Sunday, January 20, 2008

die undang test DIE!!!!!!!

sitting 5 hours on ur boney ass against a hard plastic chair, hard wall behind u and amongst strangers that smells funny, AINT FUN! who knew sitting ( should be WAITING) for the Undang test would be such a torture! luckily im a patient person. is it because there were many people there waiting as well? or was it because the workers were tortoise like slow? or was it because my driving instructor took me there at 11 when the shop opens at 8 and there were already like a thousand ppl waiting in and outside!??????????? well i supppose 1 + 1 + 1 = 3. add it all togerther and u get a good whole day wasted doing nothing. if i known things were gonna be such a waste of my precious time, i would have brought a book to read, or people to talk to. damn! there goes 5 hours i will never get back.
and they say the goverment is getting more efficient.

on the bright side, i passed the test!!! woohoo!! given the fact that i only roughly read the orange book with tiny prints once, while i was half aslepp, me scoring a 42 / 50 isnt that bad. i know if i get one mark less i would fail, but im THAT good. thank god i passed!

on another note, sunday is the last day of my bro's cooking competition. wish him luck okay!!! i went to support him on the first day, from the looks of the food presentation my bro did quiet well, but he wasnt satisfied. dissapointed i guess. i guess today was better, and tomorrow he will kick the other 5 contestants ass!!

thats all folks!
hugs n kisses~

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

my brother : macho macho hebat!!!

i know he was an ok chef, kinda good, not bad, but i didnt know he was THAT good!!!

Sunway UniColl one and only representative for the Culinary Arts Award ( cooking competition duh!) ? no joke !!!

and to think i found out about this when i accidentally saw his face in one of my school's ( in case u still dont know, its Sunway ) tv...

i've been scarthing my head as to why he has been showing up at college the past week when he is suppose to be at work.
...... well NOW i know why.

wish him luck!!!

thats him!! my 2nd bro!! too bad he doesnt cook at home...

hugs n kisses!

Monday, January 7, 2008


actually.. there are streaks of colours splashing into my life at this moment.... a spot of blue, a dash of red, a sprinkle of yellow... there is soooooo much going on, there is so much for me to tell and say, there is so much for u to listen and hear


where should i start? im lost for words even when i havent start... and, i find that, there is no one to tell to.. pretty depressing huh

lets just put it this way, life is great right now. the birds in my life are chirpping, the water is cystal clear, and gentle breeze caress my face.... but, i need my friends, friends that care... hopefully i'll meet them in sunway soon!

quality truimphs quantity, if u know what i mean

hugs n kisses

Saturday, January 5, 2008

my blog has been updated succesfully! view blog~

yes, im sorry. the lazy bug and busy bee got to me.. but i think i managed to got it out while i was popping this afternoon...

whats been up? well ALOT!

holidays doesn't seem too holiday-ish, i mean after the melilia show i have been a busy busy busy little bee or pig ( whichever u prefer) until now... "busy with what?" one might ask. well, let me enlighten you..
are u ready?
  • im still working weekends at times square (its my 7th time today).. so there goes my saturdays n sundays T.T spending my weekends with stranger and spreading the gift of money-saving-vouchers to them! seriously the promotions are sooo good, i feel like im doing charity work..due to unforseen circumstances ( i got halau-ed and brought to the security office by plain-clothes security person ) ask me for details, there is a slight changes in the paying scheme but... still, its kinda good money. FYI : the money earned shall be donated to my driving-license-bank and my i-gotta-buy-some-new-year-clothes-i-have-nothing-to-wear-to-school-fund! *given that i earn enough to do so!
mystyle booth a.k.a my working / resting place
  • talking about school, yes i've started school! yeah so half of my 'holiday' was spent worrying and squeezing my mind about the courses i would be pursueing. i wanted to take the canadian per-U course, but after mum had a nice evening chat with my would-be-future-sister-in-law, mum wanted me to take the australian per-U course (Ausmat), a course which i did not really fancied. So after 2nd round of consideration, and me in my moodless/unhappy face, we finally reached an agreement (or u can call it my mum finally caved in). Finally, on a sunny 3rd of January, i walked into SUNWAY UNI COLLEGE, in my T and jeans as a student undergoing the CIMP ( canadian international matriculation) programme. NO regrets, CIMP is really interesting, lotsa activities and clubs ontop of the college's own societies. i was practically drooling when the teachers introduced the different clubs in CIMP. looks like another fun-filled busy active year ahead for me!
  • Besides that, i finally made my first move in my education towards my L, and hopefully soon to come P driving license. I finally made time to listen for the 5 extremely long, boring and lonely hour of undang talk about some stuff (more sleeping then listening). I was suppose to take the undang test this week, but i guess that would have to wait another day. 7 just isnt the enough number of days in a week. *hopefully i can make time soon!* and wish me luck ya!
  • not to forget year end celebrations! yes! christmas with family and new year with friends! and of course, a very eventful ( dead snake and a boat ride, expensive lunch and yummy brithday dinner) first day of 2008 cum daddys birthday! happy birthday dad! there is too much details to elaborate here..

yummy yummy gingerbread! even grandma is having fun! and me high on xmas juju!

    christmas party at Stepz, my dance studio~

  • and finally i FINALLY started re-reading my harry potter series. paiseh to say that due to my very busy life during secondary school, i did not have time to enjoy the last 2 series of harry potter. adding to the fact that i mostly forgotten what i've read in the last 5 HP books, i thought : its the holidays, why not re-read everything? it seemed like a good idea at first, and i started out fast,swallowing every single word, but now as im reaching the very very THICK series, and starting school and work, im starting to think my idea, needs fine-tuning... finding time to read and do all this is hard! i wonder how they do it?

so that what i've been up to this few weeks! real studying in college starts monday, so im looking forward to it.. and... im looking forward to meeting new friends at school! (lots of international student and not to mention pretty pretty girls~ ) hope to meet back my fellow kwang huarians too, havent see u guys for some time kinda miss u guys... haiz some got GF edi is naturally bosim one but what can i do? haiz hope to meet u all soon la!

im hoping 2008 will be yet another AWESOME year! leaving the bad stuff as the past, looking forward to the future~ there's more exciting stuff in stored in this whole new year!

and of course, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO U ALL!!! hope u guys can actually live up to ur new year resolution this year! *wink wink*

hugs n new year kisses! *muah*

p/s - eva saya bukan hangat hangat, saya memang busy! pls don golongkan me with u~ ><