Saturday, June 21, 2008

Punan Bah Lounghouse Donation Drive Final Update!

hey guys, quick update.

remember i said about my helping the cimp trek club punan bah longhouse charity donation drive (read:old post)? well, FINALLY WE ARE DONE and THE CLOTHES ARE SENT!! after one month of collecting, transporting, sorting and packing donated clothes, shoes, toys and what not, we have finally sealed the last of the boxes and have it sent to the Punan Bah villagers in Sarawak! *yays*

check this out: blog entry fron website

final count :
  • 7 boxes of clothes has been sent to sarawak and on the way to the punan bah longhouse
  • 11 boxes has been donated to the Red Cresent Society that has a Donate and Sell shop. They will sell the items and all proceeds will go towards the humanitarian assistance of the Malaysian Red Crescent
  • 2 boxes will be donated to a local orang asli village at Kampung Jantung Baru, Simplang Pulai.
  • and another 2 boxes of toys and stationary will be donated to an orphange. Do you know of any orphanage that are in need of teddy bears and papers? Please let me know! thanks~

and.. that is more of less where our shit loads of stuff are going to ^^ finally its done, but mr tan said im gonna miss the mess and the mess of sorting out the mess.

and we got to found out that MAGIC really do happen for charity... Mr Joseph Goh from the freight forwarding company gave us a discount on the freight charges. And if that wasn't enough, he offered to to pick up the seven boxes. We (Mr Tan and Ms Janie) didn't want to bother him so we declined his offer. In the evening, he called again, and showed up in college with a truck. He picked up the seven boxes; that has saved us a trip to the airport. That's MAGICAL!

a word of gratitude to Mr TMC and Miss Janie for organizing this donation drive and helping us do our part in society. looks like not only did we managed to help the Punan Bah Lounghouse villagers, we also helped many other institutions in need and, help college people clean out their closet. Thank You soo much! and thank u all that helped...

i hope we get this do this again.

hugs and kisses~

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