Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'd like some Google with my fries please.

Have you ever been so haunted by an assignment that all you eat sleep and talk about is work? That was my mind's infestation for the past week. It got so bad to a point where i literally and truly went to bed thinking about my report points, i dreamt about 1Malaysia(that was my research topic), and i woke up thinking about the analysis. screw the effing wordcount.

this has been one hell of a tireing assignment. I actually started my research early but it ended up a last minute completion, again.

not my fault we have 3 huge assignments due consequtively.

The guys and I have successfully spent almost 24 consequetive hours working on our report. That means no sleep, not since 6.30 am yesterday morning. its now 9.45am. Im way past the sleepy stage now im just awake, the others are lifelessly sleeping. I am so glad we stayed over Izz's place to finish the report together, if i were at home, alone in the dark with the weird noises, I will be stressing out so much and feeling so goddamn tired that i would just freakin elotrocute myself. Stressing out with friends is always so much better, you get distracted just enough to forget about stressing. T'was a tireing assignment night but i had SO much fun! There is always one half of the table that motivates you to work, another half that helps u relax, and heaps of encouragement and help. Extra fun when you have real life cartoons and random coversations entertaining you! I call it the Amy and Aaron show!

Suddenly it was 3.30am, after hours of Amy's endless McD nag, we were finally hungry enough, and tired enough of being cooped up that we packed our laptops, and shifted our fun to McD's! emmmhmmm nothing goes well with 4am assignment rushes than a good Sausage McMuffin. Even if the cheese looks like plastic and the egg like rubber.

Mika's Lollipop song makes a really good de-stresser on the way back to Izz's.

We were almost finally done by then. the work continues till 8.30am, we handed in the online submission. Deadline was at 9.00.

IT was a long day but i had loads of fun. Another long day today- video shooting and editing due tomorrow.

I swear procrastination will be the fall of mankind one day.

It's pissing me off man! especially when your laptop is so fuckin dumb it automatically restarts consequtively after the start up. startup-restart-startup-restart it goes in loops i dont even get the chance to click on anything before it restart again. Damn frustrated at that stupid tiny 3rd hand Vaio that i wanted to just chuck it out of Izu's balcony. Maybe a 20 story drop will teach hima lesson stupid laptop. Thank god we had so many laptops aruond that there was always one unoccupied laptop for me to take over. I think i switched between 5 laptops. Thanks guys!

and thanks Izu for letting us trash your house, again!

Imma go origami my report notes into little airplanes and throw them off the 20th floor now!!

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NanaKing.BananaBoatMan said...

HI MEI..I KNW AM LATE..but i just started being active online again wohoo!!! was a great day!..n glad that the Amy n Aaron show entertained u...nw lets the the tom, mark and susan show!!