Friday, January 2, 2009


starting anew is always hard,
as those who had to transfer to another school,
those who had to move to another country,
those who had to start work,
those who had to move up to high school or college or uni or a different class might agree,
starting new is always hard...

dont you just wish that it is already one month later,
and you're settled,
friends met,
places familiar,
routine perfected,
akward stage of getting-to-know crossed off.
but alas time creeps slowly,
and we all have to go through the early stage of silence and shyness,
as we observe and learn.
starting new is always hard...

starting new is always hard,
but when its a month later,
when strangers are friends and bonds are formed,
when work becomes routine,
that "new place" will become home,
everything might seem just right...
but when time comes and you have to leave,
pack and go,
wave goodbye to the friends you just started to love,
break from the routine you were starting to get used to,
turn away the new home,
pack and go,
leaving is always hard..

starting anew,
and leaving soon after,
is never easy,
as i've learnt from the past, and the present.


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