Thursday, July 31, 2008

clash clash clash, again -__-

i love trekking, im STOKED about all the upcoming treks... but...
why does EVERYTHING has to always come at the same time!! always!!!


sorry kadets, i cant attend your AGM... hope to hear good results soon!!
i really really really REALLY want to go..
ARGH i cant believe im missing this!! T.T


sorry avril, i cant see you rock at stadium jalil or wherever ur concert that i have been waiting for ages is! (i dont care if you think avril is lame I LIKE AVRIL :P) Ohh well, i'll just have to wait another 5? years until your next concert :)
*crosses finger hope concert gets postponed!*


my agm.... T.T

Gunung DAtuk and Kinabalu, I SHALL CONQUER THEE!!!!!!

*war scream*

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

photography and me

i have no idea what does photography got to do with communications technology, but im loving it!

the photography lessons Mr.PacMan been teaching is just what i've longed for!!! and the photoshop tutorials is a huge bonus too!!
and to think i almost didnt take comtech!

did i tell you i loveeeessss photography?

anywho, look what i did for my first comtech assignment!
camera: Nikon Coolpix S51.. (sounds so cool huh? but its normal lame digicam only la)

fill the frame

leading lines


rule of third



control your background


fill the frame

location:everywhere around my house and the clock tower beside my house!!!
models : my chickens :P, RUBBER DUCKIE courtesy of my bro'sruber duckier obsession collection!

for those of you who are going huh these are the 9 compositions that makes good photography!

i have more good ones that i wanna show but damn malas to upload la.. maybe when i feel hardworking enough i'll upload it somewhere..

coming up next : MALAYSIAN LIFE !

yeay!! now all i need is a DSLR!! *crosses finger and wishes hard*

till you enjoy more of my photos,
hugs and kisses :D

any comments on improvement from photo experts?

Monday, July 28, 2008

*rings rings* *rings rings*

old/middle aged man answers phone
"hello? do u have electricity at your place?"
"got ar.. why?"
"i dont have electricity here."
noticing something amiss
"who are you?"
"who are you."
"who are you?"
"I am yeye (grandpa), who are you?"
the man sure as hell dont sound like my grandpa.
"you are kong kong (grandpa) ar?"
"i am kong kong. i am kong kong."
*clicks* i offed the call.

what the hell.
i hate getting weird phone calls.
its just so creepy.
especially from a middle/old aged man who calls at this hour claiming he's my grandpa?

creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepyyyyy > <

Saturday, July 26, 2008

my dream came true!

no, i havent went to disney land yet, and mother earth is still sick, but hey,i got to sit the car car thingy at pyramid yesterday!!!

i was calling it the car car thingy until u.y. corrected me.. ohh so its called a buggy? either ways it still looks like a hoodless car.

you know the buggies they have at pyramid, to ferry people like old citizens and pregnant women or people who cant walk around pyramid? i have always, ALWAYS wanted to have a go at it, and i did it yesterday!! woohoo it was soo cool!

thank you andrew, kien wei and u.y. for "telling" the concierge that my leg is hurt and i cant walk properly so i had to sit the buggy,

and thank u to the big ass fugly scab and bruise on my leg,

and thank u to the concierge that although didnt really believed us and was relunctant but had to allow us to do so.. hey, the customer is always right yea!?

ohh, and thanks to my good acting skill also -.- lol

to the passer bys who looked at us with question marks and wanted to sit too.... HAHA! :P

don believe ar?
i have pictures :)

wheeee i got to sit the buggy!!
how cool is that?

tales of a bus-taker part 2

Reasons why personal cars are still better:

1. you dont have to wait one hour +++++ for the stoopid bus.

2. the bus wont leave you and drive away even though u were lining up to get into the bus and even though u are waiting for the bus but the bus driver uncle parked too far away you couldnt see him and get so pek chek when he left without you again because that is the second bus that left before you get on and you have to wait for the third bus.

3. you dont have to get scared when an auntie complained loudly at the bus driver for being late and having to wait 45 minutes and accusing (which i know is true) that the bus driver had a tea break and didnt come on schedule and kept everyone waiting and then the bus driver gets angry and force the auntie to "get off my bus" and the auntie shouted back "i am not getting down" and everyone gets so quiet looking at the arguement hoping nothing bad happens as the bus driver abandoned his attempt to force the auntie off the bus and the auntie threatening to complain to the boss while the bus driver warned her not to.

4. you dont have to freak out when the bus suddenly mati engine and have problems restarting and your heart beats against your ribcage as you hope it doesnt break down, again. especially when its after a fight between angry auntie and mad bus driver.

5. you dont have to stand amongst weird smelling uncles and weird uncles who are ex-military men for 35 years wont talk to you while you feel desperately want to sleep because you are so tired because you sleep at 4 am yesterday.

6. you dont have to fall asleep while standing on the bus because there are no more seats and you were so tired and desperate to go home and just die on the bed.

imagine, all this happened yesterday and today.

ohh well, other than that, the bus is good!

curse you damn bus uncles.

