Thursday, June 5, 2008


i baru start holiday fews day only, my timetable all messed up. Everyday sleep at 3, 4 in the morning, and wake up in the afternoon.... :( wehn i wanted to stay up to study i couldnt, now im staying up for no rason at all! WTH!! i need normal sleeping time!!!!!! gaaah!!

i was reading Samz post on chemistry and i realized i really missed doing chemistry, biology especially and maybe a bit of physics. NO I DONT MISS ADDMATHS! addmaths was traumatizing T.T but i miss those hard hard scientific subjects.. BIOLOGY BIOLOGY!!!!

on another note, i have been taking the time to meet with long-time-no-see-friends these days. its really nice to meet up with them and talk like old times.... meeting up with more friends soon! woohoo!!! next week i'll head to KL meet my PoPo GAWD i miss her sooo much i havent seen her in ages!! PoPo im coming~~~~ i hope she makes her Gawddamnyummytastic laksa *yums* :D

OHH talking bout laksa, the Thai Fair in KP is back! that means YUMMY-SYOK-SYOK Thai Tom Yam and Kerabu in my tummy WOOHOO!! there will be a party, in my tummy~

randomness. yes.

and Alex, my dog is missing. T.T first Pui Pui, then Lucky, now Alex. we really should stop letting the dogs roam free. Who the hell who catched my doggies I DONT LIKE YOU!and you better give them back or else Karma will take her course. *GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*

hugs and kisses

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