Sunday, January 25, 2009

no plan is the best plan

i have been inspired.
thanks to Casey, some random guy i met at the bus stop the other night.
thanks to the Lonely Planet book, that led me to met that random guy on a random night.


this is what im gonna do one day, and it's on my 100ThingsToDoBeforeIDie list. *note list on your right*

im gonna take a month of work / study.
im gonna earn lots enough of money
(reality of life).
im gonna kidnap my mum/bro's car
im gonna travel, around malaysia.

with nothing,
no plans,
no schedule,
but with a Lonely Planet Malaysia as a guide, a car, and friends.

a road trip across our homeland,
and we'll go wherever, whenever, and do whatever.
we'll go to ipoh because we crave for TauGe Ayam,
and the next day drive to Langkawi for some beach action.
Head on to Pahang for some sunrise on the mountain when we're bored,
and speed across the Penang Bridge the next day just because we haven't sit a Beca in a while.
we'll spend nights in cars, and make it our little mobile home,
dance on the street if we're low on cash......
thats what i'll do,
a no restrictions, no reservations road trip across Malaysia.

even if im 50, old, saggy and retired i'll make sure this road trip dream will happen when im 51.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

extra income fun

dog walking suddenly seems like a very very
dog-gone yappy fun idea!

extra income fun?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

i <3 milo

better then hot chocolate,

Made in Malaysia (i checked!),
found in Walmart,
under the Vietnamese section.

Monday, January 12, 2009

vail, colorado- Ski Country!

Are you bored?

Do you wanna know the happenings in the town im in?

Need something to tickle your funny bone?

Need some nudity?

Google "NAKED MAN IN VAIL" today!

for a limited time only!
and as a special offer, it is FREE!

log on, google, and have a good laugh today!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

where's the lanterns?

so apparently, i just learnt that chinese new year is in 2 weeks.
what the hell?

its still so christmasy here! i dont mean only the snow,
but roadside pine trees are still covered in lights,
christmas lights are still glowing,
and the fake presents are still sitting cozily under the christmas tree.

where's the red?
where's the smell of new yaer cookies?
the glaring, almost noisy, but never annoying new yaer songs?

oh wait, they dont celebrate chinese new year here.

at least we have enough of chinese people to wish each other happy bull year! hahaha

4 of us, exactly.

2 malaysians (the only 2 in this town my bro and i !)
1 china chinese
and another from hong kong.

so if you think Sunway is culturally diverse enough, you should see here.
Argentinians, Peruvians, Koreans (as always), Mexicans, Uruguayians, Argentinians,
Indians, South Africans (cute white ones!), Slovenians, Romanians, Americans (duh), Chinese, Indonesians, Jamaicans, Philipinnes, MORE Argentinians etc etc etc...
(many here with smiliar work/travel/internship visa as mine... and many of us are we're working together in the hotel! )

spanish speaking latin americans, EVERYWHERE! i hear more spanish then english sometimes it gets annoying! when they start talking, they dont stop to breath!

pretty soon i'll know people from all over the world!

odd enough i seem to be gravitating towards the argentianians.. and sometimes they start speaking to me in Spanish! and i have to remind them : PEOPLE! I DONT SPEAK SPANISH!

it'd be cool if i can though.

but its really cool when i wow people (like everyone here the americans argentianians yada yadya yada) with the fact that i can speak so many languages.

they;re like "your english is very good"
and im like "ohh we speak english at home!"
"really? what languages do you all speak!?"
and i explain mandarin. english, malaysian, cantonese, Fujian (they dunno what is hokkien), there's also tamil bla bla bla... english is widely used bla bla bla....

an american friend even asked me and my bro "why do you speak english to each other?"

hehehe.. cool.

Friday, January 9, 2009

will i be remembered when im back?

so apparentlly no one misses me (except Dharma) while im here, spending new years eve alone, and missing all of you, NOT GETTING AN UPDATE ON WHAT EVERYONE IS UP TO!

what the hell man! my besties didnt even bother!

i dont know what going on at home,
i dont know whats going on with all of my friends......

oi people, i miss all of u ok,
drop me a line,
SKYPE MSN FACEBOOK yada yada yada....
update abit.

can die ok.

later i come back no more klang friends no more sunway friends how?

and this is only the 2nd and a half week im here.

i havent talk to mum in a weeekk!!!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

experimentation success

a complete meal-
stir fry vege pork thingy,
and rice.

my first time making a meal from scratch,
and it didnt turn out to be a disaster,
in fact, it tasted pretty good!
mind you, its a personal achievement for me!

okay, so the rice looked nothing like rice when i was done with it,
and it doesnt look all that yummy,
but hey,
me experimenting with spices, soy sauce and mixing a bunch of raw food together actually wasnt all that bad!


i almost chopped off my finger with the super sharp kitchen knife

shit, suddenly got mood to blog alot

the problem with reading other ppl's blog is it gets you emo-ish sometimes
its getting dark outside
im getting hungry
its not time to cook dinner yet (yes, me, attempting to cook.)

i shall go eat chocolate bar.


starting anew is always hard,
as those who had to transfer to another school,
those who had to move to another country,
those who had to start work,
those who had to move up to high school or college or uni or a different class might agree,
starting new is always hard...

dont you just wish that it is already one month later,
and you're settled,
friends met,
places familiar,
routine perfected,
akward stage of getting-to-know crossed off.
but alas time creeps slowly,
and we all have to go through the early stage of silence and shyness,
as we observe and learn.
starting new is always hard...

starting new is always hard,
but when its a month later,
when strangers are friends and bonds are formed,
when work becomes routine,
that "new place" will become home,
everything might seem just right...
but when time comes and you have to leave,
pack and go,
wave goodbye to the friends you just started to love,
break from the routine you were starting to get used to,
turn away the new home,
pack and go,
leaving is always hard..

starting anew,
and leaving soon after,
is never easy,
as i've learnt from the past, and the present.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Home away from Home Ep 1

Episode 1 : it Begins

here you go, 4 minutes worth of crap.

but if you care/love for me enough,
you'll watch all 4 minutes and let me know what you think about it!
because it took me 10 freakin hours of tension and pek chekness to upload this! the bad quality is the only way it would upload.

my first vlog yo! done in the middle of the night.. and the only reason i vlogged was coz i was too lazy to type, i couldnt sleep, and i wanted talk! haha.. i actually find this vid embarrasing but who cares la..

anyways, enjoy~

did i mentioned i missed my flight? i missed my flight from seattle to denver but all's well now!

happy 2009 everyone! :D
*fireworks* *fireworks*