Thursday, November 26, 2009

the end of a term

assignments ended. *yes!*
holidays started.
4 months.
4 freakin months.

stuff to do:
roadtrip with the Berries! (bold for emphasis)
finish at least 2 books.
get better at dancing somehow.
learn the guitar.
volunteer somewhere.
find cash somewhere. (laptops don't come free :( )
visit people i neglected.
visit people that neglected me. :(
mountain, at least one.
and finally sunbath on the beach. (bagan lalang don't really count cause i didn't play with seawater)

my desktop died, again. i think its permanent this time. fuck it. i don't care what mum says i am buying myself a laptop by the start of sem2. my nikon can wait.

the problem with facebook is it complicates things.

hmm yeah..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Media

student video done for class.
this was our second attempt, with the first one being overly ambitious to pull off. This shoot on the other hand, was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay fun.

made with love by the Berries : Kit, Mei, Christine, Aaron, Imran, Amirul, & grandpa Jizz.

just so u know, i almost puked in my mouth doing the jonas brother bit. uggh.

do you get the whole message? i'd love to hear your interpretation of "The Media"!

I sold my soul to research essays

what a week.

seriously, what a week.

I slaved so much on my assignments the results better be good or i'll hijack a plane and bomb Adelaine to a frickin dust.

i need to learn how to do my assignments faster. the problem is i type one word, i stone for 10 minutes, then i type one sentence, and i stone for another 10 minutes. and you wonder why i'm taking 10 years to write a 1500 word essay.

omg i just pressed ctrl-s. its like a habit when i do my assignments, see, its messsing with my mind.

one last push, and then a celebration of the temporary relieve of my misery.

i hate eating sleeping thinking and talking about assignments only.

thats not the only thing i do only ok, i dance. and entertain people with llamas.

next semester, seriously, no more procrastination.

can't wait till the road trip, we all need to escape once in a while. even if its only for the evening.

and i've found my escape. <3

congratulations, love!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the church of Satan

i think Satan is pretty cool. He's like God's wildchild y'know.
i don't give a fuck about Satan. He's Red.

You know there's a Church of Satan? They have a Bible and everything. Marilyn Manson is like the pastor or sth.
Fuck that. You know why these people worship Satan and stuff like that, because they are bored. Because they are bored and have nothing better to do.

live simple. Fuck That.

he's tired of smoking. he's actually complaining about smoking. woohoo!

whats with the guy with the sunglasses eating cake at 12am?
the only reason people wear sunglasses at night is because their pupils are dilating.
now that makes sense. or else they are just retards.

caffeine rush. caffeine rush.

I can't get you people nowadays, too excited for everything.
overexcited People and birthdays, cakes and picture he's talking about.

lay back, laid back.

all we want to do is travel.

fuck Brazil, lets go to Argentina.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

don't panic yet

2 weeks, 3 more assignments, and 1 research report in Genting to go.

Mika is scatting in my head.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

thats enough of reality, thank you.

take me to fantasy land,
where the sky is pink and clouds made of cotton candy;
dogs talk, birds chirp, and everyone has a tune in their voice;
a skip in our walks,
no shops no stops,
apple dotted trees, crystal flowing water,
winter summer autumn spring;
no clothes no electrical sockets,
just the sunshine pathway to the moon-lit stone,
and everyday is but a song.