Saturday, February 27, 2010

big grey and leathery

baby elephants are hairy,
big elephants poops hay,
they weren't all that scary,

but they ruined the babies d

the elephants trunk goes on and on,
it's skin a leathery coat,
they seem to growl when they ya
they'll never be able to float.

bananas peanuts watermelon hay,
they're fed day after day,

big elephants' trunks vacuums and sucks,
the babies' just twist and sway.

elephants are cute all the more no less,
i sat on one of their backs,

one fine day the water i'll test,

i'll be back to clean their plaques!

inspired by the gentle elephants of the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, Pahang.

its small, but it means something

heyya, :)

to mark the end of Chinese New Year,
the start of March,
the end of my Kindy job,
the official unofficial confirmation of mah new job,
the end of my holidays,
and the start of college!
the adieu of late night mamak sessions,
and the depressing continuation of train rides,

I here by cross out number 3 and number 23 off my 100thingstodobeforeidie list!

3. go vegan for 30 day
23. teach in a school

sofiah, so sweet and darling;
kaushal, who loves his colouring;
gavin; the brat you cant stay mad at;
farisha, who's still confused at counting;
afiqah, so rough and hardworking;
wan syara, who never ever competes;
adriana, her smile so sweet;
manimaran, who cant really speak;
zhikry, the brightest and quiestest of them all;

you're probably gonna forget about me
in a couple of weeks,
but you will be missed!

Teacher Mei.

this has been one hell of a holiday :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

15 days of

all the eating all the drinking all the gambling all the going out till late night with your friends all the noise all the fireworks all the money without the guilt.

its good to be chinese.

happy chinese new year, again!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

when you have no plans for CNY,

you buff your grandpa's nails (if you know my grandpa, you'd be shocked at his willingly volunteering and his excitement),

you put fake eyelashes on your mum and aunt,

and you get your hair braided by your aunt and cousin's gf!

happy chinese new year everyone!

get fat, get prosperous!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i look like a

hooker. a hot one though. with no boobs hahahaha

yes, i perasaan

i love this pic to bits.

this has been very exciting!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

i told her no lala hair

and this is what she gave me!

there goes my virgin black hair but im definitely loving this look! mum doesn't like it but she's never liked any changes i've made to myself anyways

my first hair colour, so whaddya think?
I love my hair yes i do! I love my hair how bout you! this is the first time m getting so excited over hair omg i feel like such a girly girl
slap me