Saturday, July 12, 2008

imma dork in process

my glasses are coming tommorrow!! finally!
i left the first week of sem2 with my brain thumping against my skull and my eyes threatening to sink in and pop out at the same time... i think its because of all the squinting and blurry visioni had to endure all week.. its like watching a blur tv ever so often it gets so annoying.

i used to be proud to have perfect vision. perfect. when my eyes started to get blurry i ignored the fect that i need glasses for 2 months. eye doctor say no need to wear if dont want ma... its not seriously serious yet, so i decided dont care lah. but alas i gave up. just give me the damn glasses and i wear it with pride!

imma proud to have glasses soon :)

till i show you pictures of me looking awesome with glasses,
hugs and kisses

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