Sunday, January 20, 2008

die undang test DIE!!!!!!!

sitting 5 hours on ur boney ass against a hard plastic chair, hard wall behind u and amongst strangers that smells funny, AINT FUN! who knew sitting ( should be WAITING) for the Undang test would be such a torture! luckily im a patient person. is it because there were many people there waiting as well? or was it because the workers were tortoise like slow? or was it because my driving instructor took me there at 11 when the shop opens at 8 and there were already like a thousand ppl waiting in and outside!??????????? well i supppose 1 + 1 + 1 = 3. add it all togerther and u get a good whole day wasted doing nothing. if i known things were gonna be such a waste of my precious time, i would have brought a book to read, or people to talk to. damn! there goes 5 hours i will never get back.
and they say the goverment is getting more efficient.

on the bright side, i passed the test!!! woohoo!! given the fact that i only roughly read the orange book with tiny prints once, while i was half aslepp, me scoring a 42 / 50 isnt that bad. i know if i get one mark less i would fail, but im THAT good. thank god i passed!

on another note, sunday is the last day of my bro's cooking competition. wish him luck okay!!! i went to support him on the first day, from the looks of the food presentation my bro did quiet well, but he wasnt satisfied. dissapointed i guess. i guess today was better, and tomorrow he will kick the other 5 contestants ass!!

thats all folks!
hugs n kisses~

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