Monday, June 30, 2008

makan makan

i suka makaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
and i've pin-pointed my top 3 favourite foods. in random order.

1. SATAY with the yummy kacang sos and the square-square nasi
2.POTATO in any form, expect raw
3.BAK KUT TEH especially the dry dry xiang xiang one. i anak klang la...


4. anything, i mean ANYTHING with CHOCOLATE on it!! woohhooooss!

i loves food
i dont like getting fat, and i AM gettting fat.
oh wells,who gives a damn anyways.
now you know what to feed me if you wanna belanja.. lol
feed me and i'll love you <3

Friday, June 27, 2008

awesomest gathering

childhood playmates

well its always an awesome gathering whenever my cousins and i get together, it can be dinner gathering at home, a movie somewhere or just leave us stranded on an empty ship, we'll always have the best time ever.... until our mums start ringing our cell and its time to go home.. ><

my cousin we'll be leaving to study in australia soon, so we decided to have a lil' get together before we miss the chance of teasing her for 6 months. so after an endless discussion on where o go ( cheras pasar malam! no chi liung pasar malam! no i want to go gay bar CoCoBanana! no Barcelona! moooviiiiieee!!! what is the diff with twin rom and double room? wth!!!!) we finally decided on 8 hao qiao!

its true, there are many malay couples there *squirms* but we managed to finds a spot away from the couples and darkness, right smack in the centre.. with a little charcoal fire in the middle, and sausages and marshmellows ready on hand..

and wuahlah!! the fun we had all night.. well not actually it ended at 1 something but still!!

i really loveeee the pictures we took.. damn nice wei

even when we're trying to look like pole dancers, the picture is still awesome! :P

and my usual stupid pose

we shoud really do this more often, the chu cousins gahtering never fails to be awesome!

hugs n kisses !!! haha WE ROCK !

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

look what i found today!

Found this plastic bag at home... Smart advertising!

do u get it?
brazillian... down under... do u get it now?

if u dont understand this advertisement by now, u really need to catch up. -.-


things to do before July 7th (thats when my 2nd sem starts)
  1. clean room
  2. dentist appointment ( 5 months overdue my orthodontist is gonna kill me!)
  3. finish reading novel ( pai seh its only Harry Potter. I know its like outdated but hey im late because i reread the first 4 books twice wei! and i've been really busy)
  4. watch movieeeesssssssssss and play play play play play play play play play
  5. check if pencil box has pens and schoolbag still useable
  6. get used to holding a pen and writing again

there.. i think thats about it? lol should really stop ignoring that dentist appointment..

lets hope i have enough will power and time to get everything done by then~

hugs n kisses~

Sunday, June 22, 2008


niao. 5 days liao. 5 freaking DAYS LIAO! tummy still acting up. i thought the tummyache will go away together with the feverbug but mana tau fever habis tummy ache masih tak mau pergi... ughg. not fun. but that didnt keep me from eating whatever i want! hahaha.. but afterthat... pain again... wahhhlliiiiiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. -.- .bengang.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Punan Bah Lounghouse Donation Drive Final Update!

hey guys, quick update.

remember i said about my helping the cimp trek club punan bah longhouse charity donation drive (read:old post)? well, FINALLY WE ARE DONE and THE CLOTHES ARE SENT!! after one month of collecting, transporting, sorting and packing donated clothes, shoes, toys and what not, we have finally sealed the last of the boxes and have it sent to the Punan Bah villagers in Sarawak! *yays*

check this out: blog entry fron website

final count :
  • 7 boxes of clothes has been sent to sarawak and on the way to the punan bah longhouse
  • 11 boxes has been donated to the Red Cresent Society that has a Donate and Sell shop. They will sell the items and all proceeds will go towards the humanitarian assistance of the Malaysian Red Crescent
  • 2 boxes will be donated to a local orang asli village at Kampung Jantung Baru, Simplang Pulai.
  • and another 2 boxes of toys and stationary will be donated to an orphange. Do you know of any orphanage that are in need of teddy bears and papers? Please let me know! thanks~

and.. that is more of less where our shit loads of stuff are going to ^^ finally its done, but mr tan said im gonna miss the mess and the mess of sorting out the mess.

and we got to found out that MAGIC really do happen for charity... Mr Joseph Goh from the freight forwarding company gave us a discount on the freight charges. And if that wasn't enough, he offered to to pick up the seven boxes. We (Mr Tan and Ms Janie) didn't want to bother him so we declined his offer. In the evening, he called again, and showed up in college with a truck. He picked up the seven boxes; that has saved us a trip to the airport. That's MAGICAL!

a word of gratitude to Mr TMC and Miss Janie for organizing this donation drive and helping us do our part in society. looks like not only did we managed to help the Punan Bah Lounghouse villagers, we also helped many other institutions in need and, help college people clean out their closet. Thank You soo much! and thank u all that helped...

i hope we get this do this again.

hugs and kisses~

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

officially 18, officially sick.

after years of being proud that i never ever fell sick, just as i turned 18, the crummy feverbug and purging madness got to me. DANG. And i was supposed to have a fun-filled day at the Eye of Malaysia today. Instead, i had a not-so-fun-filled day at home sleeping and sweating even with the air conds on. so this is how it feels to be sick. fishcakes. its not all that fun. but im feeling much better now after all the sweaing and sleeping and toilet trips.

lets hope im all cured tomorrow.

