Wednesday, October 1, 2008

slithery pets

i like snakes
snakes are fascinating

i'd like to have a pet snake,
nothing too venomous, nothing that can eat my 8-year old cousin,
something small, perhaps a tree snake!
it'd be cooler if its an albino tree snake, yellow, or even maybe pink and purple!!!!

i can put him in a glass aquarium,
feed him rats or lizards or cockroaches once a month,
and see him strangle and suck the life out of its prey before dislocating his jaw and devour them!
*so damn freaking cool!*

and i can see him shed his skin!!
and i can keep his first shedded skin and collect them all and frame them up and date them and arrange them according to timeline and you can see how much my snake has grown!!

and i can take him out and put him around my arm and wear him like a bracelet!
and... i can freak my friends out with my pet snake!

snakes are low maintenence,
so it would be easier to keep compared to a rabbit or hamster (they poop ALOT!)

i'd like a snake for a pet! :D



chico said...

man, ur snake's freaking me like hell...

happyPig~ said...

EHH!!! i didnt know u were here!! hihi!! i like snakes.. dont u? :D