Tuesday, August 4, 2009

what an encouraging first week.

first week of classes.
so you go into class like fresh meat hoping to understand what does an "Effective Communications" class is supposed to be about; eager to learn what this class has to offer and to learn...

and the first sentence your lecturer says after "Good Morning" is.........

and then he/she goes into details about how NOT to fail the class, and explain to you the assignments for the next 6 moths. the THREE assignments that will add up to 100 marks that will eventually determine your college career.

how encouraging.

shouldn't they be inspiring you to learn and nourish and gain knowledge confidence all that crap instead 0f inspiring you not to fail? it sends the message that we're coming to college just to pass our exams, and not to actually learn. on the other hand, they are Malaysian lecturers so there's no really blaming them.

mid-footnote : Effective communications class is a performing arts class. as in, ACTING.


this MassComm course is 100% exam based, no exams whatsoever. so one would assume that there would be a series, as in loads of assignments that would add up to the final marks. On the contrary, there are only THREE assignments for each subject. Three. Assignment 1 would be approximately 25%, Assignment 2 35% and Assignment 3 40%. Three subjects to determine your fate in the course. you fail you retake. you retake you have to take an extra semester. you do badly in one assignment and you are royally screwed. That would be the term my very encouraging lecturer used.

aih, this is gonna be harder that i thought.

i am glad though that CIMP taught me how to deal with having too many assignments and presentations, and the whole annoying plagiarism thingy helps too.


the good about being in a class full of communication students is the class is never quiet, unless the lecturer is talking. Thus, its easy to make friends, unless you're antisocial. but how many antisocial communication students will there be?

we're in a team building orientation session for all the new comers and more than 50% that turned up was Communication students.

the student services dudeguy told us how to differentiate a Communication student and a Computing student.

when these studnets went for counselling, before the guy could ask anything the Comm Student already blabbed non stop about his/her problems and the moon and the stars and the skies..

when a computing student went for counselling, after the guy asked him/her a question, he would look at the ceiling for like 5 minutes and then give a one word answer.

that was funny, and so true.


it was the first day of orientation and the speeches were boring me to death, so i started doodling on the pamphelet they gave. When the counseller psychologist asked to borrow my book and saw the doodlings, and i apologized for the grafitti....

she: you're Communications student ar?
me: yeah.
she: no wonder.


the current campus is too small for the amount of students they have.


week 2 onwards is gonna be tough.
but I love me a good challege. :)

battle helmet- fit and buckled.

p/s: i dont know where my phone is coz apparently stuff that is left at home can mysteriously dissapear. so bear with me yea.


XtasyM said...

the education system nowadays is mostly exam based... lecturer came in the 1st day already talking about marks, pointers, exam... disappointed... do they do this in overseas?

happyPig~ said...

my canadian lecturers didnt realy emphasis so much on all these. they got explain la but they dont make u feel like YOU NEED TO SCORE. the emphasis is on learning and developing urself.

- c H i E n - said...

tee hee hee..I must be one of your rare anti-social peep in the course. =P

But I'm just lazy to talk sometimes. Getting too close or allowing people to come closer to you will only hurt you eventually. muahaha...