Friday, July 25, 2008

good news!

it all paid off, the t-shirts, posters and stickers.

we made it, i got voted for vice, and everyone else who deserved to get the post, got it!
congrats Zubair, ali, mel, jowee, iman, qikit, kelvin, wing hang, and all you guys who won!

thank you,
Zubair and Ali whom i campaigned together with,
thank you,
to the teachers who gave me their class time,
thank you,
everybody who supported me,
thank you,
everybody who had an interest in what i had to say,
thank you,
everybody who congratulated!

we'll have a great sem! :D

and to those who lost and said i cheated,
dont be a sore loser, please.

hugs and kisses!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i can breath again!

Scholarship offer letter. received.
i can go pay my fees now! thank u nanyang and mr Boucher you rock!
prom night performance. done.
we did pretty good, besides the fact i now have a disgusting wound on ma knee~
student council election campaign. done.
tough competitions but fun though !
CIMP assembly dance club performance. done.
its was ok, considered we managed everything in a week. and hey, we looked great!
Vote for me speech. done and delivered.
it was a short and hopefully sweet speech i gave, hopefully i did well :D

woohooo~ finally everything is done! for now.
it has really been a mentally and physically tireing few weeks,
but i enjoyed every single day!
that is enough of adrenalin rush for now.
very penat,
i feel very much lighter now, relieved! *yays!*
here comes the ironic part : i feel so hyper that all of this is over but no energy to hyper -__-

next up, car wash!!

ohh, and the mini mountain load of assignments. *pffft* >: (

come see pwetty pictures!!
scroll down

Saturday Night

saturdays night prom + performance !
hot looking dress courtesy of smita! *muacks to smi!!*

Monday & Tuesday

my campaign posters!

not only do we have flyers and posters, we have t-shirts!!

and stickers!


and my dance club cowboy dance performance, somehow this time i wasnt as much of a perfectionist then i used to, in fact, i wasnt much of a perfectionist at all.. maybe its because i have tooo many things in my head? or maybe its because they're all so dedicated to this!
THANK YOU my coyboy people! *muacksss*

*me giving speeech pic to be uploaded*
i told 700 people to vote for me coz im all that and a bag of chips! -.-

and after the whole camera issue i've made peace with my camera!
have been toying around with it this week!
its so cool look what he can do!!

my nikon makes pendrive looks yummy, how cool is that?

by the end of this all, i was so hyper+relieved+glad+happy,
i wanted to eat the black purple bear.

bear yummy!!! :P

ok, i have to actually go prepare my presentation for tomorrow now.
and the research for friday.


p/s: till i announce good news stay tuned okies!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

im still mourning the lost of my camera

i am sitting here with the new camera my brother bought to replace the one he lost.
its of the same model, but you know, the colours and cover is different. so is the feeling.

i still prefer my old/new one, its black and shiny and he wears a handsome brown leather jacket, instead of the new silvery one. i have developed an emotional attachement to him, although i have only been with him for 2 weeks. it reminds me of my 18 th birthday, my parents gift and love~

now the new one only reminds me of anger and sadness. it reminds me my brother being careless and losing my birthday gift, it reminded me of the fucked up day i had today because of cameras.

i have 4, no, now 5 camera battery chargers at home, 5 camera cables. 1 i accidentally spolied (yet to be repaired), 2 stolen, 1 given to the taxi man, and now one new one. not even our of the box yet.

in time i shall learn to love the new comer.

till then,
hugs n kisses to all my late cameras

tis a rare day

what the fuck i am god damn freaking pissed ok.

i cant even enjoy my favourite assignment with joy.

and when i finally calm down the freaking storm thunders again.

pissed pissed pissed pissed pissed pissed pissed pissed freaking pissed!!!

as he would say, i had a very fucked up day.



Saturday, July 19, 2008

what. the. hell.

my camera..
my precious Nikon Coolpix that i finally gotten after months of waiting...
my precious new black and shiny camera that mum and dad got me for my birthday.....
my treasured brand-new camera that i just owned for only a month...
my cute camera that i only used for 2 weeks...
my camera that i swore i would take it with me everywhere i went......

is missing.

because my brother left it in the cab.
how typical of him.

grrraaarrrssssss what the hell my new camera!!!!!! :(
after i have anticipated for so long and just when i had to use it for comtech assignments.

i feeel like biting someone.

ohh and sssssuuusssshhhhh.. dont tell my mum the camera is missing. D;

pek chekness.

a better place

If there are one or more people on your friends list who make your world a better place just because they exist, and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the Internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

to each its own

we are in the same course, we are taking the same subjects (well almost) but life is oh-so-diff.

i've just read a friends' lamet on how mundane daily life can be, from the same people, to the same routine, yes it can get pretty suffocating. and... its only the second week!

a whole 2 weeks worth of routines and days skimmed across the top of my pupils. i came to see how suffocating my life can be too, in a rewarding way. a rush of events arrives at the same dateline. sat night's performance, dance club, trek club, student council elections. all these has been popping up and down in my mind for the past 2 weeks. its pretty much what invades my mind when im on the bus, on the bed, in the class.. yes, i have the tendency to jump into too many things at once to have too many things assigned to me at the same time, but this has made all the difference.

