Saturday, February 27, 2010

its small, but it means something

heyya, :)

to mark the end of Chinese New Year,
the start of March,
the end of my Kindy job,
the official unofficial confirmation of mah new job,
the end of my holidays,
and the start of college!
the adieu of late night mamak sessions,
and the depressing continuation of train rides,

I here by cross out number 3 and number 23 off my 100thingstodobeforeidie list!

3. go vegan for 30 day
23. teach in a school

sofiah, so sweet and darling;
kaushal, who loves his colouring;
gavin; the brat you cant stay mad at;
farisha, who's still confused at counting;
afiqah, so rough and hardworking;
wan syara, who never ever competes;
adriana, her smile so sweet;
manimaran, who cant really speak;
zhikry, the brightest and quiestest of them all;

you're probably gonna forget about me
in a couple of weeks,
but you will be missed!

Teacher Mei.

this has been one hell of a holiday :)