Saturday, May 31, 2008

no "goodbyes", only "see you soons"

Question: Whats with the sudden boom of posts??
Answer: its holidays! i just finished my exams! ( unlike someone...) im free for the time being! i havent been able to sleep these nights! i miss you guys! i think you guys miss me too! and i dont know.. i havent been able to crap to you people so i figured crapping in my blog to pass my crap to you guys is a good idea... :D my 2nd sem starts in july will in continue to blog then? we'lll see, we'll see.....

sem break.. all my friend balik to their kampung in dubai, penang, bangladesh etc etc me? Klang :D no one in sunway knows where Klang is wei its sounds so far to them! my bestie in Sunway asked what is the nearest big mall in Klang? Well if i tell her Bukit Tinggi JJ or KLang Parade she'll be like "Wha....? o.o" so i had to tell her Pyramid.. -.-''' so sad wei.. my lecturer even ask "Do they have electricity in Klang? Its so far..." well, of course he was teasing me... i forgot to tell him Canada is even furthur-er-er! *grrr....* so what?
i still love Klang and we have the best BAK KUT TEH! :P

Klang Bakkuteh the original way, the only way~

talking about places far far away, guess who's far far away from me? and im talking about another-continent-diffferent-time-zone-hundreds-thousands-of-miles-away-far.. and thats PRETTY FAR! 2 people, very important and close people in my life: my brother MachoMachoHebat, & my brother, Julius.

MachoMAchoHebat left for US today, to hone his culinary skills in the kitchen of a hotel resort in Colorado, US. I cant imagine him living there, among the Winters and Summers alone, independent and all. Parting at the aiport wasnt as teary-eyed as i expected, we took pictures, we hugged, but no wet goodbyes. it wasnt a goodbye anyways, we'll be seeing him next year! of course, there is still the internet and a thing called the telephone, but calls is not going to be cheap! the latest update of MachoMacho hebat is he is working his butt of there, very very tired and trying hard with finances as things is not cheap there! On mum and bigbro's bday, he sent home a big bouquet of roses.. it was really sweet and touching... aih honestly,i didnt realise i miss him that much until now, writing this stupid post. i do miss him and he misses us too but seeing him everyday on my handphone wallpaper does help ease the "imissyous". Sunday morning breakfast is now a table of 4 instead of 5 which is still kinda weird at times...i just realized i havent talked to him in one month and its like it dosent feel like he's left for a month it felt like many many months! oh well, 11 more months and he'll be back!

MachoMachoHebat, me and family~

Somewhere around the 4th day of CNY
this was a very wet, very teary eyed goodbye. What do you expect when you have to see your childhood friend and brother of 11 years leave to study in Australia? JU I MISS YOU!!!!! im very proud of you too! this one i cant imagine also, Ju in AUS, alone in his own apartment, preparing own meals, studying, independant and all! everything seemed to have been prepared for you but i know you can do it! 5 more months till you're back i cant wait to see you JU!!! i wonder if there will be a transformation... hmmmm................ Ju, if you are reading this, we all miss you very much~ and you better bring gifts back! :P

abdul ,ju n me

it wasnt goodbye's for the both of them, i will be seeing them soon yea, its only a matter of time. so it was SEE YOU SOON! and i will see them, real soon! cant wait

hugs & kisses,
to MachoMachoHebat, Ju and all of you~

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