Saturday, May 31, 2008

no "goodbyes", only "see you soons"

Question: Whats with the sudden boom of posts??
Answer: its holidays! i just finished my exams! ( unlike someone...) im free for the time being! i havent been able to sleep these nights! i miss you guys! i think you guys miss me too! and i dont know.. i havent been able to crap to you people so i figured crapping in my blog to pass my crap to you guys is a good idea... :D my 2nd sem starts in july will in continue to blog then? we'lll see, we'll see.....

sem break.. all my friend balik to their kampung in dubai, penang, bangladesh etc etc me? Klang :D no one in sunway knows where Klang is wei its sounds so far to them! my bestie in Sunway asked what is the nearest big mall in Klang? Well if i tell her Bukit Tinggi JJ or KLang Parade she'll be like "Wha....? o.o" so i had to tell her Pyramid.. -.-''' so sad wei.. my lecturer even ask "Do they have electricity in Klang? Its so far..." well, of course he was teasing me... i forgot to tell him Canada is even furthur-er-er! *grrr....* so what?
i still love Klang and we have the best BAK KUT TEH! :P

Klang Bakkuteh the original way, the only way~

talking about places far far away, guess who's far far away from me? and im talking about another-continent-diffferent-time-zone-hundreds-thousands-of-miles-away-far.. and thats PRETTY FAR! 2 people, very important and close people in my life: my brother MachoMachoHebat, & my brother, Julius.

MachoMAchoHebat left for US today, to hone his culinary skills in the kitchen of a hotel resort in Colorado, US. I cant imagine him living there, among the Winters and Summers alone, independent and all. Parting at the aiport wasnt as teary-eyed as i expected, we took pictures, we hugged, but no wet goodbyes. it wasnt a goodbye anyways, we'll be seeing him next year! of course, there is still the internet and a thing called the telephone, but calls is not going to be cheap! the latest update of MachoMacho hebat is he is working his butt of there, very very tired and trying hard with finances as things is not cheap there! On mum and bigbro's bday, he sent home a big bouquet of roses.. it was really sweet and touching... aih honestly,i didnt realise i miss him that much until now, writing this stupid post. i do miss him and he misses us too but seeing him everyday on my handphone wallpaper does help ease the "imissyous". Sunday morning breakfast is now a table of 4 instead of 5 which is still kinda weird at times...i just realized i havent talked to him in one month and its like it dosent feel like he's left for a month it felt like many many months! oh well, 11 more months and he'll be back!

MachoMachoHebat, me and family~

Somewhere around the 4th day of CNY
this was a very wet, very teary eyed goodbye. What do you expect when you have to see your childhood friend and brother of 11 years leave to study in Australia? JU I MISS YOU!!!!! im very proud of you too! this one i cant imagine also, Ju in AUS, alone in his own apartment, preparing own meals, studying, independant and all! everything seemed to have been prepared for you but i know you can do it! 5 more months till you're back i cant wait to see you JU!!! i wonder if there will be a transformation... hmmmm................ Ju, if you are reading this, we all miss you very much~ and you better bring gifts back! :P

abdul ,ju n me

it wasnt goodbye's for the both of them, i will be seeing them soon yea, its only a matter of time. so it was SEE YOU SOON! and i will see them, real soon! cant wait

hugs & kisses,
to MachoMachoHebat, Ju and all of you~

Thursday, May 29, 2008

disaster in our own home

we are all aware of the disaster in China and Myanmar, and God bless to all who have been contributing to help ease their burden...
but while we are all busy tending our neighbour's wound, how many of us are aware of the pain that some of our own family members are facing?

Did you know Sarawak, Punan Bah, the largest and longest longhouse has been burn into debris by merciless fire? did you know hundreds and thousands of years of history, culture and art has been wiped out, just like that? Our Punan villagers now lost their heritage and houses, and daily necessities.

The tragedy happened Monday (5th May 2008) at 11am. The terrifying fire burnt down 4 longhouses and made more than 300 people homeless. The oldest "Keliriengs" or burial poles in whole Sarawak that believed standing for over 200 years in Punan Bah were destroyed. The victims are currently in need of food and clothing.

The CIMP trekking club team, lecturers and students all have dedicated time and effort into helping them to cope with their lost. Our charity initiatives have mainly been going on on campus, but i believe my friends, you people can help too.

