Thursday, October 30, 2008

stupid global warming

waht the hell is wrong with the wheather i feel like IM wilting.
college is already mentally draining enough the wheather is not helping.

shouldn't it be raining season already?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

if you like dancing...

go watch High School Musical 3!

not much of a great storyline,
songs are only so-so,
but freaking AWESOME helluva choreography!!

even of you dont like high school musical,
(im not much of a fan myself),
but go watch!
just for the dances!

damn nice wei!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

lost and found

hallelujah i found my voice!

she wasn't lost, she just needed a break from all that shouting..

oh voice oh voice, how i miss thee sweet sound,
you have been lost on a long journey,
and your husky raspy cousin came to town,
when you decided to return slowly,
the reluctance made you oh so sexy,
now you're back,
slightly sick from the sores,
but wanting more,
to tremble in sopranos and altos,
to talk and shout and play,
like never before..

oh thy sweet sound,
i missed you so!
we shall have all the fun,
shout all we want,
talk till we cant
like we did before!

Monday, October 20, 2008

of all the daysssssssss i had to be sick it had to be today

omg there are soooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many chocolates, and i mean GOOD chocolates even better then cadbury or choki choki in the fridge and i can't any of them. :(

all because im sick. again.
im coughing so much im gonna get awesome 6 packs. *hopes*
the dustbin is full of phlegme tissue balls the germs are throwing a fiesta party in there.

and i had to drink this god-awful chinese herbal black bowl of bitterrjuice that taste like bitterjuice!! errrgggguuuhhh yuck > <

and i missed MPO.
of all days la

remember a few posts back i said to wish i survive this week in one piece,
i guess i did, but nyawa-nyawa ikan. -______-
you la didnt wish. haih

back to isu. hmph
tomorrow i eat chocolate, dont tell my mum k!

Friday, October 17, 2008

one step closer

i cant believe it,
i got the job,
i actually got the job.

well actually my brother got the job for me but still,
i got the appointment letter!
now all i need is a visa, and US here i come!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

quote of the year

"Can you push your hair away? I wanna look at your boobies."

-Ali Rahimi Ferdonizehad

in another world..

will post about it soon,
but in a tiny littlenutshell,
it was great!! :)

Monday, October 13, 2008


courtesy of zaleha

if there were no restrictions in life,
no parents,
no harsh realities,
no money matters,
no restirctions whatsoever,

what would you do as a career?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

juggling acts-not for the weak hearted

tis has been an emotastic week,
with stress levels and breakdowns flying through the roof. i felt like an energizer bunny but nont a bunny, a piggy runing into a dump with the hundreds of stuff i was juggling and all the emolicious thoughts clouding my mind.

tis has been an emotastic week,
and today i found out why it has been such an emotional one. its the hormones people let me tell ya ITS THE HORMONES!!! stupid pms'es. and i thought I was going crazy. but no, its just that time of the month when girls' boobs feel swollen and they go on hormotional overdrive.
but i have a question.. am i feeling emo now because of my period, or am i getting my period now because im feeling emo?
zaleha, this explains alot ><

tis has been an emotastic week,
but nontheless an eventful one with new experiences and little unexpected surprises... and now its end of the week, while my "events" are far from over, i can sit back an enjoy the past 7 days, and all the concoction of mixed emotions that comes with it. :)

Pink Ribbon Week..

"Pink Rib - in conjuction with breasts"

thanks za for the awesome pink-ribbon-love!!

what i've learnt from the campaingn: even if u have non-existent breasts, it doesnt mean you won get breast cancer. AND THAT MEANS YOU TOO GUYS!!

and, always, do breast self examination!

CIMP T-shirt Design
is finally finalised... sorry guys it took so long but there were complications in the process.. but the shirt will be out soon!! i really really hope you guys will like it cause it wasnt easy finding the right one! i cant wait to see the final product hopes it comes out great!

student council met up again for another practice session and it was great!! *i wuv sc* its something you wont expect! come come come come talent night this wednesday k! Dance club has been practising hard for you too!! and i've been perfecting trying to perfect my solo routine too so please please come support me kay! not to be missed!
my first solo routine im damn nervous ok!

