True, but I love their innocence, and how can u stay mad at a cute face like that? You're furious at Gavin for not doing his work but the next thing he does is so adorable you just go jelly. I guess you just have to be very very patient, and forgiving. and give them lots of stars! I'm having loads of fun playing with my kids! absolutely loving my job so far! the only thing is I have to decorate a my classroom by myself! thats 4 walls, and too many color paper and glue! I'm not very creative, but i guess it'll do, at least kids don't complain!

I've been wanting to do something like this for so long its feels like ahh.. satisfaction. can't say much bout the job for now its only been 2 days but im super-stoked for real classes to start! and more kids will be coming in and i shall be the class teachers to a bunch of 5 year olds! and they will learn basic mandarin from me because i am their mandarin class teacher and they are the white paper and i shall paint their base with beautiful colourful ink and from no mandarin they will be able to understand the language because of me can u tell that im stoked to give a lil something back to the community although its not charity its still counts as something doesn't it i'm gonna stop babbling now back to my cutting my colour papers bye.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Teacher Mei they'll call me

its official,
I am now a uncertified kindergarten teacher, teaching (of all things) mandarin.

imagine, me nurturing young minds, molding the leaders of tomorrow, setting a strong foundation in innocent little 3 year olds :)

yes laugh la laugh all you people laugh and get it over with! even my dad laughed. thanks for being such a great encouragement. hemph.

i shall be working thru December and January mornings, and pass the baton to someone else come mid-February. They hired me cause they were desperate, but i was requested to look for someone else to replace me in February, any takers?

decided to try teaching for the experience. its not about the money, and believe me the salary is way sad. 5 days of promoter work can make up for the month's salary. Screw the money, i don't want to work in shopping malls and cafes doing meaningless work that is nothing but a waste of time. so what if i earn more, I learn nothing, and half of the time i just stand there looking like a sparkly lost Christmas ornament. I'd rather spend my hours doing something fulfilling, learning and earning in the process. even if i don't get paid. This holiday, its all about the experience.

plus, I'm going to make it a point to volunteer in PAWS.

by the end of the year, and end of the holidays. i can scratch no.23 off my 100thingstodobeforeidie list.

what a way to end the year eh!

have fun enjoying the last bits of 2009 guys, have fun while it last! <3

Thursday, December 3, 2009

he called me a dudul head

i want blue hair.

Tuesdays with Morrie is overrated.

i gave up on reading I, Lucifer.

Midway thru A Fortune Teller Once Told Me and currently going on The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaimann.

Watching Ninja Assasin did NOT make me like Rain, in fact, i despise him even more now.

Why do Mat Sallehs keep thinking they can make movies about the Asian culture? putting Asians into the movie does not make it real. DragonBall feature film was (apparently) shitty and Ninja Assasin was a whole bunch of fake.

I need to pen down a really good poem, but i feel so uninspired.

its the last month of the year.

is it weird to be proud to be able to tie my hair with nothing but a pen?

Guess who is the no.1 smartest person of the decade?
surprise surprise, its non other than the inventors of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin! well, they did revolutionized the way people search for information, and porn!

Steve Jobs at number 2!

Jimmy Wales, a.k.a. the founder of Wikipedia is at number 11!

founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is at number 12.

notice how they're all people who revolutinized technology?

im just surprised the guys who invented Facebook is not on there. oh well, maybe next decade..

Politicians are there too.. no Obama is not on the list, but Hillary Clinton is, at number 4. you've got to give her credit for being the first potential women president candidate!

For some reason, I was very inspired to see the Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh at number 15. "Anyone who can obtain a Ph.D. in economics from Oxford and successfully manage the world's largest democracy has to be the smartest person in the world,” imagine, this guy, is responsible for "leading one of every six people on earth"!

and the most surprising man on the list? Ayman Al-Zawahiri. Field: Terrorism. Postition: the intellectual leader of Al-Qaeda!
for putting the whole world into a frenzy, plummeting the world's economy, and putting fear in everyone's mind, creating new themes on award-winning movies and books, i guess you do deserve the numbe 23 spot...

for the full scope on the 25 smartest people of the decade, go here! very interesting read, believe me!

3 decades later, u shall see me on the next 25 smartest people of the decade!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

the end of a term

assignments ended. *yes!*
holidays started.
4 months.
4 freakin months.

stuff to do:
roadtrip with the Berries! (bold for emphasis)
finish at least 2 books.
get better at dancing somehow.
learn the guitar.
volunteer somewhere.
find cash somewhere. (laptops don't come free :( )
visit people i neglected.
visit people that neglected me. :(
mountain, at least one.
and finally sunbath on the beach. (bagan lalang don't really count cause i didn't play with seawater)

my desktop died, again. i think its permanent this time. fuck it. i don't care what mum says i am buying myself a laptop by the start of sem2. my nikon can wait.

the problem with facebook is it complicates things.

hmm yeah..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Media

student video done for class.
this was our second attempt, with the first one being overly ambitious to pull off. This shoot on the other hand, was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay fun.

made with love by the Berries : Kit, Mei, Christine, Aaron, Imran, Amirul, & grandpa Jizz.

just so u know, i almost puked in my mouth doing the jonas brother bit. uggh.

do you get the whole message? i'd love to hear your interpretation of "The Media"!

I sold my soul to research essays

what a week.

seriously, what a week.

