Wednesday, July 9, 2008

stupid post

on the way to college with yeat yee, eyo and ah beng.

eyo : when girls get period right, does the blood one shot everythign come out or it coems out a bit by abit?
me: -___- a bit by a bit la
eyo: (innocently) why dont want one time come out everything? liek this easier mah. the one time flow all then wash then clean then finish edi. so easy.
ah beng: hahaha! then no need to wear the "an quan mian" hoh?
me : "an quan mian"? should be "an quan dai".. "an quan".. "mian" "WEI SHEN MIAN" LAA!!!
yeat yee & me : -____-

honestly, being with eyo almost everyday, im used to this kind of questions, but it ever gets -__-. he always ask the weirdest things, and he has taught me all the *censored* things that i know. lol. my sifu. hahahaah

in class

mr chen : my house was burgurled last month, and they took all the jewelry and part of the money in the drawer. there was about 10 thousand ringgit and they took a part of it.
student : only a part of it ar?
mr chen: yes, they took a part of it.
student: why they dont want to take all?
mr chen: because if they know if they take all, i will starve to death.
students : -_____-

Mr chen is cute but he makes lame jokes, and he thinks that everything in this world is man-made.

anyways im here coz i dont want to go do things that im supposed to be doing yet. and that includes chereographing a dance, powerpoint thingy, and a research thingy. college is starting to get busy already.... *arrrggghhhhhhhss*

a test of my time management

till when i get everything done,
hugs and kisses :)

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