Chicky Fun Day!
i had a show for KFC carnival today~ it was cool, but during the third number the dj played the wrong music and well, we just had to wing it! so much for all the practices hmph ! OHh and i got to watch Alvin and the Chipmucks and The Apocalypst on the bus. DAMN NICE WEI!

thanks eva ;)

Captain Chicky and Me! aagagag

Chippy the fries. hahahahahahahaha

coming soon

urgh... the yucky reality of school :( even the sound of it makes my inside squirms. have to go get to it now. AND, thanks to my big kissable mouth i have to redo my isu. MY ISU!

wish me luck people,
pray that i surive next week in one piece :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

my smita

even though you have a hip hop boyfriend edi
doesnt me you can stop loving me ok

I CAME FIRST! *hmph*

and you are my smita and i am your mei and we will each other's together and forever no matter what he says! :D

but still,
and on what a great date it was : 10/10/08

if daniel bully you i round up the smita army and kill him!! OK! :D

have fun!

********e. guess what name. wahahahahahahaa!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

studnet council has talent too!

whats one thing all student council members (by this time) have in common?
we all have the same song stuck in our head!

i did not expect all of us to be so excited about the talent night performance, even the guys are being really sporting! its too bad though we dont have enough time to do the other numbers.. it would be fun though wouldn't it? oh well, you know what they say : short, and sweet.

ahh.. enthusiasm.
it always makes something seems so so much funner!
it makes you feel that the time you spent planning and choreographing and practices so much more worth it!

tis gonna be great! :)

CIMP, get ready for student council performance on talent night!
Oct 15.

till then,
so long farewell!

Monday, October 6, 2008


iman says i dont update enough.
so i shall.

and because i know you guys LOVEEEEEE my reptile post so much,
here are more cool animals i found at the reptile exhibition place!

enjoy :)

the animal that won the creepy award has got to be this red-knee tarantula!
the only thing that was freaky.
so furry, so big, so creepy. Good creepy :)

and the CUTEST award goes to these two!!
(OMG they are sooo cute!)
have u ever seen such a cute frog!?
the watery puppy dog eyes makes u forget about hte fact that its freakishly obese!

and this gecko!! i looooveeesss the spots and colour on him!!

okai people, to those of you who are still cringing, thats the end of my reptile post! happy?:(

Saturday, October 4, 2008

snap snap!

snapping turtles.
probably the only other reptile that fascinated me the most besides the snakes at the reptile exhibition.

whats cooler then snapping turtles?

i mean, who knew snapping turtles actually existed in real life!? i used to think snapping turtles only existed in superhero shows like Kim Possible where air headed super villians like senior senior or Dr Draken use snapping turtles as vicious man-eating animals at the bottom of the trap door to kill Kim Possible!!
imagine my glee when i saw a real life actual SNAPPING TURTLE that was HUMONGOUS!
*squels* > <

nyhahahaha OMG let me tell you the Alligator Snapping Turtle left me flabber gasted!

okai, so here's...
Mei's Top 10 Reasons Why Alligator Snapping Turtles are so damn fascinating! :

1. It stood there, for the longest time not moving an inch at all with its mouth wide WIDE open. it was motionless, like a statue. so much so we were wondering if it was dead. but its not. it just doesnt move. at all. probably until a fish or something swims into his mouth.

2. the thing doesnt have a mouth, it has a freaking BEAK!

3. the beak and jaw is so strong, it can severe a human hand! alligator snapping turtle CAN kill super heroes!

4. so the at the bottom of the mouth there was this piece of worm attached to the tongue squirming around. at first look we thought that the turtle was rotting or something (which made us wonder even further if it was dead) and then, AND THEN we noticed the squirmming worm, was actually a part of its tongue!! the alligator snapping turtle has a worm-shaped pieced of flesh that moves around and when displayed by a motionless turtle on a river bottom, draws curious fish or frogs close enough to be snatched. a very smart mechanism to lure potential dinner, no?
5. Carnivourous. eats anything that bleeds. even humans.
6. It looked like an alligator and a turtle mated and lay this amazing reptile.

