Monday, August 31, 2009

red, blue, yellow, and putih

happy birthday Malaysia!
yummylicious food,
wonderful people,
history and culture like no other,
im glad, and proud to be your child.
*fireworks* *fireworks* *fireworks* *fireworks*

Thursday, August 27, 2009

dear abdul,

although you are probably not reading this, and this post is one month overdue, let it be known that i absolutely LOVE the card, and you. <3

i still cant believe u made this! my mom almost pop-ed a vein when i told her "abdul made it"!

thanks for putting up with my whims and whines, shoutings and sudden melaka road trips.. but we had lots of fun, no? you are definately one of the bestest friends i have, but sorry lah i kinda suck in the friends department. but i appreciate and love you ok. more than u ever know. thats what this whole post is for. but it seems kinda pointless given the fact that you buta teknologi

was it since standard 4? 10 years edi and still going strong. prove that close friends can be close even if we dont spend lots of time together...

i've had lots of friends and you are the very few who are truly true.
father time proved that.

i've learnt alot from you bro. dont ever be a stranger.

much love, du!

p/s : thanks for taking care of piggy for me. :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

so you think you love dogs?

this blog's been all about me me me and me only its disgusting i feel like puking.
most of you probably like dogs.
most of you probably have a darling shih tzu daddy paid good money for from Pet World..
most of you probably want to buy a dog.

i don't support buying animals from a pet store. never did, never will.
adoption, animal shelter, road side cuteness all the way. i'd love a little roadside mutt more than a shih tzu anyday.

ever wondered where your expensive doggy came from before his pet shop days?
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE a million times watch the video below and you;ll get what im talking about.

i beg of you. let Charlize Theoren enlighten your day. :)

hells inhuman breeding groun

now u know where you pet store pets came from. yes, not only ur doggies, ur cats, hamsters, birds, snakes and all that too. believe me, i did my final paper on this. and it was the most painful research i have ever had to do.

the vid says US, but it happens all over the world.. Malaysia too. These US puppy mill puppies are shipped to malaysia.. even backyard breeders, people who operates a mini puppymill in their own home to earn quick bucks, are unreported, and exists everywhere.

not buying from petshops means you are doing your part to stop this inhumane puppy mill industry.

think of it this way : why waste hard earned money buying from a pet store, when you can save a life, free of charge from an animal shelter? they get put to sleep (aka killed) if they're not adopted you know?

for more details :

or ask me. :)

help us out here. tell your friends about this shocking and hidden industry.
repost this on ur blog.
u can get the video from here.

God bless. unless you are going to ignore this post, then screw u.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

MTV world stage.

i wasnt planning to go, but i went. :)
last minute tickets, last minute decision, how oh so typical malaysian.

The Show:
we rocked out, MTV concert style!

MTV put up a pretty show, the only thing was the long waits in between bands which pretty much killed the momentum. and the DJ that spinned, kinda sorta sucked.

but other than that, we moved to great beat all night long! a.k.a. I HAD SO MUCH FUN!

The Bands:
Estranged opened the show with some pretty awesome songs. strange they were, with every member in a different weird look, which pretty much screams "we have no band unity to me". Strange they were but they got us warmed up all right!

Boys Like Girls were next, they look cute in person :D

boys like girls on stage. please excuse my crappy camera's lack of zoom and focus

Rayguns introduced themselves to Malaysia. i havn't heard their songs before but i loved the numbers they did, very funky rock style. imma search them up and have them in my ipod!Raygun shooting out some awesome tunes.

