Monday, June 9, 2008


something bad happened yesterday. but lets not talk of bad things shall we?

on the happy side, yesterday was my dance studio, Stepz's concert. for all of you that i've bugged and invite into coming but didnt come, you missed a great show wei! the whole show was really nice, especially those of little tiny kids that are oh-so-absolutely adorable you just want to pick them up, squeeze them, hug them, and throw them aside!!!
basically the concert was divided into 2 parts: first was diff types of dances from diff classes [read: Jazz(me!!), Ballet, hiphop, belly,latin]
then there was a hi-tea session.. FOOD!!!
2nd part of the concert was a mini-musical with fairies, witches, key, and an old man with a map.
i did a few dances, and a few flops ><... i shall let the pictures do the talking, courtesy of my cousin's camera~

first dance, KUNG FU, to the song HUO YUAN JIA by Jay Chou
i dropped the fan during this dance T.T , oh well

ya wen & i
Kung Fu fighters: Mei, Xing Ying, Ya Wen & Jason.
My cousin, Yin Shan and i. She did Busy Street aka NIU ZHAI HEN MANG, by jao chou also.
Busy Street

my 2nd number, Agent J by Jolin Tsai. THe costume was ridiculously sexy, but you wont get a chance to see the whole suit~ :P

Agent J's : Mei, Wanting, Yawen.

2nd part of the concert- mini-musical " A New Journey"

Eva, the Wicked Witch & Me, the Mummy

Aaron, Daddy & Me, Mummy

Calvin n iEddie Old Man n i

Me and my Real Mummy

FairyQueen Siew Eng, Angie and i

the castsAaron and i
little cutie birdie & iMe, Yawen and HuiXianHua Hooi, Me and AmandaMom and i

DarrenBoy and i CamWhoring and i

During the Musical, i didn't have enough time to change from Mummy suit into the Gold Leotard for the Metal character.. so i came out late... and that dance was messy-ish,, Oh well..

it was a good show, and we got a free dinner out of it! * thank you Ms Evon!*


Hugs n kisses to the cast , n u !!!

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SinlessTouch said...

you are right about that! that is one ridiculously sexy costume. Is there any chance we can see it in whole?