Friday, June 27, 2008

awesomest gathering

childhood playmates

well its always an awesome gathering whenever my cousins and i get together, it can be dinner gathering at home, a movie somewhere or just leave us stranded on an empty ship, we'll always have the best time ever.... until our mums start ringing our cell and its time to go home.. ><

my cousin we'll be leaving to study in australia soon, so we decided to have a lil' get together before we miss the chance of teasing her for 6 months. so after an endless discussion on where o go ( cheras pasar malam! no chi liung pasar malam! no i want to go gay bar CoCoBanana! no Barcelona! moooviiiiieee!!! what is the diff with twin rom and double room? wth!!!!) we finally decided on 8 hao qiao!

its true, there are many malay couples there *squirms* but we managed to finds a spot away from the couples and darkness, right smack in the centre.. with a little charcoal fire in the middle, and sausages and marshmellows ready on hand..

and wuahlah!! the fun we had all night.. well not actually it ended at 1 something but still!!

i really loveeee the pictures we took.. damn nice wei

even when we're trying to look like pole dancers, the picture is still awesome! :P

and my usual stupid pose

we shoud really do this more often, the chu cousins gahtering never fails to be awesome!

hugs n kisses !!! haha WE ROCK !

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