i came into college bringing the passion of leading and following as i once possed during my days in kwang hua. (thank God college did not dampened my love for activities) I guess i have been ever so used to juggling different clubs and school work at the same time i had forgotten what got me so involved in everything at the first place. i remember telling mum why i became so obssesed with kadets and marathons last year but it had not really hit me until now.

if it werent for activities i would not have been able to survive in high school. all my will for waking up and putting on the damned blue pinafore would have diminised. i remember during form 4 ,form 5 even everyday i eagerly wait for mum to send me to school because i had something to be done : a junior to meet, a senior to greet, teachers to have discussions with...

if it werent for activities today, would i still have the strength to take the u62 bus? i would say yes-ish, but, college life wouldnt be as fulfilling and fun to me as it is now. frustrations comes with fulfillment though, just today i was frustrated at people who promised but backed out without a word. i wouldnt have mind at all but wouldnt it be common and polite courtesy to inform, rather then having me chase them down after me putting in effort and time, and borrowing their share of props? but the negativity is overcomed when i see others that are actually as invested and passionate, willing to learn as i am willing to teach, and i regain my sense of fulfillment, recollects the sense of pride i have in myself and them.

and this has brought me fullfillent.
i live my life to the fullest, this has brought me close to my principles.

a person's life, how monotonous and colourful it might be depends on one's choice.
it depends on how much you want your life to change.

i choose to immerse myself heads-first and learn to juggle. i live life in the moment. i live on a rainbow, a rainbow that gets wet when mum voices out but hey, the 7 colours still shine as bright as a summers day.

i know people who complains that life is so boring but blames it on everyone but themselves. its not because of where they are or who they are but their decisions. your life is grey only because you allow it to be. do not say there is nothing to do when you did not find anything to keep yourself occupied with. do not say there is nothing to keep you occupied with when you did not try venturing into options that are available. orphanages, spca, heck even a trip to a different mall would have made all the difference. if you are determined enough to add a pinch of colour to your life, you have a way to make it so. you have to move your butt. papers wont be colourful unless you dip the brush into the inkpot.

dont put your life on hold just to achive that one goal. life is about balance, focuing on only one and neglecting the others makes life sucky. there is more to life than just scoring straight A's.

ever wondered why people's life looks so awesome while yours always seem bland?
now you know.

im still not done on this post, i cant seem to express the feeling and get the stucked gruge out to ya'll. but i dowant to write a novel so,
good night :D

i shall continue start working on ma electorical speech.

till you see me out of the water,
hugs and kisses :D

Thursday, July 17, 2008

rants of a college student

im think i am developing muscles in my arms.
believe me i am!

carrying a 3kg textbook in hand, and a 1 kg bag over ur shoulders and walking up, down, up and around college and pyramid, and from college to pyramid is a great workout regime! i mean not only does it builds up ur stamina and leg muscles, the 3 kg textbook and waterbottle helps tone your biceps!

at this rate, my biceps and triceps will be the envy of others! *evil laughs*

i dont know about you but when i was in high school one of the things i used crave about college is termination of messy textbooks and heavy bags. but you know what? my school bag now, is heavier then ever! and im only carrying ONE textbook! ONE! stupid world issues book, do you know that you are damn heavy?

well at least now i dont have to carry that 1kg calculator anymore. lol
and thank god its only one textbook.
me no like walking home from the bus stop everyday with stupid heavy bag.


i should really change into a better bag.

and until i do,
hugs and kisses people!

p/s : im saying this today beacuse i can actually feel my arms kinda aching -___-
cool i'll get awesome looking muscles!

i have been ranting a lot here. but what are blogs for eh? its my only ranting nirvana.

Monday, July 14, 2008

the sea is at rest

after an evening of talking, a night of thinking, and a long discussion, imma at peace with my decision.

VP i shall be, and i shall do it to the best,
if i have your vote

i dont mind being VP, my plans can still be implemented given that we have a great leader, so why not?

to be honest, the main and only grudge that i hold is not being able to compete against the "fame-seekers". i cringe at the fact that while i am confident that i have better experience and abilities, is prepared to step up to the plate and is ready for whatever gets thrown in my face, i cant stand proud and say "I Beat Them", fair and square. I cant bear it that when i know i am more passsionate, they are proudly telling people that they are running for President while i am below them. I want to have my speech compete against theirs, and know that i am actually more qualified, if i am. i want to know that i am better. yes, im sorry to say that i can be very competitive against those people. i would not mind at all if i lost against a worthy opponent...

but i have a dream, a lil secret dream that shall remain hushed. one that surpasses posts, one that shines at the end of the tunnel. one that is a dream, one that i hope will materialize. and the first step to the ambitious longing, is sacrifice.

and thus sacrifice i shall.

this has brought me contentment.

and thus i plead, that you CIMP-ians vote for those who are actually up for the task. do not fill me with dissapointment as i watch student council crumble in the hands of others...

and with great humility i ask for your vote, i ask of you to vote for me, for reasons that are all too obvious to be explained...

and with this i hope, with great might, that the star at the end of the tunnel will shine in my palms.

i am at peace.