CIMP Punan Bah Longhouse Charity Initiative activities:

1. Booth collection of cloths, toys and stationary
we have collection booths in various places around campus, but seeing that most of you people are my fellow kwang huarians, i welcome all of you to give me a call and pass the donations to me... anything will do, anything that they can use... but please no torn stuff and underwears please!!!

the stuff has tripled and quadroplled since this photo was taken BUT WE NEED MORE!!!

2. T-shirt Sales - "I'm addicted, take me high... up the mountains"
& grey version
RM30 per shirt
RM2 of every shirt would be donated to Punan Bah Longhouse Charity Initiative
its pretty cool and comes is women and mens size.. its ok if you;re not sunway or cimp, if you would like to help our and get one of these cool shirts, just gimme a call k! :)

only 250 copies printed! it has been selling like hot cakes! call now before sizes run out!

the t-shirt design... nice eh! order ten now!

3. Money Donations
You can also help by sparing any amount of money for these poor souls... again, gimma me a call, pass the money to me and i'll pass it to my lecturers~ :)

4. Create Awareness
Help out by passing on this bit of info to your friends and family, through your blogs and facebooks and frienster profiles.. merely letting people know about their plight is good enough~

more info:-

They need help, we can help, so why shouldnt we?
wait no longer.. if you are kind enough, Call me at 017-3536081 today~

Peace & Love~~~

hugs n kisses people!
extra xoxo to those who help~

a very evironmentally-friendly post

I was waiting for the U62 bus at the bus stop today, and once again, i saw a middle-aged-almost-elderly-uncle with a big plastic bag in hand, eyes scanning the floor, hands picking up empty bottles and tin cans, pocketing the rubbish into the plastic bag. To these uncles and aunties, it is just a way of making ends meet, but to me, they are very, very noble. Some people shun at them for being "rubbish collectors" but i think that they are more "Earth-Savers" rather than MPK's. For every coke-bottle and pepsi cans that they collect, they are tending Mother's Natures wound, helping us combat the weary state of pollution and limited resources.
God Bless these Uncles and Aunties... :)
i hope some of them are reading this~

this is a reminder to all you people... to start caring about the environment..You realy should, since you probably are more educated than that unles and aunties mentioned... i believe i do not have to provide figures about global warming, acid rains and pollution, YOU GUYS ARE ALREADY VERY VERY WELL-EDUCATED on that but still, are you doing your part?

you may seem like a tiny entity on earth but what you do everyday has a great impact on the environment. The amount of carbon we emit each day ( i dont mean farting) from eating, sheltering our family,travelling, using the computer, fan, tv etc are causing climate change. Yet, there are many things each of us – as individuals – can do to reduce emissions. The choices we make in our homes, our travel, the food we eat, and what we buy and throw away can help ensure a stable climate for future generations. How much are you contributing to global warming everyday? Calculate your Carbon Footprint ( the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases you emit each day) here! and start making a difference by caring and playing your part!

simple gestures will do.... you should.................
- recycle, always recycle... prepare recycling bins for papers, plastics, metals ands tuff and take it to the recycling center.
- turn off all electrical appliances when not in use.. including water heater, lights, fans computer etc etc
- washing machine wash only when you have a full load! i know you can set it to half load but full load is still better
- public transport, car pool

my new best friend

and all the other common sense things that you already know.. this is just a friendly reminder.. and i wont be reminding you to do your part if i werent doing mine.. :) Me love animals, me love plants and bugs and yes, im a tree hugger! Remember the times you guys get scolded when i saw you scrunching up papers and aiming it into the bin? and then i had to take all the paper home to recycle...(mainly to all you 3C and S4 people) i still do that... i must admit that im not doing enough though.... hmm... :( i will i promise~

so please help~? 0.0

do you want your home to be like this?I know i dont want too...

The funny thing, i rather say ironic thing about all this is while the goverment seem pro-environment and advising us to do our part, are they setting a good example or are they even doing THEIR part? I used to LOVE eating at Eng Ann, under the tree... it was so pleasing to eat there, under the tree, above the roots..the pohpiah and chee cheong fun tasted even more awesome with the smell of fresh air and tree leaves... but now? under the tree become just like any other cold-icky yucky place. Imagine my dissapointment when i saw MPK uprooting the tree and cementing everything!!!! I CANT TELL YOU HOW SAD AND FURIOUS I WAS!!! that place used to be sooooooo green and i smiled just looking at it, now i just turn away. i hate it, i was and still am very very pissed and dissapointed at the hawkers and the tree killers. i havent been there to eat ever since.. i dont think i want to go there anymore........... that tree.... i miss.... T.T and i bet the food doesnt taste good anymore.

