Sunday, August 16, 2009

MTV world stage.

i wasnt planning to go, but i went. :)
last minute tickets, last minute decision, how oh so typical malaysian.

The Show:
we rocked out, MTV concert style!

MTV put up a pretty show, the only thing was the long waits in between bands which pretty much killed the momentum. and the DJ that spinned, kinda sorta sucked.

but other than that, we moved to great beat all night long! a.k.a. I HAD SO MUCH FUN!

The Bands:
Estranged opened the show with some pretty awesome songs. strange they were, with every member in a different weird look, which pretty much screams "we have no band unity to me". Strange they were but they got us warmed up all right!

Boys Like Girls were next, they look cute in person :D

boys like girls on stage. please excuse my crappy camera's lack of zoom and focus

Rayguns introduced themselves to Malaysia. i havn't heard their songs before but i loved the numbers they did, very funky rock style. imma search them up and have them in my ipod!Raygun shooting out some awesome tunes.

Pixie Lott did a few number, she was very british.
pixie and her lott

Hoobastank sounded better on the radio! They sang GHOSTBUSTERS which was epic! and everyone sang to The Reason!hooba hooba

All American Rejects gave a really power-packed performance. i did not expect them to be this good. but they were really rockin it on stage! i guess they were the only band everyone was waiting for, coz like a quarter of the audience left after that. including me :(

i missed Kasabian. but i heard they stole the show! hahha

The Crowd:
an obscenely HUGE number of people showed up in that drained out giant pool! 15,0o0 thousand they said, or more. the Vj's couldnt stop reminding us that it will be showed worldwide on prime time tv and all that.. so if you;re watching this on tv, try to spot my glowing face amongst the sea of audience will ya? i'll be the one with the black hair XD
the gathering of audience..

i guess the Malaysia crowd were pretty descent, everyone respected each other places... expect for the few idiots who cut queue to the front, smoked in the middle of the crowd, and decide to make a mosh pit of their own in the middle of the crowd.. and squishing and crashing (and hurting) into everyone... nice job u dumbasses.

the people i was standing among were surprisingly very friendly! there was a couple of Singaporeans who came just for the event, and an indian girl who got separated from her friends, and this chinese advertising guy who suddenly stood in the middle of our conversation. oh they were so much fun to talk to and it made the waiting go by quickly!

Singaporean dude: malaysia dunno how to party la. how to party without alcohol?
Me: dude, its the fact that we know how to have fun without being drunk is what makes us cool.

and the best part is, Singaporean dude admitted that MALAYSIAN FOOD IS MUCH NICER THAN SINGAPORE's FOOD! and WE HAVE BETTER MILO AIS! hah! take that singapore. i hear edi bangga gila! lols

and i learnt that day that AAR is All American Rejects. :p

anyways, malaysia being better than singapore aside, MTV throwed a pretty awesome bash. very organized, no long queues, no delays everything went perfectly. even the weather was perfect : slight drizzle that cooled the air....

The Verdict?
i am soooooo going to the next MTV WORLD STAGE! :D


XtasyM said...

Arrgghh... u went? so cool... im here commenting rather than standing there is just because of tat stupid exam week... wtf

happyPig~ said...

lol. screw exams man !