Saturday, June 7, 2008


its back.
i hate this feeling.
2.10 am, i was lying in bed for almost an hour ++ and im still wide awake, i can even go run a marathon now. i wont mind if its exam season i can study BUT, im having holidays and holidays are all about staying away from books until your brain rott!! :(
me want sleep...... me brain no let me sleep :(

i should really stop taking power naps in the afternoon/evening... but cannotlah.. very tired.. need sleep.......... *uhghhhhh*

and what is with my blog's time? its always way way wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy off from the current time, and if i change the time to match the correct time, the post will be held on "scheduled" WTH!

hugs and kisses.. especially to the sandman if he comes and put me to sleep!

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