Tuesday, June 3, 2008


if only i could turn back time,
if only i could say whats on my mind,
if only i could turn back time,
if only i could~
if only i could~

one year ( ONE YEAR WEIIIII T.T ) i have left kadet, and from then till now, i have seen enormous growth, enormous growth that i am very, very proud of.

my little caterpillars have since break free from their cocoon, slowly strecthing their powdery wings, and emerging as a colourful butterfly... my little hatchlings, just started to grow when i left, but now i see tremoundous confidence and abilities, i see knowledge and commitment, those that i am proud of.. followers are now shining as leaders, leaders are learning to live and let go, as all of us have once go through..

yes, i have seen ginormous change in almost everyone of you,my juniors... those that were sweet and shy might still be sweet and shy, but now they walk with a new confidence, and talk with a new stand, words that i have never heard from their mouths makes me tear inside as i see them evolve.... those that were already natural born leaders remained consistent, never giving up; never letting down, but ozzes with forever more endless possibilites... and those that were already thick-faced and SS, become even more thick-faced and SS, and my lovely junior-junior each batch lagi SS then the other!!!!

my little caterpillars and my little hatchlings, i will not be able to be with you everystep of the way as it is YOUR sanctuary now, but believe me everytime i return to our family i leave with a heartwarming feeling of a parent seeing their child score his/her first A.. i am proud of all of you, all of you made me proud... Proud of the frustration and muntah-darahness that i and the other bekases had once went through, but now we see that all our hardwork and sleepless nights have paid off....

Believe me, i wish that i could turn back time and freeze it, so that i can once again wake up every saturday morning and sweat under the sun.. but then, i will never ever get to see you guys grow, will i? turn back time or not, we are still forever a part of the kadet family.. Once a kadet, Always a kadet! theres no such thing as leaving this family! But when you are no longer a junior nor a senior, but a bekas, you'll start to miss the hardship, tears, sweat and blood that you have once go through with your partners.... Cherish your days in kadet now, sweet memories will last a lifetime.. Live with no regrets! my dears, remember: no regrets!!

OH GAWD how i miss all of you so much!!! you have no idea!! but the hapiness that overcomes me when i see you guys having fun under the sun and experiencing days that i cherish triumphs everything else!

My dear caterpillars and hatchlings, be strong; stay strong as ONE. We have always had endless possibilities, Explore it, and enter a whole new stage of euphoria...

ViVa la Kadet!!

hugs & kisses,
to my caterpillars, hatclings, fellow "containers", and all of you........

I love KAdets, dont you? :)

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