Friday, July 4, 2008

then and now

my earth i created at about feb/march. didnt allow them to take it off the wall. will kill them if it is taken off the wall. its a nice earth yea? *bangga* :D

my head is pounding, my eyes are tired,i had ice-cold and ice poured down my back, i have flour in my hair, and i still smell like pancake. ):

but its okay, because it was all in the same of good fun! (:
big bully and me

as new faces enter a whole new sem of CIMP, i volunteered to help school daddy with the orientation, to help the hot new CIMPians get to know campus better, and get to have fun with students and teachers alike. and they did have good fun, or so they seem too. i mean, there ARE choki-choki involved how can it not be an awesome gathering when it is a choki-choki party? as i was on the last sentence of explaining the following orientation games and activites infront of attentive and talkative new students, i turned around to school daddy and asked " is there anything else?" when he answered "CHOki-CHOki," man i got so excited telling the amused and confused ( i dont think many of them know what our favourite childhood sweet is, many of them were orang asing) people about how they should work fast and hard in the games to win the main prize : choki-choki and how choki-choki is a big thing in CIMP and how it taste so awesome! lols funny, and embarrasing. People usually end their speechs with a BANG, i ended mine with choki-choki. in front of lecturers and all the other hot guys -.- ohh well at least they were laughign and other volunteer was cheering in agreement. *satisfied* :D ohh, did i mentioned CIMPians have an obsessive fettish with choki-choki? its the fad in classes and corridors! choki-choki rocks!

choki-choki company, you should really thank me for giving you free advertising. we even gave out free samples.and that goes to the school cafeteria, choki-choki sales will go up by 50% now. lols

choki-choki madness!

next up, ROCKY! lols

the orientation games were pretty simple: scavenger hunt where they have to hunt down items and lecturers and phtograph them with a click of the camera phone, and the oh-so-popular-telematch. yea the games was simple but it was good, dirty fun.

the tratitional stripping-and-putting-everything-back-on-game

the getting-yourself-wet -if-you're-not-careful-game

the getting-tight-with-your-new-friends-game

the getting-your-nostrils-filled-woth-flour-and-smell-stale-pancakes-for-the-rest-of-the-day-game

just like the good old days in kwang hua.

the games we played and the reaction i got from new friends today really brought back the good times. standing infront of the hundreds of students talking about games and chocolates conjured up memories when i was at combined camp, megaphone in hand and explaining to the campers on the next activites much much excitement; when they came forward and asked where they should go and what he should do brings back the days when it was saturday morning and i was directing my juniors on the activities of the day. heck, even someone called me senior, which is weird, but he probably didnt know my name, yet. when the i was parooling the school field lokoing upon 8 stations, 16 teams and hundreds of students and lecturers getting their noses covered in flour and legs drenced in water while blowing the occasional whistle every 10 minutes or so reminds me of the days when i was with kadets, making sure each station master was doing well, everything was flowing smoothly, and everyone was having fun, and they sure did then and now. ohh and when a boy/man came up, shooke my hand and thank me for wonderful and fun games, my heart melt with hapiness and satisfaction, as it had one did when i spent my last days at the majlis perpisahans.the atmosphere between those days and today was similar, the only thing different was the faces, and the lecturers was actually having more fun and was even more playful then the students. which is weird, but CIMP lecturers ARE weird in a good way. (:

fun fun fun! especially the part where stoopid ziggy attacked me with flour and cold water and ran with his long legs and my short ones tried to kept close. -.- he made me look like grandma. and school daddy also. hahas but i got my payback!!! but now im tired. masih got semangat to write such a long post. i guess i actually missed having to write essays in Ms Ford's english classes. oh wells, i'll just have to release my creative metaphorical lameness here. so bear with me.

thats all for today (:

i still have 2 more days to finish my novel before school starts, room is cleaned and dentist appointement met, but stuffs are not ready yet. uhhuhus.

hugs and kisses people!!! XD

hugs and kisses!! (:


mchwen said...

You were a great and natural leader. I'm really happy how things worked out and everyone had fun.

I like pancakes, by the way. ;)

happyPig~ said...

have to censor some stuff edi like that wei lol