Are you as pissed at them as me? let me know what your opinion please~

ranting my anger!! *grrrrrrrr......*


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5 months in 5 minutes

okay.. so it has been like what ? 5 months since i updated?
haha yeah it has been a crazy 5 months so i'll summarize it all in one post yea~

you'll be done in 5 minutes :D

F.Y.I to all those who are clueless, im doing CIMP ( Canadian International Matriculation Progamme) in Sunway University College... that doesnt mean im going to Canada i can get into other uni at other country as well.. its a foundation programme 10 months only

Activities? Yes, once again like in High School i managed to get myself involed in some clubs and socities... Im in Dance Club, and i was chosen for Vice President this sem, will take on Pressie next month :D We had a few performances this sem, it had been fun dancing with new people, and its HIP HOP! something new to me, although no break moves.. :( We had a performance during Talent Night and we did not bad! and then we joined a dance competition at Summit, it was good exposure and experience for us..we were a new crew yea, and its was our first competition... too bad the other competitors was way too experienced :) oh well, we win some we lose some :)

i uploaded a video of my dance crew ( courtesy of justin).. we are called the D-J3mc!

Im in Trekking Club also, we;ve been on a few treks this semester ( CHILLING AND GUNUNG DATUK!), the Mother-load will be in August where we attempt to take on Mt. Kinabalu! yeah its gonna pretty $$, so we're doing all we can to raise money ( car wash, shirt sales and more to come!!) so support yea! I CANT WAIT FOR THIS TREK KK HERE I COME!!!

up the mountains... Gunung Datuk

im thinking of joining more clubs next sem.. student council maybe?

Homeworks? YES! CIMP has sh!t-loads of assignments and tests and quizzes and homeworks!!! we have lotsa presentations and group works... so, busy busy busy! oh yea, the most interesting assignment of all has to be the wedding ceremony one... My group presented the Botswana Wedding, we had to do a powerpoint presentation, and re-enact some of the rituals.. that includes traditional wedding outfits, music, foods and many many more.. its really interesting to learn about new culture :)

My Botswana Possie

Iranian Wedding

me looking all professional secretary like for presentation

Sock Puppets for English! we blew our lecturer's socks off!

Dancing has been kinda hectic too... I had a Mother's Day performance as well, on Mothers Day *DUH!* it was pretty good, although the heel of my boots broke at the last second and i had to wear shoes and knee-high socks to make the illusion of "boots" .. hehe... It was at Klang Parade, and im really glad that my ma and pa came, and my good friends abdul, chin heng and yee khoon came too! thanks yea!

yes. i look like a lala.. that will never EVER happen again!

i have concert coming in JUNE 8th at KEC.. its gonna be awesome and a whole new concert experience for all to see, we're putting up a kinda like play-musical-dance kinda thingy with storyline, heroes and fairies :) im dancing! SO THATS GOOD ENOUGH REASON FOR YOU TO COME!!!!!! HI-TEA buffet provided! PLEASE PM ME FOR TICKETS!!! :)

last but soooooo not the least, i just started my SEM BREAK!! HELL YEAH!!!! finally holidays after months! but one-month!, freeedom is bliss, but too much freedom equals boredom.. you can help ease the boredome by calling 0173x3x081 ! free for tea, lunch and bak kut teh! freelancejob or any volunteer work? CALL ME!

and oh yeah, my exam? it was pretty crappy... english i screwed, maths T.T.. families it was the only OK one.. trying to keep OPTIMISTIC here!!! :D it wont screw up my average toooo bad, i think

well, that is 5 months of my life summarized.. much juicy details missing though.. i'll talk about this and that soon yea!!!

keep in touch!

sorry for the 5 months delay in updating!

hugs and kisses!

im soweee... :(

mei thinks she should start blogging again? do you think so?
her life has been so crazy these past couple of months... reall nice
but mei cant find her willpower and the lazy bug keeps bugging her..
mei thinks she;ll start blogging again soon! :D
the problem is, sometimes she thinks that its kinda pointless to blog.. since mei has always been the kind of girl that doesnt really talk about her stuffs.. she just enjoys crappping alot..
so should mei re-blog?

ME thinks you should keep in touch with mei's blog! :)

more to come,
i promise? :P