Sunday, October 4, 2009

stuck up.

more like misunderstood.

i admit i have the stuck up look, face problem ma. what to do. eyes scary like that. looks super fierce when im not smiling.

but i dont bite, really!

in fact. i think im pretty friendly! (ok la perasaan abit)

but for me some people i just cant talk to until they talk to me. then everytime i see them i wanna talk to them, but just very hard la. it takes time for me to break their shell, or mine.

then, they think i stuck up.

it used to bother me but i've heard it so much in CIMP i accepted it already. oh wells, u cant please everyone. :)

at least u guys know the real me! i hope.



naVid said...

u have a big shell . . .

happyPig~ said...

to few.