Tuesday, July 8, 2008

remembering english class

i was talking to kelvin, a cimp newcomer with amazing enthusiaism about english 4U class, and i remembered all the essays i had to write. Im bangga enough to say that i had amazingly managed to scrap good marks for al my essay~ *thank u ms Ford* i absolutely LOVE creative writing, descriptive essays like stories and stuff.. i dont know why, maybe its all the harry potter books that influneced me? :)

here is the 2nd essay i had to hand in for class, one that i am certainly proud of. Enjoy, and let me know what you think of it.

Happy 2008?

It was a breezy December evening, the stars hung high above the sky, occasionally winking at the people down below. Tom tagged along with his friends to attend a massive New Year countdown party. “Here we go guys!” the handsome presenter on stage shouted to the hundreds of peoples below with a note of eagerness in his voice. The massive crowd that looked like a sea of tiny black ants to his eyes roared energetically. “10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! … ” The crowd of teens and premature adults shouted in unison with excitement. Tom, sandwiched between a lanky teenager in oversized clothes and a pretty young lady in Daisy Duke shorts chanted along with the crowd. The scent of flowery perfume and salty sweat perfumed his clothes; droplets of sweat rolled down this neck and stained the back of his white t-shirt.

“…3! 2! 1! Happy New Year!” immediately, the crowd broke out into frenzy, each person as excited as the other. Tom, who was happy to have stepped into year 2008 turned around to hug the pretty lady in mini shorts and the kid in oversized clothing, wishing them a very happy 2008. Just as the crowd started to wish both friends and strangers Happy New Year, a sudden loud bang shouted into their ears.

Bright flashes of red, green, yellow and blue painted the sky beautifully, shadowing the stars that initially lit the dark sky. Tom was mesmerized by the clever display of pyrotechniques. His eyes gazed absent-mindedly into the sky, the beautiful colours of the fireworks reflected in his eyes. The glaring rock music and incredibly loud firework beating against Tom’s ear drums did not seem to bother him as he watched the work of art in the sky. People all around him was also looking at the fireworks with “oohs” and “aahs” as one firework pattern followed the other. Some of them were just like Tom, hypnotized by the spectacular display; some had their sweaty palms against their ear; while others pointed their camera phones towards the sky.

When the last firework spark started to fall to the ground, a group of dancers in outrageous costumes popped out of nowhere and started to entertain the crowd. “Give it up for the Dance Kit dancers!” the handsome presenter addressed the crowd. The dancers started to dance to a music that reminded Tom of African tribal traditions. To his surprise, not only was the dance enjoyable, it was also comical, it left him and the crowd in stitches. The next dance number was a rather boring one. Tom was bobbing up and down on the ball of his feet to the rhythm of the music, but he couldn’t help being distracted by his own thoughts.

Flashes of his days in the past year ran across his eyes, Tom saw the sweet and sour moments of 2007, and couldn’t help but laugh at some of the ridiculous stuffs he had done. The dance was over now and the crowd started to evaporate. Tom reached his hands into his pockets and grabbed his car keys. Suddenly, his stomach made a great lurch and his heart sank to the bottom of his ribs as he remembered the awful mistakes he had done, feeling guilty and embarrassed at the same time. Tom was walking to his car and passed a group of girls who was giggling animatedly. Among the girls, he saw the pretty lady in the mini shorts again. She was wearing a neon purple party glasses that was shaped like the number ‘2008’. Looking at the ‘2008’ glasses, Tom was immediately reminded of the endless possibilities, and the world of new experiences, new lessons, new life that was in stored for him in the new year. Then, Tom whispered to himself in a husky voice that was only audible to himself, “Happy New Year, Tom. Let bygones be bygones. 2008 is your year. Let’s make it a great one.”

Tom then started his rusty car engine, pushed the pedal, and drove away from his parking spot.

-The End-
okay, reading harry potter helps :)
hugs n kisses :)

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