Monday, July 14, 2008

the sea is at rest

after an evening of talking, a night of thinking, and a long discussion, imma at peace with my decision.

VP i shall be, and i shall do it to the best,
if i have your vote

i dont mind being VP, my plans can still be implemented given that we have a great leader, so why not?

to be honest, the main and only grudge that i hold is not being able to compete against the "fame-seekers". i cringe at the fact that while i am confident that i have better experience and abilities, is prepared to step up to the plate and is ready for whatever gets thrown in my face, i cant stand proud and say "I Beat Them", fair and square. I cant bear it that when i know i am more passsionate, they are proudly telling people that they are running for President while i am below them. I want to have my speech compete against theirs, and know that i am actually more qualified, if i am. i want to know that i am better. yes, im sorry to say that i can be very competitive against those people. i would not mind at all if i lost against a worthy opponent...

but i have a dream, a lil secret dream that shall remain hushed. one that surpasses posts, one that shines at the end of the tunnel. one that is a dream, one that i hope will materialize. and the first step to the ambitious longing, is sacrifice.

and thus sacrifice i shall.

this has brought me contentment.

and thus i plead, that you CIMP-ians vote for those who are actually up for the task. do not fill me with dissapointment as i watch student council crumble in the hands of others...

and with great humility i ask for your vote, i ask of you to vote for me, for reasons that are all too obvious to be explained...

and with this i hope, with great might, that the star at the end of the tunnel will shine in my palms.

i am at peace.

till i announce good news,
hugs and kisses

p/s : this is not my campaign speech -__-

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