Tuesday, June 10, 2008


freaking bored now.. starting to feel the monotonous of holidays creeping into my spine...wasting my afternoons evening and nights communicating with the lifeless television and computer.. ohh all the unused energy and brain power is keeping me awake at night day, or should i say night dreaming about nonsense... i slept at 5 yesterday!!

people, I NEED THIGNS TO DO!!! no one to call, nothing to do, no job to keep me occupied with.

i need a job, i need a friend.

gimme a job, call me out, keep me occupied, save me from boredsom, lets have fun together! :)


hugs n kisses~


E-1 said...

you can go trekking to gunung mei fong at day or night to see sunrise or night view or KL ^^

happyPig~ said...

thank u iwan... lol.. u can bring me there then

E-1 said...

I wish I could but unfortunately I have exam rite now...

maybe some other time... ^^

happyPig~ said...

i'll wait :)