till i announce good news,
hugs and kisses

p/s : this is not my campaign speech -__-

the decided undecided.

since last semester i have dreamt of me as the president, the imaginary me planning out activities and theme days, dances and fun for the CIMP student body. yes i have been so determined to run for this post and i know that i can and will succeed, because i am confident enough to know that i am able to step up to the plate. i mean, i already have sketches of plans bobbing in my head.

yes, i have been so determined to give what the students deserve : a memorable semester.

but plans took a turn when school started.

to be honest i wasnt too glad to hear that a close friend of mine will be running, not because i think that that person will not be able to deliver, but because i have told that person that i will be running for president since months ago. imagine my position, wouldnt you feel kinda sorta dissapointed?its feels like a mini-version of betrayal but i didnt mind though, it wasnt a problem, not a competition.

and then z came announcing excitedly that he too will be running for president. this is a man of actions and words, he is a challenge and will be great leading the student population. Running against him would be a pleasure, but something was off, should i run for president? or should i run for something else? say vice?

i was in a dilemma.

on one hand, i would love z to win, and even if i lost against him, i would be contented just being a general member. but me running aganist z means others, that are running just for the fun of it, just for the fame of it, and would not satisfy would win before us wont it? and there goes the plans and dreams that we have for student coucil. we are the few that are actually passionate and want to do good for student coucil, who cares of the title?

on the other hand, i could run for something else, and have z win as pressie, and me as vice. (hopefully) this way we both have higher chances of achieving our goals. with me helping z and z with me, imagine all the glorious activities the students can look forward too! it sounded good dont it? i've agreed to this, and would and will have ppl to vote for both z and me, but alas deep down inside still, the sea is not at peace, its roaring waves bubbles ever more ferociusly. something does not feel right, its feel uncomfortable, out of place.

but i have told that i will run for vp.
what am i to do now?
will someone help make this decision feel better?

"opportunities comes once in a lifetime,"

am i going against my own policy?

imma going on a journey.

another boring dose of Puteri Gunung Ledang today. this time we get to see Puteri and Hang Tuah ai2 mei4 scene. i want to ask them if they got "sou4 jin4 wei1 qu1" anot. ohh and the mountain scene looks awesome!! the moutain looks so serene la, the peak of gunung ledang looks simply breathtaking... cant wait to go up Gunung Ledang soon!! but i heard that after the PGL production, they totally destryoed the mountain with their rubbish equiptments and stuff. if its true, damn them. D:

im going to the centre of the earth this weekend with meghdad and smi. lolz. its free! the only thing we might have to sacrifice is our life because its like so dangerous to get in and out? but who cares about danger when u get to experience a journey and breathtaking views that awesome!? i wanna see the blue shiny birds and man-eating plants and dinosaurs!! i wanna sail in a dinosaur-skull-boat and stand on magnetic rocks!!! i wan i wan i wan~ :D imma going this weekend :D

journey to the centre of the earth is actually quite cool, you guys should go watch it! the really weird and funny thing during the movies was i was sitting between Smi and Meghdad, and they "wah...." and "wow..." and "WOAH!" at the same time. lolness. -___- and Meghdad gave me chocolates! *yay* and they all learned Mei's Sign Language today :)

today was fun:) i actually havent had an outing like this in a long time. ( yes i know i sound so sad)
i wanna have more todays! :)

till i have another today,
hugs and kisses yo!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

side B

its here! its here!!

my glasses its here! i shall call him Mr. Blu!

Dad is shaking his head because Me.Blu is rimless, very thin and really fragile and im a COW and i will break Mr.Blu in 2 days. I told Dad its unbreakable lens or something like that but Dad says unbreakable lens does not work for cows like me. :( Dad is mean.

for those of you that have forgotten how i look like or want to see me in glasses, scroll down! :D



so.. what say you?

ohh and im excited to have Mr. Blu because i can do this :

and this :

look im a pufffish!!

Who says i cant have fun with glasses? lols XD
imma gonna have fun with Mr.Blu :)

*yeay no more headaches no more squinting no more blurry words!*

till you see me with glasses,
hugs and kisses! <3

Saturday, July 12, 2008

puteri gunung what?

watched Puteri Gunung Ledang today in malaysian studies class.

i loveeessss the visuals and setting and people they looked awesome, but the story is SOOOO FREAKING SLOWWW i so wanted to just lie flat on the table and sleep. even tortoise moves faster. and i was only watching hte beginning of the movie. boringness weyyy.

their silat moves looks like kung fu. i heard they fly later on in the movie. isn't that another kung fu signature?