I slaved so much on my assignments the results better be good or i'll hijack a plane and bomb Adelaine to a frickin dust.

i need to learn how to do my assignments faster. the problem is i type one word, i stone for 10 minutes, then i type one sentence, and i stone for another 10 minutes. and you wonder why i'm taking 10 years to write a 1500 word essay.

omg i just pressed ctrl-s. its like a habit when i do my assignments, see, its messsing with my mind.

one last push, and then a celebration of the temporary relieve of my misery.

i hate eating sleeping thinking and talking about assignments only.

thats not the only thing i do only ok, i dance. and entertain people with llamas.

next semester, seriously, no more procrastination.

can't wait till the road trip, we all need to escape once in a while. even if its only for the evening.

and i've found my escape. <3

congratulations, love!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the church of Satan

i think Satan is pretty cool. He's like God's wildchild y'know.
i don't give a fuck about Satan. He's Red.

You know there's a Church of Satan? They have a Bible and everything. Marilyn Manson is like the pastor or sth.
Fuck that. You know why these people worship Satan and stuff like that, because they are bored. Because they are bored and have nothing better to do.

live simple. Fuck That.

he's tired of smoking. he's actually complaining about smoking. woohoo!

whats with the guy with the sunglasses eating cake at 12am?
the only reason people wear sunglasses at night is because their pupils are dilating.
now that makes sense. or else they are just retards.

caffeine rush. caffeine rush.

I can't get you people nowadays, too excited for everything.
overexcited People and birthdays, cakes and picture he's talking about.

lay back, laid back.

all we want to do is travel.

fuck Brazil, lets go to Argentina.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

don't panic yet

2 weeks, 3 more assignments, and 1 research report in Genting to go.

Mika is scatting in my head.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

thats enough of reality, thank you.

take me to fantasy land,
where the sky is pink and clouds made of cotton candy;
dogs talk, birds chirp, and everyone has a tune in their voice;
a skip in our walks,
no shops no stops,
apple dotted trees, crystal flowing water,
winter summer autumn spring;
no clothes no electrical sockets,
just the sunshine pathway to the moon-lit stone,
and everyday is but a song.

Friday, October 30, 2009

the tabs are open

you know life is sad when every time someone asks "what you up to", your answers is always "assignments".

whats sadder is you spent so much time on the computer with your assignment documents opened, but 5 hours later you achieve, basically nothing.

how pathetically lifeless.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

jailbreak on impulse

what do you do when you are so sick and tired of worrying about all the worries in the world? You go on an impulsive trip, somewhere to get away and hear youself think..

Julian kidnapped me for sudden road trip to Bagan Lalang, this sweet little beach reminiscence of Port Dickson... Just what i needed, just what i craved, smell of the beach, the magical golden sunset, a place just away, away.

I had so much fun enjoying the sunset, taking about love, life, gay rights and everything in between!

t'was a very relaxing evening, a very much needed sweet escape! Bagan Lalang is perfect, not too crowded, not too dirty, not too far, not too near. An escape not too far away, i think im in love (WITH THE BEACH ok u ppl)<3

Impulsive trips is what we need more in life! Spontaneity!

because routines are for losers :P

so, where next?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

human limitations at the 40th hour

40.5 hours and no sleep at all.
havent felt like this in a while, the out of body feeling coz due sheer tiredness.
I spaced out so much when i was driving home I scared myself silly. one second im concentrating on the road, another im like dreaming, and then i become aware of my suroundings again and went like "eh. got car besidesm;

i just spaced out again.

human limitations. now i know why sleep is so important.

sweet dreams.

I'd like some Google with my fries please.

Have you ever been so haunted by an assignment that all you eat sleep and talk about is work? That was my mind's infestation for the past week. It got so bad to a point where i literally and truly went to bed thinking about my report points, i dreamt about 1Malaysia(that was my research topic), and i woke up thinking about the analysis.

I.am.so.freakin.relieved.that.it.is.finally.over. screw the effing wordcount.

this has been one hell of a tireing assignment. I actually started my research early but it ended up a last minute completion, again.

not my fault we have 3 huge assignments due consequtively.

The guys and I have successfully spent almost 24 consequetive hours working on our report. That means no sleep, not since 6.30 am yesterday morning. its now 9.45am. Im way past the sleepy stage now im just awake, the others are lifelessly sleeping. I am so glad we stayed over Izz's place to finish the report together, if i were at home, alone in the dark with the weird noises, I will be stressing out so much and feeling so goddamn tired that i would just freakin elotrocute myself. Stressing out with friends is always so much better, you get distracted just enough to forget about stressing. T'was a tireing assignment night but i had SO much fun! There is always one half of the table that motivates you to work, another half that helps u relax, and heaps of encouragement and help. Extra fun when you have real life cartoons and random coversations entertaining you! I call it the Amy and Aaron show!

Suddenly it was 3.30am, after hours of Amy's endless McD nag, we were finally hungry enough, and tired enough of being cooped up that we packed our laptops, and shifted our fun to McD's! emmmhmmm nothing goes well with 4am assignment rushes than a good Sausage McMuffin. Even if the cheese looks like plastic and the egg like rubber.

Mika's Lollipop song makes a really good de-stresser on the way back to Izz's.

We were almost finally done by then. the work continues till 8.30am, we handed in the online submission. Deadline was at 9.00.

IT was a long day but i had loads of fun. Another long day today- video shooting and editing due tomorrow.

