Sunday, October 18, 2009

I left my stripper heels at home

Pole dancing is freaking hard!! to defy gravity like that, and spin around like that. you count your life on your body's friction against the thin, steel cold pole. sweaty palms don't help, neither do lack of sleep or empty stomach.

had my first taste of pole dancing today, 3 hours later i felt like jelly. The instructor, she made it look too easy! i wouldn't say its painful, only the friction and rubbing against the pole hurts a little. I didnt expect bruises. but 2 hours later my thighs are now happily dotted with blues and blacks :) looks like some really cool looking infestation!

the pioneers of pole dancing are just unbelievable. Some people might shun pole dancing cause its slutty and the unforgettable link of strippers is there. It may have started out that way but them stripper heels now bring forth a whole new agenda.

be wowed by this! the unbelievable ladies of 2009 US Pole Dancing Championship.

I melt at their gracefulness and toughness at the same time, the upper body strength, the abs strength, the falling and climbing and spinning, the creativity, the choreography the flexibility, THE AWESOMENESS!! XD

I think pole dancing is absolutely beautiful. Beautiful in a way that proves to all the male chauvinists out there that every women can be strong, independent, with grace, beauty and a lil' bit of womanly sexiness at the same time! Pole dancing proves that all the ladies out there are intelligent beings and we do not need you to survive! Equality, man! i get insulted when guys say we cant do this or suck at that just cause we are girls and we have tiny brains. Well boo you. Every women should learn pole danicng and be empowered. Pole dancing is Empowerment that's what it is! One word to sum it all off: Girl power! To all you who have been stereotyping girls and making fun and looking down on us because we get period and you dont, well look at the video again, and be proved wrong. One thing i love about Pole dancing is it shows that women can do anything men can: politics, wrestling, basketball and well i question if a men can do anything women can. I would LOVE to see a guy pole dance like that one day.

stop with the female stereotype. feminism!

yes, that was the feminist in me talking. to all those that look down upon women, kiss my stripper pole.

"Pole dancing is like Oprah, empowering female everywhere."

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naVid said...

wooow cool ! that's what i appreciate. girls can do anything a boy can do (like politics military service wrestling . . . ) but still they should be girls. they should be identified. and boys too. i don't like boys looking like girls and girls trying to look like boys. u know these little special girlish things make us believe that a successful person is still a girl !