Wednesday, June 18, 2008

officially 18, officially sick.

after years of being proud that i never ever fell sick, just as i turned 18, the crummy feverbug and purging madness got to me. DANG. And i was supposed to have a fun-filled day at the Eye of Malaysia today. Instead, i had a not-so-fun-filled day at home sleeping and sweating even with the air conds on. so this is how it feels to be sick. fishcakes. its not all that fun. but im feeling much better now after all the sweaing and sleeping and toilet trips.

lets hope im all cured tomorrow.

Antibodies! Get to your stations, load your ammo and fight those sickly viruses!

shit, a cockroach jsut flew past me and my hero-grandpa just catch it with his bare hands. i have issues with cockroaches. ><

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