I swear procrastination will be the fall of mankind one day.

It's pissing me off man! especially when your laptop is so fuckin dumb it automatically restarts consequtively after the start up. startup-restart-startup-restart it goes in loops i dont even get the chance to click on anything before it restart again. Damn frustrated at that stupid tiny 3rd hand Vaio that i wanted to just chuck it out of Izu's balcony. Maybe a 20 story drop will teach hima lesson stupid laptop. Thank god we had so many laptops aruond that there was always one unoccupied laptop for me to take over. I think i switched between 5 laptops. Thanks guys!

and thanks Izu for letting us trash your house, again!

Imma go origami my report notes into little airplanes and throw them off the 20th floor now!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I left my stripper heels at home

Pole dancing is freaking hard!! to defy gravity like that, and spin around like that. you count your life on your body's friction against the thin, steel cold pole. sweaty palms don't help, neither do lack of sleep or empty stomach.

had my first taste of pole dancing today, 3 hours later i felt like jelly. The instructor, she made it look too easy! i wouldn't say its painful, only the friction and rubbing against the pole hurts a little. I didnt expect bruises. but 2 hours later my thighs are now happily dotted with blues and blacks :) looks like some really cool looking infestation!

the pioneers of pole dancing are just unbelievable. Some people might shun pole dancing cause its slutty and the unforgettable link of strippers is there. It may have started out that way but them stripper heels now bring forth a whole new agenda.

be wowed by this! the unbelievable ladies of 2009 US Pole Dancing Championship.

I melt at their gracefulness and toughness at the same time, the upper body strength, the abs strength, the falling and climbing and spinning, the creativity, the choreography the flexibility, THE AWESOMENESS!! XD

I think pole dancing is absolutely beautiful. Beautiful in a way that proves to all the male chauvinists out there that every women can be strong, independent, with grace, beauty and a lil' bit of womanly sexiness at the same time! Pole dancing proves that all the ladies out there are intelligent beings and we do not need you to survive! Equality, man! i get insulted when guys say we cant do this or suck at that just cause we are girls and we have tiny brains. Well boo you. Every women should learn pole danicng and be empowered. Pole dancing is Empowerment that's what it is! One word to sum it all off: Girl power! To all you who have been stereotyping girls and making fun and looking down on us because we get period and you dont, well look at the video again, and be proved wrong. One thing i love about Pole dancing is it shows that women can do anything men can: politics, wrestling, basketball and well i question if a men can do anything women can. I would LOVE to see a guy pole dance like that one day.

stop with the female stereotype. feminism!

yes, that was the feminist in me talking. to all those that look down upon women, kiss my stripper pole.

"Pole dancing is like Oprah, empowering female everywhere."

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

stranger danger or stranger friend?

A very friendly Pakistani guy, Hassan, i think, striked up a rather friendly conversation today while I was waiting at the train station for my dad. The day before, a London-born Nigerian guy, Yomi, at the train station in college. It was quite interesting to have a conversation with a stranger, I didnt mind at all. Yomi and Hassan made the same comment halfway through the conversation :: I'm very friendly and approachable compared to the other Malaysians.

What they meant was unlike other girls and guys around here, I was probably the only one that actually answered their questions and had a real conversation with them. We talked about where they're from, the local food, the local people etc. Yomi said they discussed this in class, he didnt understand that it's our culture to be so cold to strangers. I think this is so true, especially when they are middle eastern or black. A very racist stereoype yeah. Unfortunately, there's this Malaysian mentality that makes us a very uncaring society. For one, we think that middle easterns, africans, foreigner on the street, espcially those near you are 1) out for your money or 2) out for your body. So when one comes by, you might hold your bag just a little closer to you or maybe walk further from them just as a precaution. But we dont think that way to white foreingers, do we?

Besides that, Malaysians has this stranger danger mentality. Im not talking about the casual passerby asking for directions and the time. When an uncle walking beside you suddenly smiles and say "HI, How Are You". What do we usually do? Initial response in the head : OMG STRANGER CREEPY STRANGER DANGEROUS! and then we just smile and nodd. no reply. how very, unfriendly of us. The man is just trying to be friendly but all he got was an akward blow-off. its true its really true! If some random guy just says "how are you" to you for no good reason we think that of all the bad possibilities and not just because they are friendly. do an experiment, go on the streets one day and start saying friendly "hi's" to people and see the response you get. its sad, really.

Ok so im not saying im better then the rest and i dont have the same mentality. My initial thoughts would be the same: stranger creep danger run. But i guess studying in Sunway College and my US stint really taught me ALOT about people. Sunway really shocked me with the amount of middle eastern students we had. I've met so many all the iranians, yemenis, africans are some of the nicest people and bestest friends ever! I've really learned ALOT about them and their culture and their country, and i guessed that helped me break the stereotype i had about them. Nice people, really. They have high visions and really smart too!

and US, ahh US. how i missed (really raelly really really miss) (really really) (really) the sweet unexpecting "How are You's" from random strangers. I get them almost everyday. you walk to work and you can have just the most satisfying conversation with the man walking next to you. thats how i got number 17 on my 100-things-to-do-before-i-die-list. Casey, a guy i met at the busstop inspired me. He saw my lonely planet book and we talked about his wonderful road trips and travels. Its amazing how much we can learn from a stranger. but not many of us know that, cause all of us are always busy with our phones, ipods, and ourselves to notice the person next to us.

