Wednesday, November 4, 2009

thats enough of reality, thank you.

take me to fantasy land,
where the sky is pink and clouds made of cotton candy;
dogs talk, birds chirp, and everyone has a tune in their voice;
a skip in our walks,
no shops no stops,
apple dotted trees, crystal flowing water,
winter summer autumn spring;
no clothes no electrical sockets,
just the sunshine pathway to the moon-lit stone,
and everyday is but a song.


Bulu said...

sayang...don't birds already chirp?

happy.pig said...

do u HEAR the birds chirp in college? at home? in sunway? i dotn even see birds. ahahahha

Dharma said...

kindred spirits, i await our talks

naVid said...

hey can i join u there !?

happy.pig said...

dharma! Soon la soon haih.
Navid.. Haha its open to all who cherish life