Thursday, June 12, 2008


when i was free, i was sooooooooo bored you could make mushroom soup out of me. Now suddenly i have events all clashed together at the same week. fiscakes. when im free im too free, when i have plans everything has to come at the same time. so this weekend till monday, i have to visit my popo in kl, be at KLCC convention centre for some freelance work stuff, celebrate Papa's day ( dont forget to say I WUV U to ur daddie!) and celebrate my bday! lol....everything clash wei...... so i'll probably be staying at kl this weekend... that means no late night msn chats with friends :(

well at least i have somethingS to keep me occupied this weekend. before it gets monotonous again~ lol~ it wont actually~

Happy FAthers Day~!!!
have fun celebrating,
in fact, remember to celebrate! :)

see ya~

hugs n kisses~
Extra hugs n kisses to all the DAddies!!


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