Pixie Lott did a few number, she was very british.
pixie and her lott

Hoobastank sounded better on the radio! They sang GHOSTBUSTERS which was epic! and everyone sang to The Reason!hooba hooba

All American Rejects gave a really power-packed performance. i did not expect them to be this good. but they were really rockin it on stage! i guess they were the only band everyone was waiting for, coz like a quarter of the audience left after that. including me :(

i missed Kasabian. but i heard they stole the show! hahha

The Crowd:
an obscenely HUGE number of people showed up in that drained out giant pool! 15,0o0 thousand they said, or more. the Vj's couldnt stop reminding us that it will be showed worldwide on prime time tv and all that.. so if you;re watching this on tv, try to spot my glowing face amongst the sea of audience will ya? i'll be the one with the black hair XD
the gathering of audience..

i guess the Malaysia crowd were pretty descent, everyone respected each other places... expect for the few idiots who cut queue to the front, smoked in the middle of the crowd, and decide to make a mosh pit of their own in the middle of the crowd.. and squishing and crashing (and hurting) into everyone... nice job u dumbasses.

the people i was standing among were surprisingly very friendly! there was a couple of Singaporeans who came just for the event, and an indian girl who got separated from her friends, and this chinese advertising guy who suddenly stood in the middle of our conversation. oh they were so much fun to talk to and it made the waiting go by quickly!

Singaporean dude: malaysia dunno how to party la. how to party without alcohol?
Me: dude, its the fact that we know how to have fun without being drunk is what makes us cool.

and the best part is, Singaporean dude admitted that MALAYSIAN FOOD IS MUCH NICER THAN SINGAPORE's FOOD! and WE HAVE BETTER MILO AIS! hah! take that singapore. i hear edi bangga gila! lols

and i learnt that day that AAR is All American Rejects. :p

anyways, malaysia being better than singapore aside, MTV throwed a pretty awesome bash. very organized, no long queues, no delays everything went perfectly. even the weather was perfect : slight drizzle that cooled the air....

The Verdict?
i am soooooo going to the next MTV WORLD STAGE! :D

Friday, August 14, 2009

you know its special- my berries

i have never had a group of friends this awesome.
call me a loser but i have always been the awkward loner outsider, even if it seems like i have lots of friends, i have never been able to belong in a group. till now.

i've never known how it feels to be apart of a family,
to just chill with a bunch of awesome people,
doing nothing but playing boardgames,
and talking,
and singing,
and cracking up at the funny man's joke.

this bonding thing we do, the laughing and singing and crazy 3 hour msn chats is just intimately special,
and i know im not the only one cherishing how special this is.

taylors is sweet because of you guys man.
ohh and the best part is its only the 2nd or 3rd week of college.

Berry's, i love you! <3

appleberry :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

tales of a commuter

i've ranted about busses,
now the train is pissing me off.

ever wonder why Malaysian trains are always not on time?
because the stuff like this happens.

the train happily breaks down in the middle of the tracks.
apparently not the first time. JQ, Christine and I were late for class, stranded at subang station, the taxi wanted to charge us RM20. Aaron was coming to the rescue, but this random guy who was a friends of our friend offered to give us a lift. we were headed the same way. its was really nice to see that we still have kind strangers amongst us. :)

at least i got to walk on train tracks and not get killed! that was pretty cool if i wasnt frustrated at the train. :D

FYI: Taylor's has 1 confirmed h1n1 case edi. this is bad. lol

Monday, August 10, 2009

new found friends

the taylor's friend i've been hanging out with lately are pretty cool-
and all of them can sing, and make really good music.

had a nice time chilling and singing and seeing the guys get drunk.
aaron looks like Mr.Krabbs, Imran is just plain cute. :)

i cant sing. its the one and only thing about me that im super not confident about.
what to do. im born in a family of horrible singers, non of us can sing. mum, dad, 2 bros and me we just plainly suck. we're that family that you see happily singing Happy Birthday in 4 different keys.

and when i sang, my dogs that were happily cuddling me ran away from me.

thats how bad i am.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

i had to live in front of a main road

traffic jams.

it sucks to be in one.
it sucks to be living outside of an endless one.

stop stabbing your honk. having the world's longest car "beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep" in a traffic jam wont make the cars go any faster, you dumbass.

when will the construction stop?

the roads are changing every 5 minutes, the jam comes every 5 minutes.