how unfriendly of a society we live in. sad. i cant say the entire US was friendly, but Vail and the other places i went to certainly was. She really helped me to be a more friendly person, and be more open to strangers. Thats why i didnt mind talking to Hassan and Yomi even though i saw red caution all over my mind. So what im saying is, its okay to talk to strangers, strike up a conversation with one or entertain a conversation posed at you. Enjoy the talk and maybe learn something new. Be friendly, but always be careful. Don't go giving away your personal information or set up for a date alone or something. Hassan and Yomi were great to talk to but they'll just be strangers i met at the train stop. i didnt give Yomi my number don't worry.

the moral of the story? study at Sunway College and go to US. :P

break down the Malaysian Mentality.
from this moment, i am going to be friendlier to random strangers. Maybe even a "How are you" or two. won't you join me? :)

We can start making our society a friendlier, and more loving, caring one to live in! *semangats!*

disclaimer: dear international and local friends, none of these should be taken into offense, and no offense is intentioned here. I do not mean to generalize EVERY malaysian, just a view of the majority. I'm just voicing out what i think is important. I want to know what you think about this too, leave your thoughts here will ya!? :D

Thursday, October 8, 2009

so this is how sucky feels like



i suck at the only thing im good at.


frustrated at my loser self.

this is the only thing that can make me feel this way.
the only thing im not confident at.

and im a confident girl.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

stuck up.

more like misunderstood.

i admit i have the stuck up look, face problem ma. what to do. eyes scary like that. looks super fierce when im not smiling.

but i dont bite, really!

in fact. i think im pretty friendly! (ok la perasaan abit)

but for me some people i just cant talk to until they talk to me. then everytime i see them i wanna talk to them, but just very hard la. it takes time for me to break their shell, or mine.

then, they think i stuck up.

it used to bother me but i've heard it so much in CIMP i accepted it already. oh wells, u cant please everyone. :)

at least u guys know the real me! i hope.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Suku Surpise!

T'was suppose to be a heartwarming story about a pack of 6, adventuring into the land of Gunung Suku. A much needed and long overdue moutain getaway it was, for me at least. Beads of sweat rolling down my chin one at a time; hands swipping at my arms, feet and face every few minutes (we confidently forgot aoubt insect repellent). It was bound to be a heroic tale as we slayed deeper into steep lands, with the harmonious symphony of birds singing in the backgroud, sound of our thumping hearts in our ears, and the rustling leave under our feet serenading us. It was really all that and more! for the first hour of the trek at least. Just when the going was getting tough, the tough stopped, abruptly. Our 4 hours escapade to the peak was cut short when one of us was not well. and i was just starting to rejoice in the pains and glory of a neglected hobby.

We stopped for mountain made Portobello Mushroom Pasta and sausages. Yes, they really do spoil us.

Are you joking!? You guys drove all the way to Camerons for an abandoned trek? You must be asking. But no... no no no no no. That, my friend is where you are wrong! Little did we know Suku had lost of little suprises planted for us along our leisurely way down. Pleasant surprises and mindbaffling discoveries. Its amazing what you can uncover with an observant eye.

The first surprise Suku prepared for us was this beautiful, lonesome fungly mushroom. It closed slightly when we touched it, and closed again when we touched it more. I wanted see how it look like completely closed but they boo-ed at my idea. :( the mushroom looks plenty yummy though! imagine that cooked with fresh greens, chicken croutons and glazed in honey mustard dressing... yum!

Gary the snail lazily welcomed us after that! slowly, slimy but surely, with that beautiful and unique shell of his, he smiled at us. *shall resist thinking of Gary as an escargot!*
We saw Buddha on the way down. Tucked discreetly, comfortably by a tree. What do you see?

Curiosity got the better of us when the number of add yellow balls scattered on the ground seem to increase. first there were only one or two on the way, then yellow and green balls were like everywhere. It looked like it just rained balls and the air was lemony fresh after that. Who would have guessed that those yellow balls WERE lemons! I didnt even know Malaysia had lemon trees. We spotted the lemon tree. Now we know, the lesson of the story? Malaysia has lemon trees!this was like the best discovery of all! Remember those red little seeds we find on the ground and use to keep for fun during like primary school? "Siang Si Dou" we used to call it in mandarin. This brought back sweet childhood memories when we found it. It was something I play with growing up but never bothered to ask where it came from or how it looked like. We found the seeds raw, still in its little coccon, the red shell still soft and premature. Milk ozzes out when we break the skin. I was very excited to find this, wouldnt you?

More mushrooms looking yummy on the way down,

and last but not least, a very baffling discovery. We found the fruit, we found the tree, we dont know what on earth is this supposed to be. Its definately not a lemon, its not furry/orange enough to be a peach, its not guava-ey enough to be well, a guava. Another dissection of the fruit revealed purple flesh. definately not a dragon fruit. Any ideas?

This furry little fellow welcomed us on the way up. Looks like one big impressive caterpillar don't it? ITS NOT! its actually a combo of many many tiny furry caterpillars. uncountable.