7. adult snappers have no other predator except humans! which means no other animals dare to mess with this turtle. but, it also means that its kinda endangered. :(

8. normal turtles have shells. this turtle, has a freaking SPIKED ARMOUR!

9. it looked like a prehistoric dinosaur turtle thingy. something out of DINOSAURS.

10. how can something be dubbed "dinosaur of the turtle world" and not be awesome?

me : " lets get a pet snake!"
mom : " why can't you be like a normal teenager!?"

Friday, October 3, 2008

why you should ever argue with ur mom

or dad for that matter.

cause you can never win.
and there's no point winning.
there's no point defending yourself either.

sometimes you just have to be patient,
and swallow it all in.

i need sunrise.

my blog is COOL!!!

MY BLOG IS COOL!! *yeays*
thank to yen, i was awarded the Butterfly Award for Coolest Blog I Ever Know!!

gosh i cant remember the last time i won an award, i wanna thank my mum, dad, bros, lectureres, teahcers, blogspot, the internet, grandpa, grandma, readers, the butterfly award committee, fans.......................................................

And now i shall award 10 people myself, for having on of the best blogs in the whole universe ever!!

and the Butterfly Award goes to.........

School Daddy * cause mountains and elephants are cool! and for always striving the make a better post out of the existing one - yes, editing your posts again and again and again is cool!

Yen * not because you nominated me, but because your blog has its own attitude! and the ever evolving blogskins! coolness~

Eugene the JapDude * for irregular posts that are always so though provoking.. hmm... you provoke my thoughts!

SuYin * cause your "100 things to do before i die* list is so powderful, it encouraged me to make one myself! the best thing on your list is : to watch school mummy get married! :D

Kien Wei * for having the most randoms posts on the most random stuff that leave me in stiches! and because procrastination is cool!

Eva * for the cutest rants on teen angst, and because your lovey doveyness is just plain sweet

Jowee * never a bore to read :)

lynn li * for the cutest coolest blog template. and cause your Whiskey and rabbits are just so.damn.adorably.cute!

Meghdad * for having your own website, that you designed, that is so cool!

CIMP Trekking Club * cause this club is so awesomely freakingly cool!

For those who decide to accept this award, I would appreciate it if you could do the following:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 10 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

congrats to the top 10 blogger in my lists! :D

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

maximum overload

my brain can just explode, in fact i think it is going to, soon.

between ISUs and student council and my dances, my brain is already churnning enough.

its already october and i have no idea where i want to go to for uni... but its not much of a matter of where i want to go but where i can go.
which brings me to the next hovering problem i havent found a scholarship yet.
something my brother cant stop reminding me. like its not already eating me inside.

i hate processes. the process of finding a uni the process of applying for a scholarship the process of getting a visa to go to US... school work is already taking up most of my time i dotn even know what my future looks like and it doesnt help that my other brother is pushing me to apply for a US visa fast. and no we cant go through a middle man if we can help it because it costs too much. ohh the best part, getting a visa is not easy = lots of work, lots lots of work and research. dont get me wrong its not that i dont want to go and work and travel and see the world and meet my macho-macho-hebat brother and finally go to disneyland but........................

i hate being "independent"

but it will all pay off.
i hope.

slithery pets

i like snakes
snakes are fascinating

i'd like to have a pet snake,
nothing too venomous, nothing that can eat my 8-year old cousin,
something small, perhaps a tree snake!
it'd be cooler if its an albino tree snake, yellow, or even maybe pink and purple!!!!

i can put him in a glass aquarium,
feed him rats or lizards or cockroaches once a month,
and see him strangle and suck the life out of its prey before dislocating his jaw and devour them!
*so damn freaking cool!*

and i can see him shed his skin!!
and i can keep his first shedded skin and collect them all and frame them up and date them and arrange them according to timeline and you can see how much my snake has grown!!

and i can take him out and put him around my arm and wear him like a bracelet!
and... i can freak my friends out with my pet snake!

snakes are low maintenence,
so it would be easier to keep compared to a rabbit or hamster (they poop ALOT!)

i'd like a snake for a pet! :D