Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5 months in 5 minutes

okay.. so it has been like what ? 5 months since i updated?
haha yeah it has been a crazy 5 months so i'll summarize it all in one post yea~

you'll be done in 5 minutes :D

F.Y.I to all those who are clueless, im doing CIMP ( Canadian International Matriculation Progamme) in Sunway University College... that doesnt mean im going to Canada i can get into other uni at other country as well.. its a foundation programme 10 months only

Activities? Yes, once again like in High School i managed to get myself involed in some clubs and socities... Im in Dance Club, and i was chosen for Vice President this sem, will take on Pressie next month :D We had a few performances this sem, it had been fun dancing with new people, and its HIP HOP! something new to me, although no break moves.. :( We had a performance during Talent Night and we did not bad! and then we joined a dance competition at Summit, it was good exposure and experience for us..we were a new crew yea, and its was our first competition... too bad the other competitors was way too experienced :) oh well, we win some we lose some :)

i uploaded a video of my dance crew ( courtesy of justin).. we are called the D-J3mc!

Im in Trekking Club also, we;ve been on a few treks this semester ( CHILLING AND GUNUNG DATUK!), the Mother-load will be in August where we attempt to take on Mt. Kinabalu! yeah its gonna pretty $$, so we're doing all we can to raise money ( car wash, shirt sales and more to come!!) so support yea! I CANT WAIT FOR THIS TREK KK HERE I COME!!!

up the mountains... Gunung Datuk

im thinking of joining more clubs next sem.. student council maybe?

Homeworks? YES! CIMP has sh!t-loads of assignments and tests and quizzes and homeworks!!! we have lotsa presentations and group works... so, busy busy busy! oh yea, the most interesting assignment of all has to be the wedding ceremony one... My group presented the Botswana Wedding, we had to do a powerpoint presentation, and re-enact some of the rituals.. that includes traditional wedding outfits, music, foods and many many more.. its really interesting to learn about new culture :)

My Botswana Possie

Iranian Wedding

me looking all professional secretary like for presentation

Sock Puppets for English! we blew our lecturer's socks off!

Dancing has been kinda hectic too... I had a Mother's Day performance as well, on Mothers Day *DUH!* it was pretty good, although the heel of my boots broke at the last second and i had to wear shoes and knee-high socks to make the illusion of "boots" .. hehe... It was at Klang Parade, and im really glad that my ma and pa came, and my good friends abdul, chin heng and yee khoon came too! thanks yea!

yes. i look like a lala.. that will never EVER happen again!

i have concert coming in JUNE 8th at KEC.. its gonna be awesome and a whole new concert experience for all to see, we're putting up a kinda like play-musical-dance kinda thingy with storyline, heroes and fairies :) im dancing! SO THATS GOOD ENOUGH REASON FOR YOU TO COME!!!!!! HI-TEA buffet provided! PLEASE PM ME FOR TICKETS!!! :)

last but soooooo not the least, i just started my SEM BREAK!! HELL YEAH!!!! finally holidays after months! but one-month!, freeedom is bliss, but too much freedom equals boredom.. you can help ease the boredome by calling 0173x3x081 ! free for tea, lunch and bak kut teh! freelancejob or any volunteer work? CALL ME!

and oh yeah, my exam? it was pretty crappy... english i screwed, maths T.T.. families it was the only OK one.. trying to keep OPTIMISTIC here!!! :D it wont screw up my average toooo bad, i think

well, that is 5 months of my life summarized.. much juicy details missing though.. i'll talk about this and that soon yea!!!

keep in touch!

sorry for the 5 months delay in updating!

hugs and kisses!

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