Sultan ahmad-mahmud-something-something looks horny, porny horny.
Hang Tuah looks like he is going to commit suicide any minute now.
Puteri Gunung Ledang is so depressed and alone she might as well jumped of the gunung.

again, the setting and visuals are really really nice, the quality and intricate details is so beautiful, it pays just to try to stay awake and look at all the pretty moving pictures. Malaysian made? *banggas* (im patriotic ok)

i have to compare the movie to the book THE MALAY ANAL ANNALS. :D

imma dork in process

my glasses are coming tommorrow!! finally!
i left the first week of sem2 with my brain thumping against my skull and my eyes threatening to sink in and pop out at the same time... i think its because of all the squinting and blurry visioni had to endure all week.. its like watching a blur tv ever so often it gets so annoying.

i used to be proud to have perfect vision. perfect. when my eyes started to get blurry i ignored the fect that i need glasses for 2 months. eye doctor say no need to wear if dont want ma... its not seriously serious yet, so i decided dont care lah. but alas i gave up. just give me the damn glasses and i wear it with pride!

imma proud to have glasses soon :)

till i show you pictures of me looking awesome with glasses,
hugs and kisses

Thursday, July 10, 2008

shake ur tail feathers :)

imma choreographing another version of Bop to the Top for a cimp performance that is coming soon.. this time, its a remixed version, and its gonna be tight !

i love teaching dances, but the only thing that bugs me alot when is comes to performaces is the practice time because everyone has a reason to not be able to come, and it gets really annoying especially when it come near performance day and people are not getting serious.
ohh and imma real perfectionist when it comes to performances which is good, but can be bad at times.hey, i just want us all to do well!

hopefully we'll do well, i know we'll do well :)
wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

stupid post

on the way to college with yeat yee, eyo and ah beng.

eyo : when girls get period right, does the blood one shot everythign come out or it coems out a bit by abit?
me: -___- a bit by a bit la
eyo: (innocently) why dont want one time come out everything? liek this easier mah. the one time flow all then wash then clean then finish edi. so easy.
ah beng: hahaha! then no need to wear the "an quan mian" hoh?
me : "an quan mian"? should be "an quan dai".. "an quan".. "mian" "WEI SHEN MIAN" LAA!!!
yeat yee & me : -____-

honestly, being with eyo almost everyday, im used to this kind of questions, but it ever gets -__-. he always ask the weirdest things, and he has taught me all the *censored* things that i know. lol. my sifu. hahahaah

in class

mr chen : my house was burgurled last month, and they took all the jewelry and part of the money in the drawer. there was about 10 thousand ringgit and they took a part of it.
student : only a part of it ar?
mr chen: yes, they took a part of it.
student: why they dont want to take all?
mr chen: because if they know if they take all, i will starve to death.
students : -_____-

Mr chen is cute but he makes lame jokes, and he thinks that everything in this world is man-made.

anyways im here coz i dont want to go do things that im supposed to be doing yet. and that includes chereographing a dance, powerpoint thingy, and a research thingy. college is starting to get busy already.... *arrrggghhhhhhhss*

a test of my time management

till when i get everything done,
hugs and kisses :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

remembering english class

i was talking to kelvin, a cimp newcomer with amazing enthusiaism about english 4U class, and i remembered all the essays i had to write. Im bangga enough to say that i had amazingly managed to scrap good marks for al my essay~ *thank u ms Ford* i absolutely LOVE creative writing, descriptive essays like stories and stuff.. i dont know why, maybe its all the harry potter books that influneced me? :)

here is the 2nd essay i had to hand in for class, one that i am certainly proud of. Enjoy, and let me know what you think of it.

Happy 2008?

It was a breezy December evening, the stars hung high above the sky, occasionally winking at the people down below. Tom tagged along with his friends to attend a massive New Year countdown party. “Here we go guys!” the handsome presenter on stage shouted to the hundreds of peoples below with a note of eagerness in his voice. The massive crowd that looked like a sea of tiny black ants to his eyes roared energetically. “10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! … ” The crowd of teens and premature adults shouted in unison with excitement. Tom, sandwiched between a lanky teenager in oversized clothes and a pretty young lady in Daisy Duke shorts chanted along with the crowd. The scent of flowery perfume and salty sweat perfumed his clothes; droplets of sweat rolled down this neck and stained the back of his white t-shirt.

“…3! 2! 1! Happy New Year!” immediately, the crowd broke out into frenzy, each person as excited as the other. Tom, who was happy to have stepped into year 2008 turned around to hug the pretty lady in mini shorts and the kid in oversized clothing, wishing them a very happy 2008. Just as the crowd started to wish both friends and strangers Happy New Year, a sudden loud bang shouted into their ears.

Bright flashes of red, green, yellow and blue painted the sky beautifully, shadowing the stars that initially lit the dark sky. Tom was mesmerized by the clever display of pyrotechniques. His eyes gazed absent-mindedly into the sky, the beautiful colours of the fireworks reflected in his eyes. The glaring rock music and incredibly loud firework beating against Tom’s ear drums did not seem to bother him as he watched the work of art in the sky. People all around him was also looking at the fireworks with “oohs” and “aahs” as one firework pattern followed the other. Some of them were just like Tom, hypnotized by the spectacular display; some had their sweaty palms against their ear; while others pointed their camera phones towards the sky.

When the last firework spark started to fall to the ground, a group of dancers in outrageous costumes popped out of nowhere and started to entertain the crowd. “Give it up for the Dance Kit dancers!” the handsome presenter addressed the crowd. The dancers started to dance to a music that reminded Tom of African tribal traditions. To his surprise, not only was the dance enjoyable, it was also comical, it left him and the crowd in stitches. The next dance number was a rather boring one. Tom was bobbing up and down on the ball of his feet to the rhythm of the music, but he couldn’t help being distracted by his own thoughts.

