Wednesday, June 18, 2008


hey guys! im back from kl with extra baggage : i brought back 1kg worth of fat and memories.. :D

do u know what today is!?
YES! its my birthday~
happy 18th to me~
im legal now!!
bring on the boo
my birthday was awesome!!! not because of the gifts and cakes,
but because i spent it with all that i love....
thank u mama, papa, & kokos,
thank u popo and 5 yee for being such great host and feeding me excessively,
thank u my soul-brothers from another momma (that gave the best gift eer - love),
thank u everyone who said, msned, texted and called me with love and wishes,
thank u everyone who came mamaking at night,
thank u for the gifts,
thank u for the wishes,
thank u for remembering,
thank u for the love,
i really sincerely, honestly, deeply, appreciate and love all of u guys~

So, on Sunday, mum, dad, ah yee and i celebrated our FATHER'S DAY cum MEI'S Birthday at a freakingly awesome cambodian-laos-vietnamese restaurant in KL - Tamarind Springs, courtesy of my dad... the waiters as great, the food was awesome, and the ambiance, out of this world! i had chocolate chilli ice cream! can u imagine it taste like chocolate but slightly stings like chilli? *awesome* it was cozy, only the 4 of us as both brothers were outstation and popo couldnt leave the home.. after eating, we had cake that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY and HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! yes, i love having my birthday on the same day as my daddy;s day! <3 style="text-align: center;">the very yummy fathers day n birthday cake~
i like to pose with food
my pretty aunt and i

my very awesome dad, mum and me

that was sunday, and on monday nothing much but freelance work at KLCC which was kinda a waste of time but hey i needs the money and experience~

and tadaaa~~ 17th June, my birthday! i spent it well wei! i spent the morning with my lecturers finishing up the clothes packing and sorting for charity. Charity on bday! We finished!*finally* :D the clothes will finally be sent to Punan Bah Longhouse in Sarawak and various shelters homes around. And, we found Ms J's new talent!

shit loads of stuff

morning well spent, in the afternoon i was with some of my dear college friends who suprised me with chocolates enough for to last for months, a wallet, and a cute piggy cup! *thank u :D * and then i went to get myself a birthday gift! haha i got earrings at pyramid, lots of earrings!

and finally after weeks and months of missing my dear high school friends we all got together mamaking, talking and laughing like old times.. it was nice, we should do this more often! Oh gosh and my broz gave me the best gift ever!! *loves and hug*
Me trying to look 18

argh who cares!?

wayne wayne and i

tomorrow i shall be seeing the eye of malaysia!! finally yes! :D

i was kinda expecting a crummy birthday this year, as college friends all balik kampung and home friends were all busy with studies, but glad and thankful that u guys came, and remembered, and made my day~ i had a great 18th burfday to remember, thanks all!!!! <3 style="text-align: right;">hugs and kisses to everyone!
i love u guys~

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