So thats about it folks! It took us too long to get back down because of all the ohhings and ahhing and picture taking. Can't really tell you much about the Suku as a mountain until the next time we head up again. Its suppose to be good though, with mossy goodness and all.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

mountain bug is back!

i havent been trekking since forever GUNUNG SUKU HERE I COME!!!!
finally some bonding time with people i love, but havent bonded with in a while.

can u tell im super excited? CAN YOU CAN YOU!!?? :D

scared also, coz damn long didnt go moutaining edi. stamina like shit. and Gunung Suku apparently is not an easy moutain. the last trek was that sort-of-failed trek in U.S. (didnt find the waterfall, kinda got lost), IN SNOW! well that was quite an experience. F.Y.I, trekking in snow without snow shoes, NOT FUN!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

not so discreet

wanted to spend more money on dancing courses. and then i realize, i don't have enough.

excuse me while i stuff my face in chocolate covered mashed potatoes and wallow in self-pity.

mmm.... chocolate covered mashed potatoes....

dharma said some stuff that comforted me. yes, its not my priority and main focus thats why im not great at it. but sometimes i wish i could just drop everything and make it my one and only priority. its all i can think of.

Foamy should be made King of the world.

am i the only one noticing the split second subliminal messages on Star TV? i hate it. it feels like my eyes are being raped and my mind is being forced-fed. This has got to be against a consumer-human-right law or something! I see advertisements on tv, in my house, outside my house, when im on the computer, on blogs on youtube, in my own room in my own car, when im playing PS when im watching a commercial i see advertising for ANOTHER product in the movies ARRGGGHHH I WANNA GET AWAY GET AWAY STOP TAINTING MY EYES WITH UR SUBLIMINAL CUTS before you know it people will be payed to have their heads or inner eyelids tatoo-ed with the McD logo and even when we close our eyes all we think of is a McChicken and in the future we'll be seeing coca-cola signs when we look at the moon or even better u know the batman sign in the sky? there'll be a Nike logo looking back at us instead. the only place i can think of getting away from the billboards is the mountains, even THERE i see advertising for 100plus on the ground coz apparently some dumbasses dont know what is a trash can. i wanna get away i wanna get away i wanna get away i wanan get away i wanna get away STOP WITH THE ADVERTS you annoying evil geniuses. its like propaganda. "eat at McD's McD's the best McD's McD's McD's ...." well McD sucks i'll settle for a Ramly anyday.

instead of advertising for money-greedy conglomerates they should advertise for people to bring their own bags to the supermarket. now that, would be a better use of time, money, space, and brainwashing.

will they ever give it a rest?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Canis Lupus Arctos,

aren't they just the prettiest sight?

the Artic Wolf. majestic, adorable furry goodness. :)

LOOK AT ALL THAT FUR! he almost look like a lion! Artic Wolfs, living in harsh snow conditions (duh) grows a second layer of fur for protection against the cold during winter!

Its no wonder they can survive sub-zero temperatures for yeaaaaars, 5 months of absolute darkness a year, AND weeks without food. imagine puasaing in the cold darkness for weeks on end.

Artic Wolves are smart! yes they are yes they are! In the winter, when snow rules the earth, the Wolfie's furr turns white; In the summer, where green and brown grass carpets the ground, the Wolfie's coat magically turns brownish grey! AMAZING!

"photosynthesis" david lettermen said. you dumbass, its CAMOUFLAGING! so if you thought only reptiles comouflage, think again!

many people don't you that, and now you do! :)

i want one of those in my garden! comelnyaaaaaaaaa. oh wait garden too panas, i'll have to put it in my room coz got air cond! my room it is! :D

you have just been made smarter by the eternal optimist and her pack of artic wolves :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

damn the limitations

Sabah, Melbourne, road trips..
all this talk about travels is making me want to just pack up and go!

all the talk about inking is NOT helping either.

i miss Vail.

people that talk about themselves all the time is interesting for the first 10 minutes, and then they start to get annoying. shut up and talk about something else already. must remind myself everytime i start talking about myself.

When someone is having a conversation about you (especially if the conversation involves your learning about your mistakes and how to improve and stuff like that), and someone else butts in and talks about themselves, its just rude, and makes him/her look like an attention seeker.

its annoying when someone who is good at something says they suck it in front of your face, because you know, she/he knows, and the whole room knows that you suck at it more then her/him.

drama queens are annoying.

why do people brag about being bad at things?

please tell me if i'm being annoying to you, or to myself. i dont want to be a hypocrite.


kickboxing. sounds like a plan. but then again, maybe not.

i want soo many things, and not in a birthday/xmas gift wishlists kind of way.

life just feels so pointless these days.

this didnt started as an emo post, it just somehow became that way.

catch my drift?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

lost in the dark and the stars are not shining

this air that i breath,

the places that i've been,

the reflection that i see,

i miss the me i used to be.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

free falling

remember my skydiving post?

well this is it, the epic video of me free falling off a plane to go with it.

watch, and salivate.

my bro had nothing to say coz he paid for eveything and well, you can hardly see him in the vid.
hey its not my fault! :P

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

commen sava

just found out that Alliance Francaise is located in Leisure Commerce Square, thats like 1 step away from my college's campus, literally!

while everyone else is happily going konchiwa and saranghae-o,
i've always wanted to learn French.
oh how nice is it, to be able to learn the language and live and breath the country!
the art, the culture, the food,

and french men, mmmmmmmm.. french men...

i want to be in France with my little black beret, eating my hearty escargots and heavenly toasted baguettes with the Eiffle tower majestically glowing in the background, and that violinsist with the moustache serenading me..

at least i've got the fake paris in Las Vegas.

one day,


one day.

