Tuesday, August 11, 2009

tales of a commuter

i've ranted about busses,
now the train is pissing me off.

ever wonder why Malaysian trains are always not on time?
because the stuff like this happens.

the train happily breaks down in the middle of the tracks.
apparently not the first time. JQ, Christine and I were late for class, stranded at subang station, the taxi wanted to charge us RM20. Aaron was coming to the rescue, but this random guy who was a friends of our friend offered to give us a lift. we were headed the same way. its was really nice to see that we still have kind strangers amongst us. :)

at least i got to walk on train tracks and not get killed! that was pretty cool if i wasnt frustrated at the train. :D

FYI: Taylor's has 1 confirmed h1n1 case edi. this is bad. lol


XtasyM said...

holy crap... malaysia's public transport still get no change despite all the funds tat gov SAID they threw in... (sounds fishy here...)

happyPig~ said...

exactly what i thought. but lets not speculate shall we.

the train brokedown again today.

at least its' kinda on time when its not busy being rosak.

XtasyM said...

u should feel thankful for the train since it didnt explode for no reason =.= wtf

happyPig~ said...

*prays hard*
u never know.