Saturday, August 22, 2009

so you think you love dogs?

this blog's been all about me me me and me only its disgusting i feel like puking.
most of you probably like dogs.
most of you probably have a darling shih tzu daddy paid good money for from Pet World..
most of you probably want to buy a dog.

i don't support buying animals from a pet store. never did, never will.
adoption, animal shelter, road side cuteness all the way. i'd love a little roadside mutt more than a shih tzu anyday.

ever wondered where your expensive doggy came from before his pet shop days?
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE a million times watch the video below and you;ll get what im talking about.

i beg of you. let Charlize Theoren enlighten your day. :)

hells inhuman breeding groun

now u know where you pet store pets came from. yes, not only ur doggies, ur cats, hamsters, birds, snakes and all that too. believe me, i did my final paper on this. and it was the most painful research i have ever had to do.

the vid says US, but it happens all over the world.. Malaysia too. These US puppy mill puppies are shipped to malaysia.. even backyard breeders, people who operates a mini puppymill in their own home to earn quick bucks, are unreported, and exists everywhere.

not buying from petshops means you are doing your part to stop this inhumane puppy mill industry.

think of it this way : why waste hard earned money buying from a pet store, when you can save a life, free of charge from an animal shelter? they get put to sleep (aka killed) if they're not adopted you know?

for more details :

or ask me. :)

help us out here. tell your friends about this shocking and hidden industry.
repost this on ur blog.
u can get the video from here.

God bless. unless you are going to ignore this post, then screw u.


iman. said...

thanks so much for this re-awakening mei. i'll definitely do a post like this soon.

*shudders* oh those poor puppies. thanks again.

happyPig~ said...

thanks iman :) im so glad u are putting in ur say and helping out!

XtasyM said...

had to agree with tat... n humans are cruel...

plenty of dogs thrown on the street everyday...

happyPig~ said...

and that pulau where they threw all the unwanted dogs? that was just so wrong...

XtasyM said...

i think most of it already been saved and left in SPCA...

but the agreement with SPCA is to find an owner for those dogs in 1 month or else they will be "put to sleep" =.=