Monday, August 10, 2009

new found friends

the taylor's friend i've been hanging out with lately are pretty cool-
and all of them can sing, and make really good music.

had a nice time chilling and singing and seeing the guys get drunk.
aaron looks like Mr.Krabbs, Imran is just plain cute. :)

i cant sing. its the one and only thing about me that im super not confident about.
what to do. im born in a family of horrible singers, non of us can sing. mum, dad, 2 bros and me we just plainly suck. we're that family that you see happily singing Happy Birthday in 4 different keys.

and when i sang, my dogs that were happily cuddling me ran away from me.

thats how bad i am.


XtasyM said...

4 diff key makes good choir u know! lol

Dharma said...

hahaha i've seen u sing while ur drunk and red! good times, probably to never happen again rite?;)

happyPig~ said...

kelvin lol. not when all 4 keys are off! hahaha

dharma. i have no recollection whatsoever.serious.

Dharma said...

are u kidding me, my place, after prom. Singing oasis, drinking. u forgot? frosties?

happyPig~ said...

frosties that wan unforgettable la. but the singing part don remember. hahahaaha

pai seh