Monday, August 31, 2009

red, blue, yellow, and putih

happy birthday Malaysia!
yummylicious food,
wonderful people,
history and culture like no other,
im glad, and proud to be your child.
*fireworks* *fireworks* *fireworks* *fireworks*

Thursday, August 27, 2009

dear abdul,

although you are probably not reading this, and this post is one month overdue, let it be known that i absolutely LOVE the card, and you. <3

i still cant believe u made this! my mom almost pop-ed a vein when i told her "abdul made it"!

thanks for putting up with my whims and whines, shoutings and sudden melaka road trips.. but we had lots of fun, no? you are definately one of the bestest friends i have, but sorry lah i kinda suck in the friends department. but i appreciate and love you ok. more than u ever know. thats what this whole post is for. but it seems kinda pointless given the fact that you buta teknologi

was it since standard 4? 10 years edi and still going strong. prove that close friends can be close even if we dont spend lots of time together...

i've had lots of friends and you are the very few who are truly true.
father time proved that.

i've learnt alot from you bro. dont ever be a stranger.

much love, du!

p/s : thanks for taking care of piggy for me. :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

so you think you love dogs?

this blog's been all about me me me and me only its disgusting i feel like puking.
most of you probably like dogs.
most of you probably have a darling shih tzu daddy paid good money for from Pet World..
most of you probably want to buy a dog.

i don't support buying animals from a pet store. never did, never will.
adoption, animal shelter, road side cuteness all the way. i'd love a little roadside mutt more than a shih tzu anyday.

ever wondered where your expensive doggy came from before his pet shop days?
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE a million times watch the video below and you;ll get what im talking about.

i beg of you. let Charlize Theoren enlighten your day. :)

hells inhuman breeding groun

now u know where you pet store pets came from. yes, not only ur doggies, ur cats, hamsters, birds, snakes and all that too. believe me, i did my final paper on this. and it was the most painful research i have ever had to do.

the vid says US, but it happens all over the world.. Malaysia too. These US puppy mill puppies are shipped to malaysia.. even backyard breeders, people who operates a mini puppymill in their own home to earn quick bucks, are unreported, and exists everywhere.

not buying from petshops means you are doing your part to stop this inhumane puppy mill industry.

think of it this way : why waste hard earned money buying from a pet store, when you can save a life, free of charge from an animal shelter? they get put to sleep (aka killed) if they're not adopted you know?

for more details :

or ask me. :)

help us out here. tell your friends about this shocking and hidden industry.
repost this on ur blog.
u can get the video from here.

God bless. unless you are going to ignore this post, then screw u.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

MTV world stage.

i wasnt planning to go, but i went. :)
last minute tickets, last minute decision, how oh so typical malaysian.

The Show:
we rocked out, MTV concert style!

MTV put up a pretty show, the only thing was the long waits in between bands which pretty much killed the momentum. and the DJ that spinned, kinda sorta sucked.

but other than that, we moved to great beat all night long! a.k.a. I HAD SO MUCH FUN!

The Bands:
Estranged opened the show with some pretty awesome songs. strange they were, with every member in a different weird look, which pretty much screams "we have no band unity to me". Strange they were but they got us warmed up all right!

Boys Like Girls were next, they look cute in person :D

boys like girls on stage. please excuse my crappy camera's lack of zoom and focus

Rayguns introduced themselves to Malaysia. i havn't heard their songs before but i loved the numbers they did, very funky rock style. imma search them up and have them in my ipod!Raygun shooting out some awesome tunes.

Pixie Lott did a few number, she was very british.
pixie and her lott

Hoobastank sounded better on the radio! They sang GHOSTBUSTERS which was epic! and everyone sang to The Reason!hooba hooba

All American Rejects gave a really power-packed performance. i did not expect them to be this good. but they were really rockin it on stage! i guess they were the only band everyone was waiting for, coz like a quarter of the audience left after that. including me :(

i missed Kasabian. but i heard they stole the show! hahha

The Crowd:
an obscenely HUGE number of people showed up in that drained out giant pool! 15,0o0 thousand they said, or more. the Vj's couldnt stop reminding us that it will be showed worldwide on prime time tv and all that.. so if you;re watching this on tv, try to spot my glowing face amongst the sea of audience will ya? i'll be the one with the black hair XD
the gathering of audience..

i guess the Malaysia crowd were pretty descent, everyone respected each other places... expect for the few idiots who cut queue to the front, smoked in the middle of the crowd, and decide to make a mosh pit of their own in the middle of the crowd.. and squishing and crashing (and hurting) into everyone... nice job u dumbasses.

the people i was standing among were surprisingly very friendly! there was a couple of Singaporeans who came just for the event, and an indian girl who got separated from her friends, and this chinese advertising guy who suddenly stood in the middle of our conversation. oh they were so much fun to talk to and it made the waiting go by quickly!

Singaporean dude: malaysia dunno how to party la. how to party without alcohol?
Me: dude, its the fact that we know how to have fun without being drunk is what makes us cool.

and the best part is, Singaporean dude admitted that MALAYSIAN FOOD IS MUCH NICER THAN SINGAPORE's FOOD! and WE HAVE BETTER MILO AIS! hah! take that singapore. i hear edi bangga gila! lols

and i learnt that day that AAR is All American Rejects. :p

anyways, malaysia being better than singapore aside, MTV throwed a pretty awesome bash. very organized, no long queues, no delays everything went perfectly. even the weather was perfect : slight drizzle that cooled the air....

