Thursday, August 27, 2009

dear abdul,

although you are probably not reading this, and this post is one month overdue, let it be known that i absolutely LOVE the card, and you. <3

i still cant believe u made this! my mom almost pop-ed a vein when i told her "abdul made it"!

thanks for putting up with my whims and whines, shoutings and sudden melaka road trips.. but we had lots of fun, no? you are definately one of the bestest friends i have, but sorry lah i kinda suck in the friends department. but i appreciate and love you ok. more than u ever know. thats what this whole post is for. but it seems kinda pointless given the fact that you buta teknologi

was it since standard 4? 10 years edi and still going strong. prove that close friends can be close even if we dont spend lots of time together...

i've had lots of friends and you are the very few who are truly true.
father time proved that.

i've learnt alot from you bro. dont ever be a stranger.

much love, du!

p/s : thanks for taking care of piggy for me. :)

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