Antibodies! Get to your stations, load your ammo and fight those sickly viruses!

shit, a cockroach jsut flew past me and my hero-grandpa just catch it with his bare hands. i have issues with cockroaches. ><


hey guys! im back from kl with extra baggage : i brought back 1kg worth of fat and memories.. :D

do u know what today is!?
YES! its my birthday~
happy 18th to me~
im legal now!!
bring on the boo
my birthday was awesome!!! not because of the gifts and cakes,
but because i spent it with all that i love....
thank u mama, papa, & kokos,
thank u popo and 5 yee for being such great host and feeding me excessively,
thank u my soul-brothers from another momma (that gave the best gift eer - love),
thank u everyone who said, msned, texted and called me with love and wishes,
thank u everyone who came mamaking at night,
thank u for the gifts,
thank u for the wishes,
thank u for remembering,
thank u for the love,
i really sincerely, honestly, deeply, appreciate and love all of u guys~

So, on Sunday, mum, dad, ah yee and i celebrated our FATHER'S DAY cum MEI'S Birthday at a freakingly awesome cambodian-laos-vietnamese restaurant in KL - Tamarind Springs, courtesy of my dad... the waiters as great, the food was awesome, and the ambiance, out of this world! i had chocolate chilli ice cream! can u imagine it taste like chocolate but slightly stings like chilli? *awesome* it was cozy, only the 4 of us as both brothers were outstation and popo couldnt leave the home.. after eating, we had cake that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY and HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! yes, i love having my birthday on the same day as my daddy;s day! <3 style="text-align: center;">the very yummy fathers day n birthday cake~
i like to pose with food
my pretty aunt and i

my very awesome dad, mum and me

that was sunday, and on monday nothing much but freelance work at KLCC which was kinda a waste of time but hey i needs the money and experience~

and tadaaa~~ 17th June, my birthday! i spent it well wei! i spent the morning with my lecturers finishing up the clothes packing and sorting for charity. Charity on bday! We finished!*finally* :D the clothes will finally be sent to Punan Bah Longhouse in Sarawak and various shelters homes around. And, we found Ms J's new talent!

shit loads of stuff

morning well spent, in the afternoon i was with some of my dear college friends who suprised me with chocolates enough for to last for months, a wallet, and a cute piggy cup! *thank u :D * and then i went to get myself a birthday gift! haha i got earrings at pyramid, lots of earrings!

and finally after weeks and months of missing my dear high school friends we all got together mamaking, talking and laughing like old times.. it was nice, we should do this more often! Oh gosh and my broz gave me the best gift ever!! *loves and hug*
Me trying to look 18

argh who cares!?

wayne wayne and i

tomorrow i shall be seeing the eye of malaysia!! finally yes! :D

i was kinda expecting a crummy birthday this year, as college friends all balik kampung and home friends were all busy with studies, but glad and thankful that u guys came, and remembered, and made my day~ i had a great 18th burfday to remember, thanks all!!!! <3 style="text-align: right;">hugs and kisses to everyone!
i love u guys~

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Deed of the day

Thank you Zubair for inviting, and thank you Ms Woi and Ms Janie for organizing... Or else i wouldnt have the chance to play with the kids at Taman Megah Handicapped Home for kids, and i wouldnt have been able to learn of their innocence, sweetness, kindness, and intelligence...

Ms Woi with little girl

Ms Janie excited to be there~

honestly, i have seen that some of the handicapped children, even handicapped adults there for that matter have better morals than some of us...

at first sight, when i stepped in the home, the first wave of feelings that overcomes me is not "scared" or "pity" but actually, heartwarming..

my heart melted at their heart of pure,
and face of innocence,
as frowns break into a smile when they saw us;
my heart melted at the comradeship,
between friends of the home,
both disabled, but caring of each other; feeding each other, taking care of each other,
my heart melted at their sweetness,
as they smile, and hugs you,
not wanting to let go;
my heart melted at their joy;
as they enjoy the simplest of things,
like paper and crayon;
my heart melted with suprise,
when the kids exits from their schoolbus,
and greets us with friendly handshakes and happy "hellos";
alas my heart melted with sadness,
as they held on to the gate gars,
waving goodbye,
not wanting us to leave......

she is pretty...

it was a really fun and good experience, playing with the kids and just being there with them. Eventhough the initial plan of gathering them and introducing ourselves and playing sherades didnt materialize, this simple day of us halding their hands and do colourings with them was even better....

