Monday, July 14, 2008

the decided undecided.

since last semester i have dreamt of me as the president, the imaginary me planning out activities and theme days, dances and fun for the CIMP student body. yes i have been so determined to run for this post and i know that i can and will succeed, because i am confident enough to know that i am able to step up to the plate. i mean, i already have sketches of plans bobbing in my head.

yes, i have been so determined to give what the students deserve : a memorable semester.

but plans took a turn when school started.

to be honest i wasnt too glad to hear that a close friend of mine will be running, not because i think that that person will not be able to deliver, but because i have told that person that i will be running for president since months ago. imagine my position, wouldnt you feel kinda sorta dissapointed?its feels like a mini-version of betrayal but i didnt mind though, it wasnt a problem, not a competition.

and then z came announcing excitedly that he too will be running for president. this is a man of actions and words, he is a challenge and will be great leading the student population. Running against him would be a pleasure, but something was off, should i run for president? or should i run for something else? say vice?

i was in a dilemma.

on one hand, i would love z to win, and even if i lost against him, i would be contented just being a general member. but me running aganist z means others, that are running just for the fun of it, just for the fame of it, and would not satisfy would win before us wont it? and there goes the plans and dreams that we have for student coucil. we are the few that are actually passionate and want to do good for student coucil, who cares of the title?

on the other hand, i could run for something else, and have z win as pressie, and me as vice. (hopefully) this way we both have higher chances of achieving our goals. with me helping z and z with me, imagine all the glorious activities the students can look forward too! it sounded good dont it? i've agreed to this, and would and will have ppl to vote for both z and me, but alas deep down inside still, the sea is not at peace, its roaring waves bubbles ever more ferociusly. something does not feel right, its feel uncomfortable, out of place.

but i have told that i will run for vp.
what am i to do now?
will someone help make this decision feel better?

"opportunities comes once in a lifetime,"

am i going against my own policy?


I am a real boy! said...

I think if you have a dream, you should follow it.

you've said it yourself that you've been wanting to run for President since forever ago... and honestly if your friend knew you were running already... I don't think you have to change your mind for his sake. Cause I think he'd understand. Besides it would not be betrayal if either of you won it instead of the other because the results are sort of outta ur hands.

I think you should stick to your ori plan... so no regrets. THe worst thing is living your life in what could have been and what should have been...

So go out there and win. You have my vote.

happyPig~ said...

tahnk you jowee :) you really said things that i hold true to my heart, hte worst thing is living in what could have been. but you know waht? im at peace with my decision now :)

will you vote for me if i ran against you? 0.0