Flashes of his days in the past year ran across his eyes, Tom saw the sweet and sour moments of 2007, and couldn’t help but laugh at some of the ridiculous stuffs he had done. The dance was over now and the crowd started to evaporate. Tom reached his hands into his pockets and grabbed his car keys. Suddenly, his stomach made a great lurch and his heart sank to the bottom of his ribs as he remembered the awful mistakes he had done, feeling guilty and embarrassed at the same time. Tom was walking to his car and passed a group of girls who was giggling animatedly. Among the girls, he saw the pretty lady in the mini shorts again. She was wearing a neon purple party glasses that was shaped like the number ‘2008’. Looking at the ‘2008’ glasses, Tom was immediately reminded of the endless possibilities, and the world of new experiences, new lessons, new life that was in stored for him in the new year. Then, Tom whispered to himself in a husky voice that was only audible to himself, “Happy New Year, Tom. Let bygones be bygones. 2008 is your year. Let’s make it a great one.”

Tom then started his rusty car engine, pushed the pedal, and drove away from his parking spot.

-The End-
okay, reading harry potter helps :)
hugs n kisses :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008


just a quickie :

i finally finish reading the last of Harry was really awesome but the ending was a tad bit cliche for my liking.. you know what would make it a better ending? harry died and didnt come back. XD no really, im serious.

ohh and i drove back home from kl today with dad and mum in the passenger seat, occasionally hanging on to dear life and pressing invinsible brake pads when a deranged driver passes by. those crazy impatient kl drivers!

look what i learnt today!! *banggas*

10 reasons why im stoked abt sem 2

SEM 2 STARTS TOMORROWWW!!!!! finally? finally. :)
many of my friends arent really excited but im stoked! for a few simple reasons.

10 reasons why im glad holidays are bye-bye and CIMP starts agains:
1. no more sleeping at 3 and waking up at 12! ( i hopes)
2. a regular routine
3. i cant believe im actually saying this but ..... homework. my brain literally died during this month, me needs stimulation
4. i have people listening to me crap again : friends :)
5 FUN!!!! duh imgaine all the clubs~
6. i can become smarter-er-er and my brains are put to good use
7. i can rott infront of the computer doing hwk rather then rotting infront of the computer doing nothing. i actually have things to do again!
8. why not?
9. y
10. z

there you have it, 10 foolproff reasons.

im taking CIMP by storm. *insert evil laugh here*

Saturday, July 5, 2008

tales of a bus-taker

i have been consistently taking the U62 for the past 5 months and lets say when im not snoozing away at my seat, i've come to notice the assortment of people that comes in macam-macam shapes and colours. today's yield was rather more interesting.

first and foremost, we have the sunway/subang students and employees and travels up and down religiously. this group of people whom i am a part of goes up and down everday as if they were just going to klang parade or something and dont bother dressing up elborately. or at least i dont.

and then we have the underage mat rempits and lala muis that tries so hard to look "kewl" with their ghetto glasses, mini shorts, boots and weird haircuts and managed to pull it off by looking lame. horribly lame. the guys talk like their way "kewl" and the girls dont talk, but rather squeeks so they sound articifially, disgustingly "cute". im sure you know what i mean. anywho, i had the priviledge to have a group of lalamuis sitting behind me on they way back and overheard one of them.

*read with articifially fake cute voice in chinese*
lalamui:"yooohhh why didnt she bring boys to introduce?"
other lalas : "......"
lalamui:"i want to know boysssssssss leh~"
me : "..... wtf. -____-'''' "

next up we have the couples, who will have their hands intertwined with each other, heads on shoulder, whipering, laughing...... sweet, but can be plently annoying at times. especially when they are seated at a bright corner. i even saw a guy squezzing his girls' pimple. yes, another wtf moment.

and we have a different group that i like to call the "occasionals" or in malaysian term : kumpulan rojak. we have the occasional not-so-right-person that has long beard and walk around without his shoes; the occasional foreigner that come to klang for god knows what reason; the occasional family with a daugther with serious im-so-cool-you-suck attitude problem, the occasional girl/boy going to meet her/his boy/girlfriend while waiting anxiously for pyramid to draw nearer, the occasional newbie who isn't sure how or where the bus leads to, the occasional girl with way too much make up, and, the occasional..............................