Sweetie pie of the day: Gosh, i absolutely positively just fell in love with this cutie!!! she was sulking and crying on the floor, rolling away everytime i went near.. but i managed to carry her up, hugged her and danced with her to very hip-hopish music..haha... when dancing time was over, she was to be whisk away for lunch she hung on to the floor beside me, not wanting to ate or leave, until i fed her... GOSH, feeding her was soooo rewarding... i really really UUHHH miss her!!! ish... i want to dance with her again > <>

we danced, we fed, we coloured, we had a great time.... Do hope to revisit them ! * crosses fingers*
hugs n kisses to them all~


when i was free, i was sooooooooo bored you could make mushroom soup out of me. Now suddenly i have events all clashed together at the same week. fiscakes. when im free im too free, when i have plans everything has to come at the same time. so this weekend till monday, i have to visit my popo in kl, be at KLCC convention centre for some freelance work stuff, celebrate Papa's day ( dont forget to say I WUV U to ur daddie!) and celebrate my bday! lol....everything clash wei...... so i'll probably be staying at kl this weekend... that means no late night msn chats with friends :(

well at least i have somethingS to keep me occupied this weekend. before it gets monotonous again~ lol~ it wont actually~

Happy FAthers Day~!!!
have fun celebrating,
in fact, remember to celebrate! :)

see ya~

hugs n kisses~
Extra hugs n kisses to all the DAddies!!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008


freaking bored now.. starting to feel the monotonous of holidays creeping into my spine...wasting my afternoons evening and nights communicating with the lifeless television and computer.. ohh all the unused energy and brain power is keeping me awake at night day, or should i say night dreaming about nonsense... i slept at 5 yesterday!!

people, I NEED THIGNS TO DO!!! no one to call, nothing to do, no job to keep me occupied with.

i need a job, i need a friend.

gimme a job, call me out, keep me occupied, save me from boredsom, lets have fun together! :)


hugs n kisses~

Monday, June 9, 2008


something bad happened yesterday. but lets not talk of bad things shall we?

on the happy side, yesterday was my dance studio, Stepz's concert. for all of you that i've bugged and invite into coming but didnt come, you missed a great show wei! the whole show was really nice, especially those of little tiny kids that are oh-so-absolutely adorable you just want to pick them up, squeeze them, hug them, and throw them aside!!!
basically the concert was divided into 2 parts: first was diff types of dances from diff classes [read: Jazz(me!!), Ballet, hiphop, belly,latin]
then there was a hi-tea session.. FOOD!!!
2nd part of the concert was a mini-musical with fairies, witches, key, and an old man with a map.
i did a few dances, and a few flops ><... i shall let the pictures do the talking, courtesy of my cousin's camera~

first dance, KUNG FU, to the song HUO YUAN JIA by Jay Chou
i dropped the fan during this dance T.T , oh well

ya wen & i
Kung Fu fighters: Mei, Xing Ying, Ya Wen & Jason.
My cousin, Yin Shan and i. She did Busy Street aka NIU ZHAI HEN MANG, by jao chou also.
Busy Street

my 2nd number, Agent J by Jolin Tsai. THe costume was ridiculously sexy, but you wont get a chance to see the whole suit~ :P

Agent J's : Mei, Wanting, Yawen.

2nd part of the concert- mini-musical " A New Journey"

Eva, the Wicked Witch & Me, the Mummy

Aaron, Daddy & Me, Mummy

Calvin n iEddie Old Man n i

Me and my Real Mummy

FairyQueen Siew Eng, Angie and i

the castsAaron and i
little cutie birdie & iMe, Yawen and HuiXianHua Hooi, Me and AmandaMom and i

DarrenBoy and i CamWhoring and i

During the Musical, i didn't have enough time to change from Mummy suit into the Gold Leotard for the Metal character.. so i came out late... and that dance was messy-ish,, Oh well..

it was a good show, and we got a free dinner out of it! * thank you Ms Evon!*


Hugs n kisses to the cast , n u !!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

if you're Malaysian, say lah


i dont know why R.age was dissing about this video, its actually pretty good, meaningful and really catchy.. and they didnt spend a single cent in making this video! me likey~~~~:D

click on the big white arrow and take a look,
show your love for Malaysia~

yes people, I L.O.V.E Malaysia; i love Malaysia and its people and food and everything it has to offer! yes, im patriotic lah. but its sad to see many people that diss their own country... sure Malaysia has its kinks and problems to work out but which country doesnt?

so, spread Malaysian brotherly love people!!!

