Saturday, July 26, 2008

tales of a bus-taker part 2

Reasons why personal cars are still better:

1. you dont have to wait one hour +++++ for the stoopid bus.

2. the bus wont leave you and drive away even though u were lining up to get into the bus and even though u are waiting for the bus but the bus driver uncle parked too far away you couldnt see him and get so pek chek when he left without you again because that is the second bus that left before you get on and you have to wait for the third bus.

3. you dont have to get scared when an auntie complained loudly at the bus driver for being late and having to wait 45 minutes and accusing (which i know is true) that the bus driver had a tea break and didnt come on schedule and kept everyone waiting and then the bus driver gets angry and force the auntie to "get off my bus" and the auntie shouted back "i am not getting down" and everyone gets so quiet looking at the arguement hoping nothing bad happens as the bus driver abandoned his attempt to force the auntie off the bus and the auntie threatening to complain to the boss while the bus driver warned her not to.

4. you dont have to freak out when the bus suddenly mati engine and have problems restarting and your heart beats against your ribcage as you hope it doesnt break down, again. especially when its after a fight between angry auntie and mad bus driver.

5. you dont have to stand amongst weird smelling uncles and weird uncles who are ex-military men for 35 years wont talk to you while you feel desperately want to sleep because you are so tired because you sleep at 4 am yesterday.

6. you dont have to fall asleep while standing on the bus because there are no more seats and you were so tired and desperate to go home and just die on the bed.

imagine, all this happened yesterday and today.

ohh well, other than that, the bus is good!

curse you damn bus uncles.

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