hot guy XD. this rare breed comes once in like never during normal days and places let alone on a bus, on THE bus i was on. fate? this 2 guys in yellow and black, european probably, came onto the bus halfway through the high way with a cute little boy that is absolutely positively cute and stood right smack in front of me while the boy took the empty seat. i shall call the hot guy "hot yellow shirt guy" for obvious reasons. i will ignore the part where they were with a friendly indian girl, their host probably. they were funny, i swear the whole bus was looking at them and laughing at the noises and mischeif the little boy and black shirt guy was up to. i was almost starring at the little boy's cuteness and he occasionaly stared back at me. *pai sehs* at the same time i stole glances at the hot yellow shirt guy while he seemed amused by the giant golden lion head that is pyramid. i shall not discuss his hotness here because it would be weird. lolsss. we got down at the same stop and climbed the skybridge with hot yellow shirt guy inches away from me. now here comes the embarrasing part : as we landed and last step and made our way though the entrance,

hot yellow shirt guy stopped me and pointed at my back, : "backside".
me thinking: "wtf whats wrong with my arse" while looks at ass
and then he swung a hand at my back, not backside and a green thing flew out and landed on the floor.
confused and blurr me : " what is that?"
black shirt guy and little boy: "grasshopper. :)"
(it was a gigantic grasshopper to be exact)
me: "ohh its okay," smiles at hot yellow shirt guy, "thank you :)"
hot yellow shirt guy smiles back, said " welcome" or something i was too dazed at his eyes in mine to be concentrating.

and then as i turned red and took the more sensible way towards pyramid, indian girl gestured them to "that way" and we parted. they were no where to be found after that because stoopid pyramid is so big. ohh wells, it was kind of sort of a good encounter. :)
hahas hot yellow shirt guy was like so scared to touch the grasshopper when he swiped it off. big macho guy scared of a little grasshopper? the nature-girl in me so wanted to catch the gigantum grasshopper and i would have, if there wasnt poeple waiting for me at the movies, and i didnt want to look stupid infront of them. think of the possibities if i did, or if they took the same path i did, ohh wells~

believe me, he. is. HOT, and i dont find many guys "hot", or else i wouldnt be blogging about it.
ohh and there is one hot girl i saw at orientation yesterday, we call her "hot flower girl" but that is ziggy's problem. *happy birthday ziggy!!! :D*

anyways, the moral of the story is have a grasshopper stuck at your back when you have a hot girl/guy aorund you so you have the chance to talk to them. and it has to be a gigamtum one or else they wouldndt notice it. :)

ohhh, and we have alot of different kind of people in buses, aren't we diverse?

i wanna see hot yellow shirt guy agains. XD

shit i sound too much like a girly-girl today. i give myself exception because he was exceptionaly hot.

till then,
hugs and kisses :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

then and now

my earth i created at about feb/march. didnt allow them to take it off the wall. will kill them if it is taken off the wall. its a nice earth yea? *bangga* :D

my head is pounding, my eyes are tired,i had ice-cold and ice poured down my back, i have flour in my hair, and i still smell like pancake. ):

but its okay, because it was all in the same of good fun! (:
big bully and me

as new faces enter a whole new sem of CIMP, i volunteered to help school daddy with the orientation, to help the hot new CIMPians get to know campus better, and get to have fun with students and teachers alike. and they did have good fun, or so they seem too. i mean, there ARE choki-choki involved how can it not be an awesome gathering when it is a choki-choki party? as i was on the last sentence of explaining the following orientation games and activites infront of attentive and talkative new students, i turned around to school daddy and asked " is there anything else?" when he answered "CHOki-CHOki," man i got so excited telling the amused and confused ( i dont think many of them know what our favourite childhood sweet is, many of them were orang asing) people about how they should work fast and hard in the games to win the main prize : choki-choki and how choki-choki is a big thing in CIMP and how it taste so awesome! lols funny, and embarrasing. People usually end their speechs with a BANG, i ended mine with choki-choki. in front of lecturers and all the other hot guys -.- ohh well at least they were laughign and other volunteer was cheering in agreement. *satisfied* :D ohh, did i mentioned CIMPians have an obsessive fettish with choki-choki? its the fad in classes and corridors! choki-choki rocks!

choki-choki company, you should really thank me for giving you free advertising. we even gave out free samples.and that goes to the school cafeteria, choki-choki sales will go up by 50% now. lols

choki-choki madness!

next up, ROCKY! lols

the orientation games were pretty simple: scavenger hunt where they have to hunt down items and lecturers and phtograph them with a click of the camera phone, and the oh-so-popular-telematch. yea the games was simple but it was good, dirty fun.

the tratitional stripping-and-putting-everything-back-on-game

the getting-yourself-wet -if-you're-not-careful-game

the getting-tight-with-your-new-friends-game

the getting-your-nostrils-filled-woth-flour-and-smell-stale-pancakes-for-the-rest-of-the-day-game

just like the good old days in kwang hua.

the games we played and the reaction i got from new friends today really brought back the good times. standing infront of the hundreds of students talking about games and chocolates conjured up memories when i was at combined camp, megaphone in hand and explaining to the campers on the next activites much much excitement; when they came forward and asked where they should go and what he should do brings back the days when it was saturday morning and i was directing my juniors on the activities of the day. heck, even someone called me senior, which is weird, but he probably didnt know my name, yet. when the i was parooling the school field lokoing upon 8 stations, 16 teams and hundreds of students and lecturers getting their noses covered in flour and legs drenced in water while blowing the occasional whistle every 10 minutes or so reminds me of the days when i was with kadets, making sure each station master was doing well, everything was flowing smoothly, and everyone was having fun, and they sure did then and now. ohh and when a boy/man came up, shooke my hand and thank me for wonderful and fun games, my heart melt with hapiness and satisfaction, as it had one did when i spent my last days at the majlis perpisahans.the atmosphere between those days and today was similar, the only thing different was the faces, and the lecturers was actually having more fun and was even more playful then the students. which is weird, but CIMP lecturers ARE weird in a good way. (:

fun fun fun! especially the part where stoopid ziggy attacked me with flour and cold water and ran with his long legs and my short ones tried to kept close. -.- he made me look like grandma. and school daddy also. hahas but i got my payback!!! but now im tired. masih got semangat to write such a long post. i guess i actually missed having to write essays in Ms Ford's english classes. oh wells, i'll just have to release my creative metaphorical lameness here. so bear with me.