its like living in the heart of KL.

and they are cutting down another Majestic Tree. they cut off close to 5 trees surrounding my house, they destroyed the beautiful grassy tree lined park for a cemented, polluted, yellow grassed, disgrace and disgusting excuse of a clock tower that, ironically have no clock. and now they are cutting down another tree.

they are shoving the splinter in my heart closer to my artery.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

this must be a new record

ladies and gentlemen,
in one week, no wait, 3 days of classes, i have successfully misplaced
1. Touch and Go Card with Rm14 still in it,
2. my handphone,
3. my new water bottle, which mum bought yesterday, and i used it the first day, and its gone.

plus, 2 months ago i left my Sony Erricson W700i in Los Angeles.

in my defense its not lost, its MISPLACED. its only lost if you dont know where you left it.

i know that my Touch and Go Card is somewhere in college,
i know that i left my handphone at home and it grew legs and ran away,
and my new water bottle is somewhere on the train.

Mum and Dad cheng sim and nothing to say edi, so at least they didn't scold me.
but dont tell my bro though, or i'll be in deep shit.

the fact that my aunt told everyone at home (mum, dad, uncle+family, grandpa) that i lost my phone wasnt very helpful either.

me: mum, wait tomorrow i'll tell you what i lose again ok. let me decide first.
mum : *cheng sim* *nothing to say edi*

what da fuck is wrong with me!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

what an encouraging first week.

first week of classes.
so you go into class like fresh meat hoping to understand what does an "Effective Communications" class is supposed to be about; eager to learn what this class has to offer and to learn...

and the first sentence your lecturer says after "Good Morning" is.........

and then he/she goes into details about how NOT to fail the class, and explain to you the assignments for the next 6 moths. the THREE assignments that will add up to 100 marks that will eventually determine your college career.

how encouraging.

shouldn't they be inspiring you to learn and nourish and gain knowledge confidence all that crap instead 0f inspiring you not to fail? it sends the message that we're coming to college just to pass our exams, and not to actually learn. on the other hand, they are Malaysian lecturers so there's no really blaming them.

mid-footnote : Effective communications class is a performing arts class. as in, ACTING.


this MassComm course is 100% exam based, no exams whatsoever. so one would assume that there would be a series, as in loads of assignments that would add up to the final marks. On the contrary, there are only THREE assignments for each subject. Three. Assignment 1 would be approximately 25%, Assignment 2 35% and Assignment 3 40%. Three subjects to determine your fate in the course. you fail you retake. you retake you have to take an extra semester. you do badly in one assignment and you are royally screwed. That would be the term my very encouraging lecturer used.

aih, this is gonna be harder that i thought.

i am glad though that CIMP taught me how to deal with having too many assignments and presentations, and the whole annoying plagiarism thingy helps too.


the good about being in a class full of communication students is the class is never quiet, unless the lecturer is talking. Thus, its easy to make friends, unless you're antisocial. but how many antisocial communication students will there be?

we're in a team building orientation session for all the new comers and more than 50% that turned up was Communication students.

the student services dudeguy told us how to differentiate a Communication student and a Computing student.

when these studnets went for counselling, before the guy could ask anything the Comm Student already blabbed non stop about his/her problems and the moon and the stars and the skies..

when a computing student went for counselling, after the guy asked him/her a question, he would look at the ceiling for like 5 minutes and then give a one word answer.

that was funny, and so true.


it was the first day of orientation and the speeches were boring me to death, so i started doodling on the pamphelet they gave. When the counseller psychologist asked to borrow my book and saw the doodlings, and i apologized for the grafitti....

she: you're Communications student ar?
me: yeah.
she: no wonder.


the current campus is too small for the amount of students they have.


week 2 onwards is gonna be tough.
but I love me a good challege. :)

battle helmet- fit and buckled.

p/s: i dont know where my phone is coz apparently stuff that is left at home can mysteriously dissapear. so bear with me yea.