The Verdict?
i am soooooo going to the next MTV WORLD STAGE! :D

Friday, August 14, 2009

you know its special- my berries

i have never had a group of friends this awesome.
call me a loser but i have always been the awkward loner outsider, even if it seems like i have lots of friends, i have never been able to belong in a group. till now.

i've never known how it feels to be apart of a family,
to just chill with a bunch of awesome people,
doing nothing but playing boardgames,
and talking,
and singing,
and cracking up at the funny man's joke.

this bonding thing we do, the laughing and singing and crazy 3 hour msn chats is just intimately special,
and i know im not the only one cherishing how special this is.

taylors is sweet because of you guys man.
ohh and the best part is its only the 2nd or 3rd week of college.

Berry's, i love you! <3

appleberry :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

tales of a commuter

i've ranted about busses,
now the train is pissing me off.

ever wonder why Malaysian trains are always not on time?
because the stuff like this happens.

the train happily breaks down in the middle of the tracks.
apparently not the first time. JQ, Christine and I were late for class, stranded at subang station, the taxi wanted to charge us RM20. Aaron was coming to the rescue, but this random guy who was a friends of our friend offered to give us a lift. we were headed the same way. its was really nice to see that we still have kind strangers amongst us. :)

at least i got to walk on train tracks and not get killed! that was pretty cool if i wasnt frustrated at the train. :D

FYI: Taylor's has 1 confirmed h1n1 case edi. this is bad. lol

Monday, August 10, 2009

new found friends

the taylor's friend i've been hanging out with lately are pretty cool-
and all of them can sing, and make really good music.

had a nice time chilling and singing and seeing the guys get drunk.
aaron looks like Mr.Krabbs, Imran is just plain cute. :)

i cant sing. its the one and only thing about me that im super not confident about.
what to do. im born in a family of horrible singers, non of us can sing. mum, dad, 2 bros and me we just plainly suck. we're that family that you see happily singing Happy Birthday in 4 different keys.

and when i sang, my dogs that were happily cuddling me ran away from me.

thats how bad i am.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

i had to live in front of a main road

traffic jams.

it sucks to be in one.
it sucks to be living outside of an endless one.

stop stabbing your honk. having the world's longest car "beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep" in a traffic jam wont make the cars go any faster, you dumbass.

when will the construction stop?

the roads are changing every 5 minutes, the jam comes every 5 minutes.

its like living in the heart of KL.

and they are cutting down another Majestic Tree. they cut off close to 5 trees surrounding my house, they destroyed the beautiful grassy tree lined park for a cemented, polluted, yellow grassed, disgrace and disgusting excuse of a clock tower that, ironically have no clock. and now they are cutting down another tree.

they are shoving the splinter in my heart closer to my artery.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

this must be a new record

ladies and gentlemen,
in one week, no wait, 3 days of classes, i have successfully misplaced
1. Touch and Go Card with Rm14 still in it,
2. my handphone,
3. my new water bottle, which mum bought yesterday, and i used it the first day, and its gone.

plus, 2 months ago i left my Sony Erricson W700i in Los Angeles.

in my defense its not lost, its MISPLACED. its only lost if you dont know where you left it.

i know that my Touch and Go Card is somewhere in college,
i know that i left my handphone at home and it grew legs and ran away,
and my new water bottle is somewhere on the train.

Mum and Dad cheng sim and nothing to say edi, so at least they didn't scold me.
but dont tell my bro though, or i'll be in deep shit.

the fact that my aunt told everyone at home (mum, dad, uncle+family, grandpa) that i lost my phone wasnt very helpful either.

me: mum, wait tomorrow i'll tell you what i lose again ok. let me decide first.
mum : *cheng sim* *nothing to say edi*

what da fuck is wrong with me!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

what an encouraging first week.

first week of classes.
so you go into class like fresh meat hoping to understand what does an "Effective Communications" class is supposed to be about; eager to learn what this class has to offer and to learn...

and the first sentence your lecturer says after "Good Morning" is.........

and then he/she goes into details about how NOT to fail the class, and explain to you the assignments for the next 6 moths. the THREE assignments that will add up to 100 marks that will eventually determine your college career.

how encouraging.

shouldn't they be inspiring you to learn and nourish and gain knowledge confidence all that crap instead 0f inspiring you not to fail? it sends the message that we're coming to college just to pass our exams, and not to actually learn. on the other hand, they are Malaysian lecturers so there's no really blaming them.

mid-footnote : Effective communications class is a performing arts class. as in, ACTING.


this MassComm course is 100% exam based, no exams whatsoever. so one would assume that there would be a series, as in loads of assignments that would add up to the final marks. On the contrary, there are only THREE assignments for each subject. Three. Assignment 1 would be approximately 25%, Assignment 2 35% and Assignment 3 40%. Three subjects to determine your fate in the course. you fail you retake. you retake you have to take an extra semester. you do badly in one assignment and you are royally screwed. That would be the term my very encouraging lecturer used.

aih, this is gonna be harder that i thought.

i am glad though that CIMP taught me how to deal with having too many assignments and presentations, and the whole annoying plagiarism thingy helps too.


the good about being in a class full of communication students is the class is never quiet, unless the lecturer is talking. Thus, its easy to make friends, unless you're antisocial. but how many antisocial communication students will there be?