thats all for today (:

i still have 2 more days to finish my novel before school starts, room is cleaned and dentist appointement met, but stuffs are not ready yet. uhhuhus.

hugs and kisses people!!! XD

hugs and kisses!! (:

Thursday, July 3, 2008

shiver me timbers. a so-not-me post.

man i took me two effing hours to get to college today.
because the stupid mini bus is stoooooooopid.

what a waste of me precious time.
but luckily i was smart enough to leave 2 hours earlier and get to the meeting on time! *yays*

finally after ignoring my dentist retainer braces checkup for (feb,march,april,may,june) 5 whole months, i finally met the good dentist again. and i was only late for like 5 minutes because of the stoopid klang jam! still, its good considered i left college at 3.30 and thanks to scott's awesome drifting!
back to the point. i havent been under the dentist's orange spotlight for over 5 months now and lets just say i forgot how scary it is to have people in latex gloves and blue-green masks checking out the gum and gunk in your mouth and poke cold, metallic dentist-ty utensils into the corners of your teeth. *shivers*
"your teeth is pretty good, but there is some plaque underneath the retainers. i'll clean and polish your teeth for you," dentist says with a smile. well i couldnt really make out the smile as it was covered by the mask but i'd like to think he was smiling. dentist then starts drilling pointy pinching things that roars like nail scrath on a blackboard while the he starts scraping months of bak kut teh and nasi ayam remnants out of the inner corners of my teeth. my left hand folds into a hard fist and the right cluthes the chair somewhat tightly as i feel unwelcomed tingling and shivers reach down my fingertips and toes, even into my ears; my eyes squints and closes tightly as i feel the cold needle scraping into my teeth and occasionally into my gums. it seems to go on forever as i try not to look too scared or pained......*ughs* lets say when i rinsed my mouth, stuffs swiming out of my mouth wasnt really a good sight.
and the polishing part wasnt pleasent either, but at least there was less shivering tingling, and was over much sooner.
Dr. Jagjit didnt used to be so scary. ): now i really, REALLY dont want to visit him anymore. or pay him 60 bucks to make me feel pain. but yeah my teeth feels cleaner now! (:
me no like the dentist anymore... its okay, i dont have to worry until 9 months later. in which i might delay for another 5 months. :P
bought a hot new overcoat at the thai fair after dance class. the funny thing is, my motive amongst the colourful assortments of clothes, dresses and cluthes was actually a different jacket. my mind changed when i laid eyes upon the overcoat. i still want that jacket but.... i bought that overcoat. oh wells, the jacket will have to wait for another day. *bye byes jacket* :)
after station one providing a good ear for Win Chong and YongShern, and gulping down that god awful chocoloate milk shake and is supposed to be ice blended but not *yucks* i took the drivers seat in WinChong's car and drove them around eng ann court and back to my home while they paranoidly shouted instructions at me "turn left! turn tight! signal! always keep left!!!!! SLOW DOWN!!! braKE!! OIL!!!!" and while i shouted back "OKOK!!! SLOW EDI.SLOW EDIII!!! " -_____- ''' well its always like this when im driving. what the hell wei. lol. haha at least i get to fool around with his car and press the horns while people are looking. :P poor WinChong was so pai seh.
ohh, and mum almost for a split second thought that WinChong was my boyfriend. LOLness. she didnt notice YongShern at the back and WinChong reach out his arm behind me to unlock the car door. Mum looks into the darkness where we are, and her fuzzy brain interpreted it as : OMG my daughter in a car with a boy and the boy has his arms around her - her boyfriend!? O.0 LOLness. XD
it took me 15 minutes to reverse out form the main door to the main driveway which is effing full of heavy flowing cars while mum gives directions.
me wants to drive without people screaming down my neck. 0.0
gots to go, have to prepare Orentation Station Games for the hot new CIMP students coming in tomorrow. lucky people, they have me to prepare games for them! bwahahaha, saturdays with kadets and years in camps dont fail me now!!
but first, i've been meaning to tell you about my dogs Alex the lazy, Dino the scary and their whereabouts, and has been meaning to tell you about a newcomer puppy: Floppy and scardy. lols. will explain and introduce lost and missing dogs and puppies when Floppy decides to look at me and i can upload good pictures of the cutneess that is my Floppy Woppy! :D
till then,
Hugs and kisses~
sorry bout the novel, feel so semangat today, but its good eh? XD
Dentist: keep smiling!
and so i shall :D