Thursday, June 12, 2008

Deed of the day

Thank you Zubair for inviting, and thank you Ms Woi and Ms Janie for organizing... Or else i wouldnt have the chance to play with the kids at Taman Megah Handicapped Home for kids, and i wouldnt have been able to learn of their innocence, sweetness, kindness, and intelligence...

Ms Woi with little girl

Ms Janie excited to be there~

honestly, i have seen that some of the handicapped children, even handicapped adults there for that matter have better morals than some of us...

at first sight, when i stepped in the home, the first wave of feelings that overcomes me is not "scared" or "pity" but actually, heartwarming..

my heart melted at their heart of pure,
and face of innocence,
as frowns break into a smile when they saw us;
my heart melted at the comradeship,
between friends of the home,
both disabled, but caring of each other; feeding each other, taking care of each other,
my heart melted at their sweetness,
as they smile, and hugs you,
not wanting to let go;
my heart melted at their joy;
as they enjoy the simplest of things,
like paper and crayon;
my heart melted with suprise,
when the kids exits from their schoolbus,
and greets us with friendly handshakes and happy "hellos";
alas my heart melted with sadness,
as they held on to the gate gars,
waving goodbye,
not wanting us to leave......

she is pretty...

it was a really fun and good experience, playing with the kids and just being there with them. Eventhough the initial plan of gathering them and introducing ourselves and playing sherades didnt materialize, this simple day of us halding their hands and do colourings with them was even better....

Sweetie pie of the day: Gosh, i absolutely positively just fell in love with this cutie!!! she was sulking and crying on the floor, rolling away everytime i went near.. but i managed to carry her up, hugged her and danced with her to very hip-hopish music..haha... when dancing time was over, she was to be whisk away for lunch she hung on to the floor beside me, not wanting to ate or leave, until i fed her... GOSH, feeding her was soooo rewarding... i really really UUHHH miss her!!! ish... i want to dance with her again > <>

we danced, we fed, we coloured, we had a great time.... Do hope to revisit them ! * crosses fingers*
hugs n kisses to them all~

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