we're in a team building orientation session for all the new comers and more than 50% that turned up was Communication students.

the student services dudeguy told us how to differentiate a Communication student and a Computing student.

when these studnets went for counselling, before the guy could ask anything the Comm Student already blabbed non stop about his/her problems and the moon and the stars and the skies..

when a computing student went for counselling, after the guy asked him/her a question, he would look at the ceiling for like 5 minutes and then give a one word answer.

that was funny, and so true.


it was the first day of orientation and the speeches were boring me to death, so i started doodling on the pamphelet they gave. When the counseller psychologist asked to borrow my book and saw the doodlings, and i apologized for the grafitti....

she: you're Communications student ar?
me: yeah.
she: no wonder.


the current campus is too small for the amount of students they have.


week 2 onwards is gonna be tough.
but I love me a good challege. :)

battle helmet- fit and buckled.

p/s: i dont know where my phone is coz apparently stuff that is left at home can mysteriously dissapear. so bear with me yea.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

mushrooming days are over

so today was orientation.
and everyone is excitedly asking me how is it and why am i not excited for the first day of school.

what is there to be excited?
people, its orientation.

you go and sit in a hall of confused faces,
listen to 12 strangers giving uninspiring speeches trying to convince you that you made the right choice to study at their institution,
you tour around the campus and spot the best sleeping place,
and then you go listen to more strangers talk,
you get your timetable,
and you go home,
with "skipping tomorrow's orientation" in mind.

i am however, very looking forward to official classes. the lectures and debates and 4 days classes. :)

timetable looks crappy, but hey i have friday off so im not complaning!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


school starts thursday.
after 2 months of lepaking and dancing and teh sessions uni is starting in like 2 days.


i dont know what to expect. i dont know if im anticipating. i know im not excited.

Monday, July 27, 2009

letting a friend down is one of the worst feelings ever.
sorry doesnt just covers it.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

good pain, the kind of pain that makes you feel you're improving.

the dance teacher said that i have a 'S'-shaped spine just by looking and feeling my back.
S, not the right shape for a spine.
I told mum, and now she's freaking out. she always suspected something was amiss with my back, because i used to hunch really badly, really really badly, like an old witch, or hunchback of notre dam. S-shaped spine, she said, will affect my ovaries uterus cant have baby back problems in the future bla bla bla bla bla. guess i'll be expecting to get chummy with 50 year old weird smelling chiropracter uncles.

how fun.

spine is not the only problem with me, mum started talking about the weird strecth marks on my inner thighs. 19 year olds should not have stretch marks! this is baffling! i wasnt pregnant, i didnt get fat and thin in a short time, i didnt do anything to get these marks, i dont really care. mum does though.

and now she's talking about the weird arch at the bottom of my feet! it's abnormally high, mum said, "you've got flat foot". mum, people have flat foot because they DONT HAVE an arch. its too high. its dancer's feet. bollocks.

stop scrutinizing my beautiful body mum!


bruises and a loney swollen bump on my back.
and shoulder
and the top of my feet, you know, the boney part where your metatarsals (or whatchamacallit) are.

i pulled my inner thigh muscle attemping a failed spilt.
now i walk like a penguin.

contemporary dancing is so much fun! i love it.

is it weird if i tell you i enjoy the pain?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the more dance vids i watch, the more depressed i am.

how the hell do they do that!
i suck so badly.

I WANNA LEARN!! give me time and i shall!

Monday, July 20, 2009


the tiny icon at the left of my facebook page shows a picture of a very familiar face.
"Christina Chu" it says beside the picture.

Christina Chu is my mum.

my mum has a facebook profile.
my mum has a facebook profile.
my mum has a facebook profile.

wtf! the world as we know is about to change!

here's to hoping that she doesnt add me! >.<

Saturday, July 18, 2009

me thinks that the Harry Potter movie is a sad disgrace to the beautifully written book.
and Ice Age is idioticly moronic.
*boycotts Harry Potter movie*

Friday, July 17, 2009

they're awesome that way.

mum and dad purposely teman me all the way to cheras because i said i wanted to order a pair of dancing heels. for some reason mum decided to make a pair herself.

dad purposely drove us all the way there and even though its a new place and none of us have even been there before, he found the way without getting lost. he has one of the best sense of directions ever i dont remember getting lost in his hands. he's like a navigator. he's awesome that way.

we love trekking. fav pic of dad and me. first time he take photos like this. first time he let me take photo of him haha. first and last.

mum actually have their number stored somewhere and called up and got directions. i just mentioned that this affordable shoe shop in cheras and she immediately remembers that she saw in on the papers 2 years back and saw it somewhere. her pile of junk that i always complain about is useful sometimes. she's awesome that way.

when i had short hair. damn long ago. see the resemblance?

Dad knows i love love love satay and purposely turned into Peel Road for some really awesome Kajang Satay to makan but sadly the shop wasnt open. so we had kuey teow, assam lasksa and sup kambing instead.

and we have to go back next week to collect the shoes.

i didnt have to do a thing. i paid though! :)
and i didnt really expect them to teman me go up just to make one shoe and come back to klang again.

but they're really supportive when they know its something im passionate about and its something i need, not want. if its something i want just for fun they wont peduli me. lols!

mum and dad gets really annoying sometimes,
but they're awesome that way. <3