Thursday, July 3, 2008

shiver me timbers. a so-not-me post.

man i took me two effing hours to get to college today.
because the stupid mini bus is stoooooooopid.

what a waste of me precious time.
but luckily i was smart enough to leave 2 hours earlier and get to the meeting on time! *yays*

finally after ignoring my dentist retainer braces checkup for (feb,march,april,may,june) 5 whole months, i finally met the good dentist again. and i was only late for like 5 minutes because of the stoopid klang jam! still, its good considered i left college at 3.30 and thanks to scott's awesome drifting!
back to the point. i havent been under the dentist's orange spotlight for over 5 months now and lets just say i forgot how scary it is to have people in latex gloves and blue-green masks checking out the gum and gunk in your mouth and poke cold, metallic dentist-ty utensils into the corners of your teeth. *shivers*
"your teeth is pretty good, but there is some plaque underneath the retainers. i'll clean and polish your teeth for you," dentist says with a smile. well i couldnt really make out the smile as it was covered by the mask but i'd like to think he was smiling. dentist then starts drilling pointy pinching things that roars like nail scrath on a blackboard while the he starts scraping months of bak kut teh and nasi ayam remnants out of the inner corners of my teeth. my left hand folds into a hard fist and the right cluthes the chair somewhat tightly as i feel unwelcomed tingling and shivers reach down my fingertips and toes, even into my ears; my eyes squints and closes tightly as i feel the cold needle scraping into my teeth and occasionally into my gums. it seems to go on forever as i try not to look too scared or pained......*ughs* lets say when i rinsed my mouth, stuffs swiming out of my mouth wasnt really a good sight.
and the polishing part wasnt pleasent either, but at least there was less shivering tingling, and was over much sooner.
Dr. Jagjit didnt used to be so scary. ): now i really, REALLY dont want to visit him anymore. or pay him 60 bucks to make me feel pain. but yeah my teeth feels cleaner now! (:
me no like the dentist anymore... its okay, i dont have to worry until 9 months later. in which i might delay for another 5 months. :P
bought a hot new overcoat at the thai fair after dance class. the funny thing is, my motive amongst the colourful assortments of clothes, dresses and cluthes was actually a different jacket. my mind changed when i laid eyes upon the overcoat. i still want that jacket but.... i bought that overcoat. oh wells, the jacket will have to wait for another day. *bye byes jacket* :)
after station one providing a good ear for Win Chong and YongShern, and gulping down that god awful chocoloate milk shake and is supposed to be ice blended but not *yucks* i took the drivers seat in WinChong's car and drove them around eng ann court and back to my home while they paranoidly shouted instructions at me "turn left! turn tight! signal! always keep left!!!!! SLOW DOWN!!! braKE!! OIL!!!!" and while i shouted back "OKOK!!! SLOW EDI.SLOW EDIII!!! " -_____- ''' well its always like this when im driving. what the hell wei. lol. haha at least i get to fool around with his car and press the horns while people are looking. :P poor WinChong was so pai seh.
ohh, and mum almost for a split second thought that WinChong was my boyfriend. LOLness. she didnt notice YongShern at the back and WinChong reach out his arm behind me to unlock the car door. Mum looks into the darkness where we are, and her fuzzy brain interpreted it as : OMG my daughter in a car with a boy and the boy has his arms around her - her boyfriend!? O.0 LOLness. XD
it took me 15 minutes to reverse out form the main door to the main driveway which is effing full of heavy flowing cars while mum gives directions.
me wants to drive without people screaming down my neck. 0.0
gots to go, have to prepare Orentation Station Games for the hot new CIMP students coming in tomorrow. lucky people, they have me to prepare games for them! bwahahaha, saturdays with kadets and years in camps dont fail me now!!
but first, i've been meaning to tell you about my dogs Alex the lazy, Dino the scary and their whereabouts, and has been meaning to tell you about a newcomer puppy: Floppy and scardy. lols. will explain and introduce lost and missing dogs and puppies when Floppy decides to look at me and i can upload good pictures of the cutneess that is my Floppy Woppy! :D
till then,
Hugs and kisses~
sorry bout the novel, feel so semangat today, but its good eh? XD
Dentist: keep smiling!
and so i shall :D

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