Thursday, May 29, 2008

a very evironmentally-friendly post

I was waiting for the U62 bus at the bus stop today, and once again, i saw a middle-aged-almost-elderly-uncle with a big plastic bag in hand, eyes scanning the floor, hands picking up empty bottles and tin cans, pocketing the rubbish into the plastic bag. To these uncles and aunties, it is just a way of making ends meet, but to me, they are very, very noble. Some people shun at them for being "rubbish collectors" but i think that they are more "Earth-Savers" rather than MPK's. For every coke-bottle and pepsi cans that they collect, they are tending Mother's Natures wound, helping us combat the weary state of pollution and limited resources.
God Bless these Uncles and Aunties... :)
i hope some of them are reading this~

this is a reminder to all you people... to start caring about the environment..You realy should, since you probably are more educated than that unles and aunties mentioned... i believe i do not have to provide figures about global warming, acid rains and pollution, YOU GUYS ARE ALREADY VERY VERY WELL-EDUCATED on that but still, are you doing your part?

you may seem like a tiny entity on earth but what you do everyday has a great impact on the environment. The amount of carbon we emit each day ( i dont mean farting) from eating, sheltering our family,travelling, using the computer, fan, tv etc are causing climate change. Yet, there are many things each of us – as individuals – can do to reduce emissions. The choices we make in our homes, our travel, the food we eat, and what we buy and throw away can help ensure a stable climate for future generations. How much are you contributing to global warming everyday? Calculate your Carbon Footprint ( the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases you emit each day) here! and start making a difference by caring and playing your part!

simple gestures will do.... you should.................
- recycle, always recycle... prepare recycling bins for papers, plastics, metals ands tuff and take it to the recycling center.
- turn off all electrical appliances when not in use.. including water heater, lights, fans computer etc etc
- washing machine wash only when you have a full load! i know you can set it to half load but full load is still better
- public transport, car pool

my new best friend

and all the other common sense things that you already know.. this is just a friendly reminder.. and i wont be reminding you to do your part if i werent doing mine.. :) Me love animals, me love plants and bugs and yes, im a tree hugger! Remember the times you guys get scolded when i saw you scrunching up papers and aiming it into the bin? and then i had to take all the paper home to recycle...(mainly to all you 3C and S4 people) i still do that... i must admit that im not doing enough though.... hmm... :( i will i promise~

so please help~? 0.0

do you want your home to be like this?I know i dont want too...

The funny thing, i rather say ironic thing about all this is while the goverment seem pro-environment and advising us to do our part, are they setting a good example or are they even doing THEIR part? I used to LOVE eating at Eng Ann, under the tree... it was so pleasing to eat there, under the tree, above the roots..the pohpiah and chee cheong fun tasted even more awesome with the smell of fresh air and tree leaves... but now? under the tree become just like any other cold-icky yucky place. Imagine my dissapointment when i saw MPK uprooting the tree and cementing everything!!!! I CANT TELL YOU HOW SAD AND FURIOUS I WAS!!! that place used to be sooooooo green and i smiled just looking at it, now i just turn away. i hate it, i was and still am very very pissed and dissapointed at the hawkers and the tree killers. i havent been there to eat ever since.. i dont think i want to go there anymore........... that tree.... i miss.... T.T and i bet the food doesnt taste good anymore.

Are you as pissed at them as me? let me know what your opinion please~

ranting my anger!! *grrrrrrrr......*


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