Sunday, June 1, 2008

the mountain bug

hey people,
i've been wanting to tell you guys about my CIMP trekking club, but i keep ending up with posts about recycling, trolleys and people living far far away... -.-'''

you know me, and you probably know that im a nature girl and i love the great outdoors alot, and i mean ALOT! but due to certain circumstances, i havent really been able to go wandering into the jungles for quiet a while and that really dampened my passion for trekking,util i joined CIMP Trekking Club! loony & trek-crazy lectureres and students in this club definately reignited everything! i remembered the fresh air, squirmy leeches, trees and bugs in my face... * ahhh, satisfaction~* :D me want to go on more treks!!!!! i got bitten by the mountain bug~

Mountains i've been on so far... not much actually T.T
1. Chiling Waterfall

2.Gunung Datuk overnight trek
it was damn windy, cold, and awesome~

3. Bukit Tabur, or i would like to call it, Gunung Mei Fong! :D

Now, we have a misssion, a mission to climb Mount Kinabalu in August! of course KK is far away, and that means alot of money involved! so, we have been organizing fund-raisers to make our Mt.KK dream come true.... So far our fund-raisers have been around college: we have had car wash, which we will be having more next semester, t-shirt sales, which we will be having more again, next semester, and much more fund-raisers to come, next semester!


Kinabalu Mission 1 : Raise lotsa $$
  • Round 1- Car Wash (over 2 days)

  • Round 2-T-shirt sales

part of the money is donated to the Punan Bah Longhouse Charity Drive while the other is for us to Climb a Mountain, Clean a peak~

Kinabalu Mission 2 : Start training and get fit!

to get us for Mt. KK, our lecturers devised a carefully-planned training module: Climb lotsa mountains!!! that means they most probably will be taking us on various moutains, near and far, overnight and day, private and club treks, anything that can get us into the trekking-mode. That means i have to start training myself too.. Gym, here i come! :)

to know more about our efforts

hugs & kisses <3>


E-1 said...

good 2 see u blogging again...

nice blog wei....

keep update it everytime u went on new treks..

happyPig~ said...

thanks e1...i started blogging but your blog empty one wei!!!

thanks for supporting~

E-1 said...

I only blogging when I have new trek.. actually I still haven't blog about pos atap trek.. but i don't have any pics of that trek and the trek is long time ago..
+ busy with exam now... hahaha