Malaysia BoLeh~!!

boss, roti telur bawang satu!

hugs and kisses Malaysia!

Saturday, June 7, 2008


its back.
i hate this feeling.
2.10 am, i was lying in bed for almost an hour ++ and im still wide awake, i can even go run a marathon now. i wont mind if its exam season i can study BUT, im having holidays and holidays are all about staying away from books until your brain rott!! :(
me want sleep...... me brain no let me sleep :(

i should really stop taking power naps in the afternoon/evening... but cannotlah.. very tired.. need sleep.......... *uhghhhhh*

and what is with my blog's time? its always way way wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy off from the current time, and if i change the time to match the correct time, the post will be held on "scheduled" WTH!

hugs and kisses.. especially to the sandman if he comes and put me to sleep!

Friday, June 6, 2008

one-man anti-smoking campaigne

i like this picture 8)
No, i have nothing against people who smoke.
I just really dont like ciggarettes.
no offense.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


i baru start holiday fews day only, my timetable all messed up. Everyday sleep at 3, 4 in the morning, and wake up in the afternoon.... :( wehn i wanted to stay up to study i couldnt, now im staying up for no rason at all! WTH!! i need normal sleeping time!!!!!! gaaah!!

i was reading Samz post on chemistry and i realized i really missed doing chemistry, biology especially and maybe a bit of physics. NO I DONT MISS ADDMATHS! addmaths was traumatizing T.T but i miss those hard hard scientific subjects.. BIOLOGY BIOLOGY!!!!

on another note, i have been taking the time to meet with long-time-no-see-friends these days. its really nice to meet up with them and talk like old times.... meeting up with more friends soon! woohoo!!! next week i'll head to KL meet my PoPo GAWD i miss her sooo much i havent seen her in ages!! PoPo im coming~~~~ i hope she makes her Gawddamnyummytastic laksa *yums* :D

OHH talking bout laksa, the Thai Fair in KP is back! that means YUMMY-SYOK-SYOK Thai Tom Yam and Kerabu in my tummy WOOHOO!! there will be a party, in my tummy~

randomness. yes.

and Alex, my dog is missing. T.T first Pui Pui, then Lucky, now Alex. we really should stop letting the dogs roam free. Who the hell who catched my doggies I DONT LIKE YOU!and you better give them back or else Karma will take her course. *GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*

hugs and kisses

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


if only i could turn back time,
if only i could say whats on my mind,
if only i could turn back time,
if only i could~
if only i could~

one year ( ONE YEAR WEIIIII T.T ) i have left kadet, and from then till now, i have seen enormous growth, enormous growth that i am very, very proud of.

my little caterpillars have since break free from their cocoon, slowly strecthing their powdery wings, and emerging as a colourful butterfly... my little hatchlings, just started to grow when i left, but now i see tremoundous confidence and abilities, i see knowledge and commitment, those that i am proud of.. followers are now shining as leaders, leaders are learning to live and let go, as all of us have once go through..

yes, i have seen ginormous change in almost everyone of you,my juniors... those that were sweet and shy might still be sweet and shy, but now they walk with a new confidence, and talk with a new stand, words that i have never heard from their mouths makes me tear inside as i see them evolve.... those that were already natural born leaders remained consistent, never giving up; never letting down, but ozzes with forever more endless possibilites... and those that were already thick-faced and SS, become even more thick-faced and SS, and my lovely junior-junior each batch lagi SS then the other!!!!

my little caterpillars and my little hatchlings, i will not be able to be with you everystep of the way as it is YOUR sanctuary now, but believe me everytime i return to our family i leave with a heartwarming feeling of a parent seeing their child score his/her first A.. i am proud of all of you, all of you made me proud... Proud of the frustration and muntah-darahness that i and the other bekases had once went through, but now we see that all our hardwork and sleepless nights have paid off....

Believe me, i wish that i could turn back time and freeze it, so that i can once again wake up every saturday morning and sweat under the sun.. but then, i will never ever get to see you guys grow, will i? turn back time or not, we are still forever a part of the kadet family.. Once a kadet, Always a kadet! theres no such thing as leaving this family! But when you are no longer a junior nor a senior, but a bekas, you'll start to miss the hardship, tears, sweat and blood that you have once go through with your partners.... Cherish your days in kadet now, sweet memories will last a lifetime.. Live with no regrets! my dears, remember: no regrets!!

OH GAWD how i miss all of you so much!!! you have no idea!! but the hapiness that overcomes me when i see you guys having fun under the sun and experiencing days that i cherish triumphs everything else!

My dear caterpillars and hatchlings, be strong; stay strong as ONE. We have always had endless possibilities, Explore it, and enter a whole new stage of euphoria...

ViVa la Kadet!!

hugs & kisses,
to my caterpillars, hatclings, fellow "containers", and all of you........

I love KAdets, dont you? :)